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Sunday, April 11, 2021

News bulletin at 20:00


Online comics and environmental education workshops for children

Two online workshops for children are organized by the street magazine "rafts" and the "Earth Organization" as part of the educational activities of Sport For Athens. Workshop ...

The educational workshops of INNOVATHENS for April

A rich educational program with workshops that focus on modern entrepreneurship and the latest developments in areas such as digital marketing, branding and ...

The energy community of Athens, which includes refugees and immigrants 

The creation of a model Energy Community of collective self-consumption, based on clean forms of energy, in Athens is the goal of the Athens Niroo Community action. THE...

The Municipality of Athens adopts the "Charter of Homeless Rights - FEANTSA" - Expansion of protection

The Municipal Authority from the first moment dealt with the issue of the homeless and the results are visible. Today, in the city center there is ...

Another "Pocket Park" of 750 sq.m. is ready. in Pagrati

It is the third "Pocket Park" that is completed in Athens and now establishes a new tactic in the use of public space. In an abandoned place ...

Attica remains in the "red", as of the 2.215 new cases announced today by EODY, 1.057 infections are located in Attica. 247 new infections in Thessaloniki.

32 new deaths were recorded, reaching a total of 6.664 from the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, while 451 (one) patients are treated by intubation.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, announced that Fokida and Anogia in Rethymno will enter the "deep red" from tomorrow at 6 in the morning, as the epidemiological burden in these areas is particularly high.

At the same time for the region of Larissa, the measures are suspended, due to the second strong earthquake of 5,9 Richter that "hit" the area yesterday.

In the meantime,

He submitted his resignation from the position of Director of the Pathological Department of Ag. Olga the physician Ioannis Ioannidis denouncing the coexistence in the same area of ​​patients with and without CoViD-19. The hospital administration responds that these are unfounded and excessive complaints.


The traders of Varvakeio market proceeded to a symbolic closure of their stores today, asking to be excluded from the latest "unfair" as they characterize restrictive measures announced by the government in view of Shrove Monday.

It is reminded that with the new stricter restrictions, the travel code 2 for the supply of goods is limited to 2 km from the house, a fact that makes it particularly difficult to access the Varvakeio Agora.


The adoption of a legislative proposal at European level for a "Green Digital Certificate", on March 17, is announced in a letter to European leaders by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

The "digital green certificate" will be used for the free movement of citizens within the EU and will cover all cases of citizens moving whether they have been vaccinated, tested negative or have covid antibodies 19.


The "battle" with the measures and vaccinations against the coronavirus in order not to lose the European and Greek summer was proposed by the Vice President of the Commission, Margaritis Schoinas, speaking to the Committee on European Affairs of the Parliament, while making special reference to the proposal of Kyriakos Mitsotakis for vaccination certificate.

"We expect the Commission to put pressure on all pharmaceutical companies to adhere to their schedules for the delivery of vaccine doses in the second quarter of 2021," said the Prime Minister.


"At a time when the hospitals of Attica are in the red and the NSS as a whole has reached its limits, the government is afraid to bother the owners of private clinics," said SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras, visiting Thriasio.

Mr. Tsipras pointed out that the vast majority of hospitals in Athens have been transformed into covid hospitals by ringing the alarm bell for the other patients.


The Greek economy moved better than the estimates of both the government and the institutions in 2020. According to the data of ELSTAT, the recession was 8,2% and in the fourth quarter 7,9% with the GDP falling to 168,5 , 183,6 billion euros from 2019 billion euros in XNUMX.

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his deep satisfaction for the resilience of the Greek economy in a post on Twitter. "Greece is on the road to success and will succeed," the Prime Minister commented.


Adonis Georgiadis announced an extraordinary subsidy for the retail sector in areas such as West Attica, which were in strict quarantine at Christmas time. According to the Minister of Development and Investment, 3.000 euros will be given for each retail business and 1.000 euros for each employee. The Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants and Related Professions appealed to Justice. The industry is seeking compensation for the incalculable damage suffered by the industry from the prolonged lockdown of 17 weeks.

The Municipality of Tyrnavos, the Municipal Unit of Potamia of the Municipality of Elassona and the Municipality of Farkadona were declared in a state of emergency for 6 months. The amount of 5.000 euros will support the earthquake victims of Elassona, with a decision of the Executive Committee of ADEDY.

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Alexis Tsipras, will visit the affected areas tomorrow.


The Prosecutor's proposal to the Lamia Judicial Council to reject the appeal of the multi-life prisoner Dimitis Koufontina on the issue of his transfer to the Korydallos prison, as the second rejection decision has not been issued, is not legally unfounded. at the time and as everything shows the meeting is postponed for the next few days.

At the same time, the prosecutor proposes to reject the request of the detainee on the grounds that they should be brought to trial in the administrative courts.

The doctors of the Lamia hospital proceeded to resuscitation, after the acute renal failure presented by Dimitris Koufontinas.

The doctors of the personal choice of Dimitris Koifontina state that “due to the criticality of the situation, we asked the administration of the General Hospital. Lamia to go to the hospital. The colleagues of the ICU of the General Hospital of Lamia also agree with our request. They added: "Despite our repeated efforts to secure the relevant permit, this has not been possible"


Another civilian was shot dead by police in Myanmar during a rally today in protest of a February 1 military coup. The UN special envoy to the country called on the Security Council to mobilize.


A few clouds are expected tomorrow, in Attica, with a chance of light rain in the morning.

The temperature will range from 10 to 19 degrees Celsius

14 points, at this time, in Technopolis, here, in Gazi.

Coronavirus: 477.000 euros in fines and 17 arrests for violating the measures

The competent audit services (EL.AS., Coast Guard, DI.M.E.A., E.AD., SEPE, Municipal Police, Regions) carried out on Saturday, 10.04.2021 a total of 82.411 inspections and recorded 1.478 cases ...

Self tests: 193 students and teachers positive for coronavirus

One hundred and ninety-three non-symptomatic, potentially ill, were identified among students, teachers and other staff, according to the results of the ...

News bulletin at 18:00

1.718 new cases of coronavirus were recently announced by EODY. 780 covid patients are treated by intubation. 52 are the new deaths and a total of 8.885 from ...

Beijing considers mixed use of COVID-19 vaccines

The person responsible for the control of the transmission of diseases in China, stated that his country is officially considering the possibility of mixed use of vaccines against ...

Coronavirus: 1.718 new cases, 52 deaths and 780 intubated

The latest data on the course of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, announced EODY on Sunday afternoon. In particular, the new laboratory confirmed ...

News bulletin at 17:00

There is a flood at the moment on the beaches of Attica where the free inter-municipal movement in combination with the good weather have created the inseparable ....

Covid 19-Netherlands: 8.218 new cases in the last 24 hours

The Netherlands reported 8.218 new cases of COVID-19 infection in the last 24 hours. This is the largest daily numerical increase of cases for a period of time ...


Municipality of Athens: Large cleaning-disinfection action in schools, streets and squares in Agios Pavlos

In the area of ​​Agios Pavlos in the 1st Municipal Community, the employees of the Municipality of Athens were present today, continuing the large disinfection cleaning operations for a ...

Voluntary blood donation in memory of Titika Mandalaki at the "Laiko" hospital

Voluntary blood donation is organized today by the Hemophilia Blood Donation Center of the People's Hospital of Athens in memory of the professor of hematology Titika Mandalaki who passed away a ...

The Roma settlement in Chalandri is in quarantine until April 19

The implementation of additional restrictive measures in the Roma settlement of the Mint of the Municipality of Chalandri, Attica, was decided by the Civil Protection after an extraordinary meeting taking into account the ...

K. Bakogiannis: It is necessary to institutionalize the regulation of 120 installments for debts in the municipalities

Speaking to MEGA, the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis, underlined the need to institutionalize a measure of debt repayment to the municipalities in 120 installments. "We hope to ...

The public space of Athens during the pandemic in a publication of the Onassis Foundation

ALL DAY ALL NIGHT- A publication of the Onassis Foundation in the context of the research of Onassis AiR "They say that the city never sleeps, but the ...