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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tsitsipas: "I will get the vaccine-There are times when I feel ashamed of my behavior"


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In an interview, Stefanos Tsitsipas stressed that he will get the coronavirus vaccine, while he noted that he has not regretted what he has written from time to time.

In an interview given to ANT1's "Breakfast" show, Stefanos Tsitsipas stressed that he will be vaccinated in the near future, revealing that in the first quarantine he felt that his life had no meaning. He also stated that he has not regretted what he has written from time to time, while he also spoke about his battle with Medvedev-Zverev.

What has impressed me is that you are at the level of opinion leader at No. 8 in the world of all athletes, above Djokovic, Messi, how do you feel about that?

"It is my honor to be able to be there, it is important for my career and my personal development."

Are the comments you make from time to time on social media something you like?

"It's something I personally enjoy, I want to find my voice through this platform. It is important to offer something different than playing tennis, I have an opinion like other people and I support it ".

Do you watch news in Greece and abroad?

"I both like to watch what happens in my country. To know what is happening. I grew up in this country and I love it very much ".

Why, while everything is going well in Greece, are you still training at the Muratoglou academy?

"For me, the Muratoglou academy is a great support, they have supported me all these years, both me and my brothers and I feel comfortable to be there. Training conditions are better I have the opportunity to train almost all year round in amazing conditions and weather. The center of tennis is the South of France ".

Do you want him to return permanently to Greece?

"I am thinking of returning to Greece. I am a little far from that, I aim for the next years ".

Are you anxious to win a Grand Slam?

"This will come with daily training and with my own stubbornness and love for the sport"

Is Medvedev your strongest opponent now?

"He is stable as a player, a difficult opponent, it surprises me that with this kind of tennis he succeeds and wins. I would not say it is boring but one-dimensional, I would definitely say that it is, but it does it very well ".

Who is playing the best tennis right now?

"Medvedev has shown it with his results and Zverev has a steady course."

Are they better than you?

"Better not, but this time yes."

Do you consider yourself the best of all?

"Deep down I consider myself one of the best, but of course I have to prove it on the pitch"

About whether he will be able to reach No. 1?

"I am very close and the difference is in small details."

How long do you take a shower at home?

"I'm someone who likes to take my time, I take enough time, not as much as women take but enough."

Aren't you doing it to break the opponents' nerves like Murray said?

"No way. Especially when I have won a set 6-0 and I get a toilet break at that moment I do not think it suits me. I have done it in these cases as well. It's definitely something I do not do on purpose. "

Everything you go in and talk to your father on your cell phone is valid, do you have a cell phone with you?

"When I sleep and dream at night, yes it happens (laughs)".

All these outbursts that you all have from time to time, and we have seen you break a racket, everyone has done it, do you control them as time goes by?

"There are times when I feel ashamed of what I did, I felt bad and embarrassed. "Through these moments you grow up and understand that you should not do something similar in the future."

Apostolos is both a coach and your father, have you heard that if you change coach you can do even better?

"There is no better coach than my father, I believe and I support him 100%."

What is your relationship with Maria Sakkari, are you afraid that she will reach an important title faster?

"Maria definitely wants, if she has the opportunity, to do something good in the sport and let her do it before me."

Antetokunbo's life became a movie, couldn't it become yours too?

"I have not yet reached the point of success of Antetokunbo. What he has achieved not only film but series. We do not talk often but yes I see him as a friend ".

For the story with the vaccine, what surprised you was that you participated in the campaign and then stated that you would not do it?

"I personally have never promoted vaccination and to clarify something I have never been against vaccination. I support anyone who wants to get vaccinated. I'm not a doctor, I'm a tennis player and my point of view may not be the best in terms of medicine. "If they ask me about tennis, I'm better at it."

Will you be vaccinated?

"It will definitely happen this year. There will be no other possibility ".

Why do you do this to have a normal social life?

"For that reason yes."

How did you live with the coronavirus?

"It simply came to our notice then. We have to look at it with a good eye, to be all together in it ".

Have you regretted any of the statements you have made, such as the Harolds or Vouliagmeni?

"I do not regret it. These are my views and opinions. Whatever I write or say, I have thought about it many times. There is no evil, and something negative behind it, even though there were people who saw it with a bad eye and there was a crash ".

Does this annoy you;

"My friends and relatives come and ask me, I have no idea and I learn from there."

How important is the presence of people on the field? Do you want to start a family?

"It is very important. I am very well in my personal life. But I do not think about anything more now, the family is a distant dream and children, my mind has not gone there yet ".

You receive messages of admiration on social media:

"I'm out of social media. I do not know what they send me. I do not read".

How long do you see yourself playing?

"I wish I could continue playing until Federer's age."

What is the most beautiful place in Greece?

"The most beautiful place is Paxoi. I felt very beautiful when I went there ".

What do you do with the money you make so far, are you thinking of an investment?

"Right now I am saving money, it is my priority and after a few years I can invest it somewhere else."

What is your expensive taste?

"I spend most of my money on travel, because what counts is the experiences and it is worth it, to give money for an experience that you will not have to live again."

What is your biggest repulsion?

"Probably a trip to South Africa."

How did he experience the coronation in the beginning?

"In the beginning of the quarantine I felt that my life had no meaning. I had so many goals to achieve that season to show a new Stefanos and this opportunity was not given to me and I knew that the year was leaving. "I could not achieve what I set out to do."

Do you have a psychologist?

"It's important to talk to a person. I have one. "With the sports consultant, we usually talk about deeper issues that I could not discuss with a friend of mine or another person because we go very deep."

Are you involved in politics?

"I am not actively involved. "I have never voted because I live in the south of France."

Would you ever run for parliament?

"I have no idea, I am in the field of sports, politics has not crossed my mind."

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