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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The play "I am Lengo" at the Victoria Theater


Municipality of Athens: 14 new electronic services available to citizens

The total number of digital services of the Municipality of Athens now stands at 118 after the addition of 14 new ones, which are available as of today ...

Start School of Business in Serafio-Free digital education in 45 companies in Athens

A total of 45 small and medium enterprises operating within the borders of the Municipality of Athens have the opportunity to participate for free in the Start School of Business, ...

The face of the University changes with plane trees and marbles

The planters, the benches and the palm trees on Panepistimiou Street will be a thing of the past in a few days as the Municipal Council "turned on" the green light ...

In Pagrati the first public Japanese Garden in Greece

The Municipality of Athens created the first public Japanese Garden in Greece in the Nereid Park in Pagrati, just behind the building of the National Gallery ....

The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

Vassilis Giannopoulos' play "I am Lengo" directed by Katerina Manteli returns from Monday, October 25 at the Victoria Theater.

After a successful tour in the summer as part of the events for the 200 years since the Revolution of 1821, where the audience welcomed it with enthusiasm, he returns for a limited number of performances at the Victoria Theater (Magnisias 5, Victoria Square).


Lengo (Eleni), is a woman from Epirus, who lives a series of lives, from the period of the Revolution of 1821 until today.

She considers that in her blood flows the blood of Ancient Dioni but also of other women, whom she embodies with her imagination in many different lives. Thus, "living" the last 200 years (Revolution 1821, German occupation 1940, Polytechnic, Metapolitism, etc.) realizes that history repeats itself, with the "monster" of war always appearing, but with a different face.

When as a Turkish conqueror with the scythe, when as a Fascist conqueror with the boot and when as an economic invisible conqueror, with common problems, hunger, misery, exile and betrayal.

In her last life, which reaches today, she defends the struggles of today's women in correspondence with the heroines of the respective National Games, passing the message that the heroes exist and live among us.

The emblematic role of a "machine" god, functions as a connecting link between the "lives" of Lengo, but also leaves some questions to the viewer in order to "push" the meanings of the work deeper into his soul.


Author: Vassilis Giannopoulos
Directed by: Katerina Manteli
Sets-Costumes: Ioanna Katsiavou
Original music composition: Areti Kokkinou
Lyrics: Vassilis Giannopoulos

LENGO: Georgia Zoi
"Deus Ex machina": George Siskos
Augeris: Stavros Volkos
Tasia: Katerina Volika
Guitar and lute: Areti Kokkinou
Clarinet: Paris Mammas
Crust: Stavros Volkos-Katerina Volika

All the hygiene protocols of COVID 19 apply to the show. At the entrance of the theater, the spectators must show a valid certificate of vaccination or illness. The entrance and the monitoring of the show is done according to the instructions of EODY.

Advance ticket sales at Www.ticketservices.gr
or for reservations call tel: 6946706300


Magnesia 5, 112 51
Sq. Victoria T: 6946706300

Days and hours: every Monday at 21pm

Tickets: €15
Student: €10
Group ticket: Special price by arrangement.
Duration 90΄

Aim. Cheilakis in Athens 9.84: Art is a cellular need because through it we continue to think

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Parliament: The departure of MERA25 from the examination committee was announced by G. Varoufakis

The departure of MEPA 25 from the parliamentary committee of inquiry was announced in advance in the Plenary by Giannis Varoufakis, accusing the majority that did not accept the ...

Eurostat: Annual inflation in the eurozone is expected to reach 4,9% in November

Annual inflation in the eurozone is expected to reach 4,9% in November 2021, from 4,1% in October, according to its first estimate ...

On the weekends… young and old at the Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art gives again this year the best proposals for children's weekends. For every weekend until May, children and parents ...

The platform for submitting applications for child benefit has been opened

The online platform for submitting applications for child benefit (A21) opened today. Beneficiaries of the Allowance who have not yet applied for ...

Most Athenians say "yes" to compulsory vaccination over the age of 60

Most Athenians say "yes" to compulsory vaccination over the age of 60, but some disagree with the imposition of an administrative fine of 100 euros on those ...

Pseudo-doctor's case: "No monster can plunder a child's last moments"

"I can only apologize to my child. We try to get to our feet because we have another child. It was not just about ...


The best West End Musical Tribute dedicated to Abba is coming to Athens

Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, The Winner Takes It All, Thank You For The Music, Waterloo, Money Money Money, Take A Chance On Me, I ...

"Sotiris Sorogas - The time of memory in his artistic speech" at the G & E Goulandris Foundation

The Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Foundation in Athens will host from December 22, 2021 until April 3, 2022 an exhibition of works by the distinguished Greek painter Sotiris Sorogas, entitled Sotiris Sorogas - The time of memory in the visual discourse ...

ELER Theater: A new theater opens in December in Plaka 

The ELER Theater, which borrows its name from the phrase of Thucydides "Hope and love everywhere", is located at 10 Phrynichou Street ...

At the weekend, the OAED Innovation Marathon at Innovathens

Next weekend, December 4-5, the Innovation Marathon "be a part of hack OAED crowdhackathon" will take place for the digital transformation of OAED, in ...

K. Bakoyannis: Cities can become the "engines" of our European vision

In Athens will be held in 2022, the first Session of the Balkan Cities Network Summit (B40 Balkan Cities Network Summit), as announced at the founding Session, the ...