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Thursday, December 9, 2021


Edouard Philippe

Former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe takes over as mayor of Le Havre

Former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who resigned as prime minister a few days ago, is taking over as mayor of Le Havre, according to ...

Politico: The "future" of Edouard Philippe… in the hands of Emanuel Macron

For the French presidents, the appointment of a new prime minister always looks like a ... house renovation in view of spring, after a long winter. Every president ...

Latest news

A. Tsipras: To continue the support measures for affected professionals

"The support measures that stopped in the autumn must continue, towards the professionals who continue to be affected by the pandemic", stressed the president of SYRIZA ...

News bulletin at 13:00

The immediate intervention of Justice was caused by yesterday's complaints of the President of POEDIN Michalis Giannakou for Intensive Care Units that remain closed for ...

G. Karagiannis: Projects over 3 billion euros in Crete

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, George Karagiannis, referred to the projects of more than 3 billion euros implemented in Crete by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, speaking to ...

K. Mitsotakis: The Greek-French agreement puts our bilateral relations at the same level as the depth of our historical relationship

"I believe that the Strategic Partnership Agreement we signed with President Macron puts our bilateral relations at a level that is aligned ...

Live briefing of political authors by the Government Spokesperson

The briefing of the political authors by the Government Spokesman Giannis Oikonomou is in progress.https: //youtu.be/zQDcxFzqEng