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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Municipality of Athens: In Agios Artemios the 7th "pocket" park of Athens

In Agios Artemios, in a densely populated neighborhood of Athens, also known as Gouva, the 7th in a row pocket park of the city was "born". With the...

What will the University be like after the renovation - The project in 20 questions and answers

At the end of 2021, the works for the final renovation of the University begin and are expected to be completed in 12 to 15 months. The budget ...

A new "green" neighborhood in Petralona - The network of "pocket" parks in Athens is growing

By strengthening the network of "pocket" parks, the Municipality of Athens continues to create "green" meeting points for the residents of Athens, in the context of this ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for October

INNOVATHENS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi, continues the exciting educational program of workshops and free seminars, specially designed ...

Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

An indication of the spread of the pandemic in the next period will be the opening of schools on Monday, with experts warning that it will bring an increase in coronary cases.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Zeta Makri, speaking to MEGA, estimated that the vaccinations of the students will increase and admitted that "so far the vaccination rates of the students are not encouraging".


New restrictive measures for the unvaccinated will take effect from Monday. Those who have not been vaccinated in private and public sector will undergo a rapid laboratory test per week, at a cost of 10 euros.

Unvaccinated teachers and employees in tourism, catering, television, film, theater and music productions will undergo two laboratory tests per week.

Only those who have been vaccinated or have a disease certificate will enter the closed areas of restaurants and stadiums. Theaters, cinemas, museums and gyms can be entered unvaccinated with a 48-hour rapid test.


Two other regions, Argolida and Evritania, are included in the red of the epidemiological map of the country due to the increased number of cases.

Extraordinary measures are extended in Achaia, Ilia, Messinia, Heraklion.


Yesterday EODY announced 2.170 new cases. Another 43 people lost their lives while 14.060 deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the epidemic.

384 intubated patients. 343 are unvaccinated.


"Do not forget that in the end science will win" was the message of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to the participants in a medical conference in Thessaloniki.

"Covid-19 is a global health threat that occurs once every 100 years," he said, noting that what is needed now for the global scientific community is to use the lessons learned from its treatment for the benefit of all patients.


Joe Biden's stern message to the unvaccinated Americans, who number nearly 80 million, representing 25% of the population.

Introducing his government's plan to force vaccination of working classes, the US president spoke of a minority of citizens who, backed by a minority of politicians, are preventing the US from turning the page on the pandemic by refusing to be vaccinated.

The U.S. plan calls for mandatory vaccinations or tests on a weekly basis for about 100 million large corporate employees.


Unemployment of young people reaches 70% in some areas of northern Greece, while it reaches 30% in the general population, according to data presented at a wide meeting of GSEE with the Labor Centers of the region, on the occasion of the TIF.

High unemployment rates are also recorded in Thessaloniki.


A seismic tremor measuring 3,4 on the Richter scale occurred shortly after midnight in the area of ​​Igoumenitsa.


The director of Research of the Geodynamic Institute, Vassilis Karastathis, spoke in Athens 9.84 about a seismic sequence that deviates from the usual standards, referring to the recent vibrations in Nisiros.

He noted that there was a major earthquake followed by another 45 over 4 Richter, which means that we have not reached the level of post-earthquake safety.


Shots fired at US Air Force base in Ohio.

Someone opened fire inside the base, security forces are combing the building at the moment, the military unit, which has been blocked, said via twitter.

Bullet wounds in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Details of the incident have not yet been announced.

According to the mayor and police officers, a manhunt has been launched to arrest the suspects, who threw their escape car on a train.


A few clouds that will temporarily increase in the noon and afternoon hours and there will be local rains, are forecast for today in Attica.

The temperature will range from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. 19 points at this time in Technopolis here in Gazi.




News bulletin at 16:00

Images of destruction were left in Western Greece, mainly by the bad weather "BALLOS". The problems in infrastructure and private property in Ithaca are huge. An autopsy on the island is performed ...

Lebanon: The Third Meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council on the Outbreak of August 2020

Lebanon's Supreme Judicial Council will meet on Tuesday with Judge Tarek Bitar, who is investigating the explosion in ...

Coronavirus: On-the-spot checks on Civil Servants for mandatory sanitary measures

Ladders of Inspectors-Auditors of EAD carried out the period from 04.10.2021 to 15.10.2021 on-site inspections in eighteen (18) public bodies. In particular, six (6) central services were audited ...

A memorandum of connection was signed between the electricity networks of Cyprus and Egypt

The memorandum of understanding between Cyprus and Egypt for the interconnection of the electricity networks of the two countries was signed today, Saturday, October 16, in Nicosia, by the Minister of Energy, ...

News bulletin at 15:00

The search on Mount Athos to locate two pilgrims from Ukraine, who have been missing since this morning, has been fruitless so far. In the surveys ...

G. Boulbasakos: To provide "Sotiria" two clinics for non covid cases

There is a concern because the pandemic internationally and in our country remains at a high level. Of course we do not have an exponential increase, as we had in ...

The searches for the location of the two pilgrims on Mount Athos are fruitless

The searches for the location of two people who went missing on Mount Athos remain fruitless and this morning an operation was set up to find them by ...


Fire in an apartment building in Kolonos

A fire broke out for an unknown reason, in an apartment building on Pythodorou Street in Kolonos. To extinguish the fire, 24 firefighters are attempting with ...

An urban garden in the municipality of Papagou-Cholargos for social and professional integration of young people with disabilities

A garden in the urban landscape of the municipality of Papagou-Cholargos was created and since last week it produces beauty and action by the people who ...

"Clean Ring" from October 25 - Which cars "win" free

The measure of the "Clean Ring" in the center of Athens comes into force on October 25. As decided at an inter-ministerial meeting under the Minister of State, ...

Open City: Right on the roof

In a city where at least 40% of the inhabitants rent a house, the issue of the rapid increase of rents is definitely a headache for many ...

More than 170 mm of rain fell in areas of Athens within 2 days

The rainfall in Attica from the bad weather "Ballos" was strong, causing a multitude of problems in the city of Athens. According to the records of the network of automatic ...