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Monday, October 25, 2021

KKE: Submitted a bill to ensure the labor rights of distributors


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Perissos demands the immediate discussion in the competent Committee of the Parliament of the updated draft law of the KKE for the treatment of the acute problems faced by the employees in the companies of ready food and drink.

The parliamentary group of the party, led by Dimitris Koutsoumbas, re-submitted today in Parliament, the bill they had brought last May, highlighting the miserable - as they characterize - wage and working conditions of these employees.

The content of the KKE bill is as follows:



Article 1

All those who provide paid delivery services through companies that perform the task of distributing ready-made food and beverages, are associated with these companies exclusively through a dependent employment relationship.

Article 2

Any other way (such as Title of Acquisition) of the distributors' transaction with the companies of article 1 is prohibited.

Article 3

The insurance in the relevant insurance organizations of the employees of Article 1 is done exclusively by the companies for which the distribution services are provided, based on the provisions of the legislation that governs the insurance organizations, as well as the laws and the collective agreements that define the terms. work and remuneration of distributor employees.

Article 4

All employees of article 1 are included in the Heavy and Unhealthy Occupations from the publication of the law.

Article 5

All Article 1 employees are employed five days a week, 7 hours a day with full pay and full insurance rights.

Article 6

For all means of transport used for the distribution, maintenance, insurance and transportation costs of vehicles, as well as the protective equipment and clothing of the distributors, are provided exclusively and at the expense of the company performing the distribution work.

Article 7

Two-wheeled distribution is prohibited when dangerous weather conditions prevail. Such conditions are defined as outdoor temperatures that exceed 38οC, or that are less than 3ο C and frost prevails.

Distribution is also prohibited during hours of heavy rain and snow.

For all the above cases, the remuneration and insurance of the distributors is borne by the company that performs the distribution work.

Article 8

Any company that performs the work of distribution and does not comply with the provisions of this law is punished with fines starting from 1.000 euros for each violation and can reach up to the amount of 50.000 euros.

In a company that repeatedly violates the law, a temporary or permanent ban may be imposed by the competent audit services.

Article 9

Article 69 of Law 4808/2021 is repealed, as well as any other provision that is contrary to the regulations of this draft law.

Article 10

The provisions of this bill also cover all existing employment relationships of the staff referred to in Article 1 thereof.

Dimitris Randos

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