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Sunday, October 17, 2021

October Sundays for children at the Industrial Gas Museum


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Our little friends and their families discover the old gas factory through incredible actions

The Industrial Gas Museum has designed an exciting program of activities for families with children for the Sunday mornings (and not only του) of October. Every Sunday, young and old can visit Technopolis in Gazi and discover the old gas plant - the only industrial monument in Europe that retains all its mechanical equipment in situ - through and original activities and creative educational games that encourage knowledge through entertainment.

"Little gardeners with brushes"

On the first Sunday of the month, October 3, the most fun outdoor painting workshop comes to the museum, inviting children 3-6 years old to become… "Little gardeners with brushes"! Inspired by the old gas factory, our little friends paint small ceramic pots with brushes and then plant colorful flowers in their pots, learning to be responsible for their care.

One week later, the Sunday 10 October, another incredible art workshop will take place "In the Yard of the Factory". Children play creatively and come in contact with art, making the most monstrous creations with clay, colors, plenty of imagination and enough… luck! On the same day, a gas stove will be waiting for the guests (adults and children from 9 years old) in the building of Palea Fourni.

Through the theatrical event "Theatrical narratives by a gas merchant" and with the valuable help of Anastasios Christofilopoulos (actor-performer under the supervision of Christos Christopoulos from the theater group "Windmills"), we travel to the time capsule of Athens and .

And of course, every day take a "walk in the museum with a backpack" and discover the old factory through an alternative route that makes the visit a breeze! Every day, museum visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a personalized tour aimed at families with children aged 4-11.

Visitors can borrow the interactive yellow backpack that offers all the necessary instructions for touring the museum, through maps, stickers, memory games, board games, coloring cards and puzzles that invite children to get in touch with our industrial heritage through of interaction and play. Especially on Sundays October 3 and 31, from 11.30 to 13.30, the people of the museum will be on site to facilitate visitors to discover all the secrets of the backpack.

"The Museum otherwise"

Stay tuned for more news from the Industrial Gas Museum as some more exciting activities are coming up in October! Young and old will discover through the dance "The Museum otherwise", will spend a fun "Teddy 's day" breakfast at the museum with their favorite toys and "A night at the Museum" where they will live the scariest night experience in a monument that lit up Athens for more than 130 years ! Stay tuned for more information!

* All actions are carried out with priority on the safety of visitors and employees, following all official health instructions, according to which adult attendants and children from 12 years must show either a vaccination certificate or a negative rapid test certificate (48 hours) , or PCR (72 hours). Children from 4-11 years old must present a negative self-test certificate (24 hours). The actions are for a limited number of people.

Reservations are required at tel. 213-0109325, daily 11: 00-17: 00.


Small gardeners with brushes (for children 3-6 years) Sunday October 3, hours: 11:00 & 12:00 Cost: 7 € / Meeting point: Industrial Gas Museum Shop

In the Yard of the Factory (for children 3-6 years) Sunday 10 October, hours: 11:00 & 12:00 Cost: 5 € / Meeting point: Industrial Gas Museum Shop

Theatrical narrations by a gazieri (for adults and children 9+) Sunday 10 October, hours: 13:00 & 14:00 Admission: 1 € / Meeting point: Old Bakeries

A walk in the Museum with a backpack (for children 4-11 years old) The backpack is available every day, during the opening hours of the museum. Extra tip: On Sundays 3 & 31 October, 11: 30-13: 30, the people of the museum will be in the area for the convenience of the public. Admission: 1 € / Backpack borrowing cost: 3 euros * The visitor can borrow the interactive backpack from the BMF Shop or from the Technopolis Outpost, leaving his identity, and return it.


Tel: 213-0109325

Email: [email protected]


Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens Piraeus 100, Gazi 213 0109300

[email protected]

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