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Thursday, May 13, 2021

News bulletin at 18:00


The best medicine is love

Athens 9.84 in collaboration with the seven communities of the Municipality of Athens are collecting medicines and sanitary material for the Social Pharmacy of the Reception Center ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for May 

INNOVATHENS, the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, presents for the month of May a rich educational program designed according to ...

The first dormitory for homeless children in Athens

The first dormitory for homeless minors, a pioneering project at national and European level, was created by METADRASI, in collaboration with important institutions, but ...

The Municipality of Athens changes the cultural map of the city for everyone

In the implementation of a three-year plan for culture, which aims primarily at the support of artists and workers in the field of culture, who have ...

Vassilis - Phoivos Axiotis: One way for the municipality of Athens is the renovation of Plato Academy

For the renovation and promotion of the archaeological site of the Plato Academy and the construction of the Archaeological Museum of Athens, 9.84 spoke in Athens ...

1.718 new cases of coronavirus were recently announced by EODY. 780 covid patients are treated by intubation. 52 are the new deaths and a total of 8.885 since the beginning of the pandemic. Of these, 839 were recorded in Attica, 186 in Thessaloniki and 57 in Achaia.

High schools across the country open tomorrow Monday, with the necessary self-test for students, teachers and employees in school structures. The self-testing.gov.gr platform for the declaration of results is available from today. The negative self test will be necessary for the attendance at the schools by both students and teachers as well as by the administrative and support staff of the school units. The coronavirus self-diagnostic test will be performed twice a week for each high school student and teacher.

According to information on this platform, 193 positive tests were found in the coronavirus, of which 95 are students and 98 are teachers and other staff.

The competent audit services carried out yesterday, Saturday, a total of 82.411 inspections and recorded 1.478 cases of violation of epidemiological alarm measures.

The employees of the Municipality of Athens were in the area of ​​Agios Pavlos today, continuing the large disinfection cleaning operations in the context of the cleaning Sunday. "Sunday with disinfection and cleanliness in the whole area of ​​Agios Pavlos and at the same time, we complete the disinfections in our schools, so that they can open safely tomorrow", notes on his personal fb page the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis

Vaccinations are progressing rapidly, and according to the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, if the traditions of the 2nd quarter are observed, at the beginning of June the healthy 40-year-olds will have started to be vaccinated. The vaccine is the only way to build the wall of immunity, emphasizes the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who calls on the citizens, especially the elderly, to do it. Today, Mr. Mitsotakis calls on the citizens to do the obvious: to be vaccinated. And this at a time when four months after the start of vaccination, for a very large number of citizens there are not even vaccines available, comments SYRIZA

Retail opens in Thessaloniki and Achaia from tomorrow. A protest action is organized by the trade associations of Kozani, reacting to the non-opening of retail in the region.

The Ministry of Development announced the suspension of the sale of industrial products from the public markets of Kozani from tomorrow until the commercial stores reopen.

The restoration of the controlled parking system, from tomorrow Monday, April 12 in Athens after almost a year of interruption due to a pandemic, was mentioned by the competent deputy mayor of Athens, Vassilis Koromantzos, speaking in Athens 9.84 As he said, "the controlled parking is valid on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm and on Saturday until 4 pm. "

He added that the employees of the Municipal Police already inform the citizens orally, as well as with informative printed material.

Frame-by-frame, police are examining videos from security cameras, hoping that they will be able to gather new information about the cold-blooded murder of journalist George Karaivaz outside his house in Alimos. The officers of the Department for the Prosecution of Crimes against Life behind the specific murder see the methodology of organized crime with preliminary design and planning. At the same time, in a climate of pain, relatives and friends said their last goodbyes to the undefeated journalist in his hometown of Kallifito, Drama.

In the international news

The purchase of ten AW169 helicopters from Italy for the Turkish military academy was "frozen" today by Turkey, obviously irritated by the verbal incident in which Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi had described Turkish President Erdogan as a "dictator". The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports Turkish retaliation against four Italian companies.

In sports news and for the 3rd game of the Play Offs of the Super League:

Aris - AEK. 1-3

Asteras Tripolis - PAOK 0-0 at halftime

at seven and a half Olympiacos - Panathinaikos.

And the weather

Generally clear for tomorrow in Attica. The temperature will range from 6 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Slap for Bolsonaro: Lula's comfortable prediction predicts poll

The center-left former president Luis Inassiou Lula da Silva would prevail in the 2022 presidential elections with a big lead over his current leader ...

Mexico: 267 deaths from COVID-19, over 3.000 cases in 24 hours

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced yesterday Wednesday that in the previous 24 hours another 267 patients succumbed to COVID-19, while at the same time 3.090 were confirmed ...

Blinken to Abbas: Stop rockets against Israel

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on Wednesday night (in the early morning hours today, Greek time) that he had a telephone conversation with the president ...

Apologies from Boris Johnson for the bloody 1971 shootings

Nearly 50 years after the bloody shootings in Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson today "unreservedly" apologized to the British government, but said that ...

Rocket alarm in northern Israel

For the first time since the start of the military escalation with Hamas in progress, the Israeli army spoke today about an alarm ...

Brazil: Another 2.500 deaths due to COVID-19, almost 77.000 cases in 24 hours

The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced yesterday Wednesday that in the previous 24 hours another 2.494 patients succumbed to COVID-19, while 76.692 were confirmed in the laboratory ...

About 1.500 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel since Monday

Nearly 1.500 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip against Israeli cities on Monday night, when the military escalation between ...


Announcement of the Ministry of Culture for the event with the Olympiacos fans at the Acropolis

According to the announcement issued by the Press Office of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, this afternoon, Olympiacos fans suddenly invaded the archeological ...

The Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni at the Delphi Economic Forum

The Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni participated this afternoon at the Delphi Economic Forum, in a discussion with the journalist George Kouvaras, ...

Tension at the rally at the Israeli embassy

Part of Kifissia Avenue at the height of Katehaki remained closed in the afternoon, due to the gathering of Palestinians and organizations. Earlier, tensions erupted when protesters tried to ...

Beekeepers' reactions to the "National Electronic Beekeeping Register" 

The beekeepers of Attica state that they are concerned with the "National Electronic Beekeeping Register", which was recently introduced, with the aim of establishing a unified digital system of recording, inventory ...

The Museum of Cycladic Art opens with two new exhibitions

Archeology and Philhellenism. Thanassis and Marina Martinou Collection 14 May-21 June Sterling Ruby at Cycladic: Ceramics 14 May-21 June With the two new exhibitions Archeology and Philhellenism. Collection...