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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

G. Oikonomou: Respect for legality in the Aegean and Mediterranean is a matter of respect for the Law of the Sea


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"Turkey is a country that is completely predictable in its reactions, even when its aspirations on the international stage seem to succeed, and even more so when it does not seem to succeed. "What is happening in the world is always reflected in our neighborhood, in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Aegean," said Giannis Oikonomou in an interview with OPEN television and stressed that the Greek state is ready to respond to any challenge and any eventuality.

"We have succeeded through a foreign policy, through a policy of dealing with Turkey, which is always based on international law, with diplomatic moves in the forums we participate in and to all the great players of world politics, but also our neighborhood and our potential. to prevent, to defend our national rights and to send a message to the whole world about what is really happening with delinquency, with provocation. "We are prepared and the whole framework of our policy is such that we are not trapped in painful dilemmas," the government spokesman underlined.

He added that two countries that geography has led them to live as they live, can not but speak and try not to communicate. In this regard, Mr. Economou referred to the issues of climate crisis, environment, fires and energy.

"Beyond that, we are very clear with Turkey. Our dispute must be resolved on the basis of international law and has to do only with the delimitation of maritime zones. This is not a message that we have sent very clearly not only to Turkey, but to the whole world. "The prime minister said it yesterday," he added.

He also reiterated that the plans of the two leaders did not coincide in the United States and that there was no planning for a meeting anywhere.

"The research that Nautical Geo is doing is continuing. This is a joint research effort of three countries, Greece, Israel and Cyprus with a French ship. Greek diplomacy, Greek foreign policy has managed to make it clear that respect for the rule of law in the Aegean and the Mediterranean is not just a matter of Greek-Turkish dispute. It is a matter of respecting the Law of the Sea, towards the international community as a whole ", he continued.

He underlined: "There is no parameter of fear. There is a parameter that when you have a neighbor in front of you, who expresses a revisionist approach, when you have an experience that shows that when what he imagines about himself and his international influence does not seem to be confirmed, he becomes nervous which many times it is reflected in the area as well. It has nothing to do with fear or anxiety. The country calmly, decisively has all the possibilities to defend its rights, its rights, its national and European borders, without high tones, without panic. Our point of view and our direction are clear. We are in the 21st century. States and peoples in the 21st century have a way of resolving their differences. And this path is International Law. On the other hand, it does not mean that the country does not have what is required in its toolbox, at any time to do what it should ".

The government spokesman also referred to the increase of PPC's share capital. "In order for the consumer who receives electricity to have it at prices that will create security and will not hurt competitiveness, in order for PPC to be able to withstand extreme fluctuations - such as those that are happening internationally now - it must be strong, to be able to invest in the production of electricity from RES, to penetrate in neighboring countries, to reduce its dependence on imports. That is, to do everything that will forever allow its pricing policy to be competitive, more friendly to households and businesses. This is not done without money and without investments ", he stated and added that PPC finds these funds, not from the money of the Greek taxpayer, but from the market, because it managed to form a structure, a form, a business identity, to achieve sizes such that it can attract capital from the market.

"Mr. Tsipras has a clear preference and a clear orientation in the PPC of the time of his collaborator, Mr. Fotopoulos. They accuse us of selling out. If someone wanted to sell out PPC, he would go out and do this when his share was 2 or 3 or 4 euros, not the 8 he has now. We are told that we are assigning it. The State will have a strong 34% minority and will be the strongest shareholder. There will be no other shareholder with a percentage over 34%. There is no sale because if we sold any piece, the amount would go to the lenders to repay the debt. At the moment, what is happening at PPC is that with the increase of the share capital, with the 34% held by the State, in essence it strengthens its property because the company will be much stronger, much more financially strengthened ", he added answering in the criticism of the leader of the official opposition.

Mr. Economou also stressed that the money from this process will go to the PPC fund. "They will not go to repay the debt. "And holding 34% of the State through the Superfund - and let's not forget that in the period 2015-2019 34% went to the Superfund - will have a very strong say in a number of critical issues concerning the strategy of the company", he said and pointed out that if we are interested in a decade of having cheap electricity, we must prepare and invest today where this possibility exists. "Anyone who understands this understands the importance. "The consumer already, at the moment, has a high protection from the price increases that come to us from outside, due to the government's initiative to finance 80% of the electricity increases horizontally for the whole society", he said.

Regarding the pandemic, he said that the very important difference compared to last year is that a large part of the population is vaccinated and there is a possibility that even more people will be vaccinated. He said that the government is monitoring the development of the pandemic which mainly affects the unvaccinated, the efforts with the vaccination program continue and there are measures for our fellow citizens who have been vaccinated and for those who have not been vaccinated. If necessary - as happened in the summer - there will be restrictive measures, when some magnitude of the pandemic hits "red" or exceeds a limit. "This has nothing to do with lockdown, as we knew in the past, but with restrictions on specific activities," he repeated.

For schools and universities, he said, "we believe that the measures, as studied and designed, are capable of providing lifelong learning." He noted that in the summer the cases of minors were more than we have in the three weeks that schools are open.

He said that it is inconceivable for universities not to open. "It is inconceivable when everything works, that the Universities do not work. I think the vast majority of academics are in that direction. "And I hope and wish that students are in their amphitheaters with their professors", he continued while noting that universities have self-government, "but they also have the responsibility to realize that they operate in a society that has specific requirements for education, education, socialization. "And in fact at a time when close to 75% of students, 90% of academics and 85% of administrators are vaccinated."

Regarding the lawsuits against teachers by vaccination deniers, he stressed that Greece is a democratic, civilized country, has a legal culture and there was no way anyone could find his trouble because he applies the law in education. "There are instructions to the Greek Police and initiatives of Justice, so that in essence these ridiculousness do not face, because it is ridiculous. They are mentalities, they are absurdities, they are irrationalities, they are obsessions. "But this darkness, this fanaticism, this irrationality is the Greece that we must all strive to leave behind, without a second discussion", he added and stressed:

"But it is the responsibility of the political system with the works it produces - because politics is produced with works, not with statements - to show what is the path that societies should follow, what is the policy that should be confirmed and where it should be to focus public debate. "Democracy has rules, the State has a Constitution and rules within which everyone can move."

Source: RES-EAP

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