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Glyka Nera crime: The 33-year-old is in GADA detention until his apology


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The confessed murderer of 7-year-old Caroline in Glyka Nera is being held in the detention centers of the 20th floor of the General Police Directorate of Attica until Tuesday, where he will apologize.

The conjugator is isolated in a cell under physical and electronic surveillance for security reasons. According to information from ELAS, the detainee is calm, in poor psychological condition, without asking for anything special. The 33-year-old faces charges for two crimes, and two misdemeanors.

When he was brought in, despite the questions he received from the journalists, he did not say a single word.

Not even if he feels the need to apologize to Caroline's family or his child for the criminal act he has confessed.

He was handcuffed to the courts wearing a bulletproof vest with a strong police escort and without saying a word, who confessed that murdered his wife Caroline.

Immediately afterwards, the accused was taken to the investigator, from whom he requested and was given a few days until Tuesday to prepare his defense.

What did the pilot say in his pre-investigation apology for the murder of Caroline's wife?

The lawyer of the pilot Vassilis Spyros was found in the courts, who stated that his client "is shocked by the fact of Caroline's death". The lawyer estimates that the accused "relaxed" with the confession of the crime.

"I'm sorry for the people I hurt. I know it has very little value to those who have been deprived. What I did does not justify them. Her behavior changed with the birth of the child. She became aggressive. "No do not bring the little one, I do not want you" and began to shake her body to leave my arms. I told her that the little one should go upstairs and sleep. Caroline kept shaking, I held her tighter and tighter because I wanted to make her listen to me.

"She was shaking her face was on the pillow. I continued to hold her tightly in my arms until I realized that Caroline had stopped rocking. I lost them. I tried to wake her up. In vain. What would happen to my child? I thought of disappearing her corpse. To make it look plausible I had to hurt the dog. No one would have thought that I could harm a dog. "I want everyone to understand that what I did afterwards I did so that Lydia and her father would not lose."

The pre-investigation testimony of the 33-year-old to the police

"For me, Lydia, even after these adventures of her health, is something I can not describe in words. To tell you that everything is for me, I think is very little. When we lost our first child, Caroline's behavior began to change. Where everything was fine between us, he could, for any important or insignificant reason, become aggressive towards me. Caroline had the following characteristic. We may have been fine all week and from one moment to the next a switch might have turned around and become aggressive towards me or anyone who had hurt her at that moment after 1 hour that her nerves would pass, it was all one glad i was trying to manage these exams of hers. I suggested we go to a psychologist, she agreed and so we started going to Mrs. Mylonopoulou for sessions "

While I was with Lydia and playing with her on the couch, she went to fall off the couch and then I made a move to grab her so that she would not fall. The truth is that my move was a bit awkward and Lydia got scared and started crying. Caroline came up to us and started yelling at me. I do not remember exactly what he said to me at that moment, but leaving the living room to go up to the bedroom I remember he said to me: "you are not going to vote for both". Of course I did not pay any attention, because I knew that he was not herself and that he said it on her nerves. The last time I went upstairs with Caroline in my arms, Caroline was trying to fall asleep.

So I went and put the little one next to her so we could all sleep together.

I left Lydia, Caroline opened her eyes and started shouting at me because I brought her the little one and she would not let her sleep. The little one woke up. Then Caroline, on her nerves, grabbed the baby with both hands and threw it forcefully into the cradle. Saying something of your style I told you that I do not want her here.

I hugged the baby and said to Caroline are you okay? You hit the little one and she answered me something like "I will do whatever I like, I will do whatever I want". He took the little one down and slept on the couch. I was thinking about it and I was saying to myself if she did this now that I am also in front, if I am missing, what will he do to her, will he kill her? This could not leave my mind.

I went up to the bedroom one more time to make one last effort. I lay down next to her and hugged her. I told her to take the little one and go upstairs and she replied "No, do not bring the little one, I do not want you". And she started shaking her body to leave my arms. I kept holding her tight and telling her that the little one had to go upstairs to sleep. At one point as her face was shaking it was on the pillow I mean that her mouth and nose were resting on the pillow I continued to hold her tightly in my arms until I realized that Caroline had stopped rocking. All this must have lasted around 5 minutes from the time I hugged her until the time she stopped rocking. I lost them. I tried to wake her, rocked her, but I realized that everything I did was in vain. I immediately went down to the living room to see if the little one was well, saw that she was sleeping and went up to the bedroom again.

Then I realized what had happened. I cried and immediately thought of Lydia who will grow up without her parents. So then I thought of making one last effort lest she grow up at least with her father. I thought of disappearing her body, but it was impossible for me to do so. Just looking at her, I cried. The next thing I thought was to say that someone else did. I would tell the police that robbers entered the house. I was in a panic. I did not know what to do. I thought that in order to look more plausible and to believe that rogue robbers had entered, I would have to hurt the dog. No one would have thought that I could harm a dog. With heartache I hung the dog leash on the railings of the stairs. I do not remember the chronological order.

The 33-year-old described in detail all the actions he took in order to direct the robbery behind closed doors, concluding: "I started tying the film to my hands and mouth. Then with the string I put my feet, my hands together with my feet and I tied all this to the boards of the bed. Before tying, I took the little one from the sofa that was sleeping and put her on the bedroom bed, next to Caroline. The little one was sleeping. "

Important findings from calendar Caroline was detained in the case against the 33-year-old pilot who has confessed to the murder of his wife at their home in Glyka Nera.

Mina Moustaka

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