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Saturday, 6 March, 2021

"The piano and the revolution": Works for solo piano by Greek and Greek composers performed by Aris Graikousis


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As part of the "Initiative 21" celebrations, at Theocharakis Foundation on the occasion of the completion of 200 years since the Greek revolution, the distinguished pianist Aris Graikousis will perform works inspired by the struggle of the Greeks for freedom. The program includes compositions for solo piano by Greek and Philhellenic composers of the 19th century.

The preface of the evening's works is edited by the actress-director Andromachi Davlou.

The transmission will be free of charge facebook live streaming at σελίδα of Theocharakis Foundation, on Friday, January 29 at 20:30. Duration: 75 minutes

The recital is held with the support of the Attica Region.


“Ouverture Greque / Greek introduction” - CF Ruppe
"Athenes - Brilliant mazurka" op. 14 - P. Carrer / Paul Carrer
“Marche Hellenique de Nauplie / Hellenic invasion of Nafplio” - FM Burdin D 'Entremont
“La veuve Greque au Berceau de son fils / Η Ελληνίδα χήρα στο λίκνο του γιου της” op. 90 - Ch. Chaulieu
”Hellenen - Polka / Πόλκα των Ελλήνων” - J. Strauss
“Polka -La fanciulla Ateniese / Η κόρη των Αθηνών” - J. Liberali / Ι. Liveralis
“Le reveil du klepht / Το ξύπνημα του κλέφτη” (Memories of Greek folk songs in the form of variations for piano) - Composer, J. Liberali / Joseph Liveralis
"Marcia funebre / Mourning procession in memory of Ioannis Kapodistrias" op. 56 - G. Lampiri
"Capriccio alla Turca"(From the Ruins of Athens / Ruines d 'Athenes) - LV Beethoven / F. Lisz
“Souvenirs of the Greek Liberty in 1821 / Αναμνήσεις 1821” - S. Leoni The sorrows, the invitation, the prayer
The recall / Expedition (G. Paraschou)
The insult, the war, the invasion (R. Fereou)
The preparation of the attack / Invasion (M. Ragavi)
The raid / Invasion (K. Kokkinaki)
The burial of the Heroes
The victory! (D. Solomou)

Aris Graikousis

He was born in Athens. He graduated from the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens (piano diploma - class R. Schoinas) with first prize and gold medal. He attended classes in the summer classes of the "Mozarteum" Academy in Salzburg with Professor J. Paratore. He continued and completed his postgraduate studies at the Detmold Academy of Music in Germany, from where he received his diploma with honors. He then studied repertoire with renowned educator Renate Kretschmar-Fischer. He worked at the Opernschule of the Detmold Academy and the Gütersloh School of Fine Arts.

He has given recitals and chamber music concerts in Germany in the cities of Detmold (ConcertHall and Brahms-Saal of the academy), Hannover (Amphitheater of the Waldorfschule and the MaritinSaal), Bielefeld, Wittmund, Paderborn, Essen, Dortmund Music Thursdays "in Gdansk.

In Greece, for 25 years he has been performing at the Athenaeum International Art Center and Conservatory, at the Parnassos Philological Association, at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, at the Kakogiannis Foundation, at the Heraklion Festival of Crete, at the Renaissance Festival Festival in Rethymno, Rethymnon Festival , at the DIPETHE of Corfu, at the Historical Museum of Hydra, at the "Altar Hall" of the National Archaeological Museum, at the Epigraphic Museum, as well as in other rooms throughout Greece.

The concert for the "Full Moon of August" in 1999 in Delos, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, was important. He has also excelled in a competition of EPTA (European Piano Teachers Associations) where they organized a solo recital. He has collaborated as a soloist with the Rethymnon Experimental Symphony Orchestra and the chamber orchestra of the Detmold Academy.

His recitals "Musical Associations" were very successful, where he received very warm reviews at the International Art Center at the Athens Concert Hall, in various cities of Greece, as well as in Germany, "Polonaises & Nocturnes" by F. Chopin, LV Beethoven Kingdom of Do "and the" Russian icons "and" Freferic Chopin - Tristesse "where they were given to the V. & M. Theocharakis Foundation. He gave a recital at the Patriarchal Great School of the Nation in Istanbul, where he was awarded honorary plaques for his artistic presence. In the event organized by the Society for Macedonian Studies in Thessaloniki in September 2018, he played in honor of the honored (His Holiness) Ecumenical Patriarch Mr. Bartholomew.

He collaborated with the actress-director Mania Papadimitriou where they presented with great success since 2012 the musical-theatrical performance "Let us remember without nostalgia". In the summer of 2020, in collaboration with the actress - director Andromachi Davlou, they presented at the archeological site of Dafni Monastery and in various open theaters in Athens and the region, the musical-theatrical performance "The spiral of love".

He collaborated with the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens and since 2015 he has been teaching piano at the "Music Horizons" conservatory & art center.

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