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Thursday, December 9, 2021

OASA: Supervisors for traffic control on bus lines


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With supervisors who will control the traffic on the bus lines, but also through the telematics and electronic ticket systems available to the OASA, it plans to deal with the possible increase of the passenger public on the Public Transport in Athens in view of the implementation of the ring.

In its announcement, OASA points out that since September 2021, more than 1.300 vehicles are circulating daily in the network, compared to about 1.000 vehicles in September 2020. The increase in the number of buses was targeted at network lines, which were found by the OASA, a special burden during peak hours, with the aim of strengthening the planned itineraries.

The following lines are indicative:


Zappeion - Ano Patisia (CIRCULAR)


Nice - P. Ralli - Omonia (CIRCULAR)


Perissos - Lamprini - Omonia (CIRCULAR)


F. Katehaki - Polytechnic (CIRCULAR) School.


Campus - St. Evangelismou (CIRCULAR) School.


Ilion - Ag. Fanourios - Academy (CIRCULAR)


Galatsi - Zografou


P. Faliro - Kifissia

Therefore, despite the significant increase in the mobility of citizens, the occupancy of more than 65%, in vehicles at peak hours, is maintained at low rates (2% -3%) on all routes.

"From Monday, October 25, when the implementation of the ring in the center of Athens begins, the OASA will systematically monitor the operation of the network," the statement said. "In this way and if required, the Agency can make improvement interventions and dynamically adjust the routes, on those lines that are crowded. At the same time, it is already in constant contact with the Traffic Police, for the constant policing of the bus lanes, in order to ensure the smooth flow of the buses, to observe the foreseen time distances and consequently to serve the passengers in the best possible way ".

Regarding the STASY network, the OASA emphasizes that "all the necessary actions have been taken in order to improve the time distances, especially during peak hours. In particular, the maximum possible availability of trains was ensured, so that the time distances on line 1 are set at 6 minutes at peak hours, on line 2 at 4,5 minutes and on line 3 at 4 minutes ".

Isidore Roussos

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A "crunchy" exhibition of the most famous Greek cookie at the Benaki Museum

The exhibition "PAPADOPOULOU 100. The history of the Company 1922-2022 was inaugurated by the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 and will open to the public on Thursday 9 ...

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