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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

News bulletin at 17:00


Municipality of Athens: Bright Christmas in Athens - The full program

The countdown for Christmas has begun and Athens is wearing its festive clothes. 38 days, 52 spots throughout the city, 6 Christmas ...

Municipality of Athens - WiFi4EU: Free Wi-fi in 11 parts of the city

The transformation of Athens into a smart and sustainable city, where citizens enjoy living and working in it, is one of the ...

Municipality of Athens: 14 new electronic services available to citizens

The total number of digital services of the Municipality of Athens now stands at 118 after the addition of 14 new ones, which are available as of today ...

Start School of Business in Serafio-Free digital education in 45 companies in Athens

A total of 45 small and medium enterprises operating within the borders of the Municipality of Athens have the opportunity to participate for free in the Start School of Business, ...

The face of the University changes with plane trees and marbles

The planters, the benches and the palm trees on Panepistimiou Street will be a thing of the past in a few days as the Municipal Council "turned on" the green light ...

A tragic incident with shootings on Tatoiou Street, in the area of ​​Nea Erithraia, took place on Saturday morning.

A man shot two employees of a gas company, who seriously injured them. A short time later, one of the two, 43 years old, ended up in the hospital where he was transported while the other is being treated with injuries to his legs. The accused, who, according to information from police sources, is facing psychological problems, is being held at the Security Sub-Directorate of Northeastern Attica.

According to the police, the 20-year-old man who was shot dead by police last night in Perama was shot for theft when he shot himself with the car that was driving their motorcycles during a chase. A case is being filed against the 7 police officers of the DIAS team for the fatal injury of the 20-year-old. According to information, the 7 police officers in the next few hours are expected to be taken to the prosecutor, while as it is clarified, this procedure is the one provided in every case where there is a dead person from police fire.

In the meantime, GADA released photos from the scene of the clash and the cameras of the DIAS teams that were abducted by the perpetrators' vehicle.

SYRIZA-PS demands explanations for the attitude of the Greek Police in yesterday's episodes in Perama, with its announcement and states that "what happened yesterday in Perama, underline the insecurity that overshadows Greek society."

In-party ballots are set up tomorrow across the country where ND members will elect their representatives to their local organizations. "New Democracy today is not just the biggest party in Greece. It is the largest center-right party in Europe, and we owe that to you. "Tomorrow is a celebration of Democracy", said the Prime Minister and President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressing the members of ND during his visit to the Municipal Local Organization of New Democracy, in Lavrio.

Alexis Tsipras launched a fierce attack on the government from the podium of the Central Committee of the party, putting SYRIZA in preparation for elections with the aim of victory and the "liberation", as he said, of the society from the corrupt Mitsotakis regime. "Greece will sink into a humanitarian crisis and social disintegration if we do not stop Mr. Mitsotakis. "The state and the parastate of its entanglement must be defeated state by state," said Mr. Tsipras.

"Everyone knows that Mr. Tsipras was a bad prime minister of a disastrous government, which is trying to fill the policy gap with insults and mud," replies government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou., with a comment on the speech of Alexis Tsipras at the Central Committee of SYRIZA.

The creation of a four-digit number for the direct reconnection to the electricity network, so that no vulnerable household is left without heating in winter, announced the Minister of Energy Costas Skrekas. As he clarified, the cost of reconnection will be covered, but also the cost of energy, whether it is electricity or natural gas. Moreover, Mr. Skrekas stressed that the government will monitor the increase of prices month by month and if necessary will increase the subsidy for electricity.

In the international news

The trial against the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, started today in Palermo, Sicily, with the accusation of deprivation of liberty of 147 immigrants and refugees, who were aboard, in August 2019, on a ship of the NGO Open Arms. Salvini, who was then interior minister, had not given the necessary permission for the ship to dock for a number of days.

In the sports news and the 7th game of the Super League

At 6 and a quarter they play: Atromitos - Ionikos.

At 7: Apollon Smyrni- PAS Giannina and

at 8:XNUMX: Asteras Tripolis - Panathinaikos.

And the weather

Cloudy skies are expected in Attica tomorrow with increased probability of rain at times in the afternoon. The winds will blow northeast with intensities of 4-5 Beaufort and in the east up to 6, while the temperature will range from 15 to 21 degrees.


There are 65 new posts of judges and prosecutors in the courts

The 65 organic positions of appellants, presidents of Courts of First Instance and Courts of First Instance, as well as Deputy Prosecutors of Appeals and Deputy Prosecutors of Courts of First Instance, which were established ...

WHERE for Omicron: More contagious than Delta but with milder symptoms

The head of the World Health Organization said today that the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19 seems to be more contagious, but ...

Russia: Warming of Greek-Russian relations after the three-hour Mitsotaki-Putin four in Sochi

The pursuit of the Greek side after the passage of Covid's adventure is, according to information, the investigation of an independent economic relationship between Greece and Russia, mainly ...

myOAEDlive: More than 8.000 digital appointments in the first year of operation

More than 8.000 digital appointments for the remote service of citizens through teleconferencing, took place during the first year of operation of the myOAEDlive platform, according to ...

Coronavirus: 5.899 cases - 81 dead and 709 intubated - At 1,07 Rt

EODY announced 5.899 new coronavirus infections (yesterday 7.009). In the last 24 hours, 81 people lost their lives (yesterday 99), while the intubated patients ...

K. Mitsotakis: Greece will defend its sovereign rights in every way

The issue of the delimitation of the maritime zones in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean can be solved only in the framework of International Law, the Law ...

Parliament: Tomorrow in Plenary the n / s for the de-ligation - Provision for representation of the Local Government in the investment committees

The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, announced in advance an improvement change that will provide for the participation of the Local Government in the Investment Committees. Against...


Bob Wilson, Lanthimos and Ohad Naharin in the new ELS program

From January to July 2022, the National Opera will present at the Stavros Niarchos Hall and at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus five ...

Multicultural festival in the Municipal Market of Kypseli for the International Immigrant Day

In Kypseli We Celebrate Together on December 11 - 12, 2021 On the occasion of the International Immigrant Day 2021, the Municipal Market of Kypseli and the Greek Immigrant Forum are organized ...

Signage bridge maintenance works at 190 Kifissias Avenue

Urgent work of dismantling and repositioning of a new signaling bridge at 190 Kifissias Avenue (downstream to Athens), will be carried out from 9:00 pm ...

Voluntary blood donation in Kypseli - We make a gift to those who need it

"Blood-e", in collaboration with the anti-cancer hospital "O Agios Savvas", carry out blood donation in the municipal market of Kypseli for the needs of the people who ...

Municipality of Athens: A prestigious collaboration between the Athens Film Office and NBCUniversal

At a time when Athens through the Athens Film Office is constantly gaining "ground" in the choices of international producers as an ideal set for films, ...