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Sunday, November 28, 2021

How the Municipality of Athens will issue the permanent resident card to enter the ring


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The ring returns to Athens from tomorrow and the exceptions of the measure include the permanent residents of the area enclosed by the limits of the ring.

Beneficiaries must have obtained the special entry-exit card in the ring, which is issued by the Municipality of Athens through its electronic digital services platform https://eservices.cityofathens.gr from any electronic device, with minimal clicks.

How to receive the card

The issuance process is extremely simple, as the card is created and automatically exported from the system. This means that citizens will not need to go to the offices of the Municipal Police to receive the card, as once their application is accepted by the competent officials of the Municipality, the card will "go up" in their personal box.

For the first time in the Municipality of Athens, and for reasons of transparency and protection of all, a mechanism of document validity was activated, which also concerns the specific case, the issuance of the ring card.

This means that on each card issued and "uploaded" to the applicant's box, a QR code is automatically generated by the system, which is used during the check. If the card is genuine, when the QR code is scanned, the relevant web page opens with the data connected to the card. In case it is fake, the QR code gives the information that the card was not found.

Necessary supporting documents:

Application (granted by the service).
Car registration (simple copy). In case the license is not in the name of the driver, the owner of the car or the legal representative of the company (in the case of a company) submits a responsible declaration of concession of car use to the driver concerned (with the authentic signature of a public authority or Κ.Ε.Π.).

To prove the residence, the following are submitted:
Copy of the form E1 of the relevant Tax Office of the last financial year (print from the page of TAXIS), from which the main residence of the beneficiary or in case of lease of the property results (must be mentioned in the form E1).
In case the mentioned address has not been declared as the main residence, a recent copy of the lease contract of the property is required, certified by the Tax Office or printed through TAXIS.
In case of recent relocation, E1 accompanies a change of data from the Tax Office.
In case the applicant is a guest, the E1 accompanies a responsible statement of the owner who hosts him, which shows the residential address (with the authentic signature of a public authority or K.E.P.) or the E1 of the same of the owner.
Account of Public Utility Organization (PPC, OTE Ή EYDAP) or mobile telephony (simple copies).
Driver's police ID card (plain copy).
Passport and valid residence permit.

In addition to the electronic platform, citizens can be served at the offices of the Municipal Police on Ag. Konstantinou 14, by presenting the necessary supporting documents by making an appointment either electronically at https://rantevou.cityofathens.gr or by phone at 210-5287800.

George Manousakakis

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