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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

News bulletin at 20:00


The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

Municipality of Athens: In Agios Artemios the 7th "pocket" park of Athens

In Agios Artemios, in a densely populated neighborhood of Athens, also known as Gouva, the 7th in a row pocket park of the city was "born". With the...

What will the University be like after the renovation - The project in 20 questions and answers

At the end of 2021, the works for the final renovation of the University begin and are expected to be completed in 12 to 15 months. The budget ...

A new "green" neighborhood in Petralona - The network of "pocket" parks in Athens is growing

By strengthening the network of "pocket" parks, the Municipality of Athens continues to create "green" meeting points for the residents of Athens, in the context of this ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for October

INNOVATHENS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi, continues the exciting educational program of workshops and free seminars, specially designed ...

"Danger bell", due to the increasing trend of cases in Northern Greece, the Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga rang, speaking to the established information.

Professor Vana Papaevangelou spoke about the "pandemic of the unvaccinated", noting that the Delta mutation also affects younger ages, as - as she explained - one in three cases concerns children under 18 years of age.

The epidemic in Greece is in a phase of stabilization and perhaps a slight contraction, something we see for the fourth consecutive week, said the assistant professor of Epidemiology and member of the committee of experts Gikas Majorkinis.


"We are not facing a lockdown in Thessaloniki", the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou, assured earlier.

In the "red" the regional units of Kastoria, Drama and Xanthi in the updated epidemiological map that reflects the evolution of the pandemic in the country, while the validity of special, local, measures in the Regional Units of Pieria, Imathia, Pella, Kavala and A is extended. Except for the regional unit of Evritania.

There are 2.125 new cases in the country, of which 403 were recorded in Attica and 345 in Thessaloniki, after 151.279 tests, with a positive rate of 1,40%.
331 patients are treated by intubation, while 31 (one) ended up.


Meanwhile, the strong reaction of EINAP is caused by the decision of the university doctors not to treat patients with coronavirus in their clinics, as the Medical School of Athens announced last week.

EINAP requests the intervention of the Minister of Health, warning that anyone who consents to the exclusion of Covid 19 patients from public university clinics, will be responsible for exposing patients at risk.


A criminal prosecution for stealing a false certificate, complicity in this criminal act and violation of measures against the transmission of the crown was brought by the Athens Prosecutor's Office against the three arrested for the fictitious vaccinations at the IKA on Alexandra Avenue. The accused were referred to trial for the acts attributed to them in the Autophorous Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Athens.


180 degree turn from efood. Following the massive reactions and dynamic mobilizations, Online Delivery, the company behind the digital platform efood, announced that it will turn all the contracts of its distributors into indefinite ones, while acknowledging their previous service.

At the same time, the company announced that "we retain the extended rights and additional benefits they enjoyed, such as private insurance", as well as that "we are reshaping the evaluation criteria which will be determined in cooperation with our distributors."


The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, met with the President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, in New York.

According to government sources, during the meeting it was pointed out that Microsoft's investments in Greece are progressing despite the pandemic and the great growth dynamics that the Greek economy has acquired was underlined.

"We have complicated issues with Turkey, very difficult issues of a legal nature regarding the definition of our maritime zones. "There is only one way out and that is International Law," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated in an interview with Bloomberg on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

"We have told Turkey that there is a way to resolve our differences without unnecessary tension in the Aegean and the Southeastern Mediterranean," he added, noting that there should be co-operation on migration as "Europe will not tolerate a situation similar to what happened in 2015 ", with uncontrolled flows.


The interrogation began against the background of the competition for television licenses in 2016 with the former Minister of State Nikos Pappas as the central figure. The first witness to cross the threshold of the investigator of the Judicial Council of the Special Court was the economist Kyriakos Tombras, who is said to have been the mediator between the businessman Christos Kalogritsa - with whose report the "tangle" of history began to unfold - and the representatives of the Lebanese company CCC for the effort to create a television station.


The fire in a forest area in the area of ​​Plakalona in the municipality of Platanias, Chania, Crete, is under partial control.


Tensions between France and the United States have eased, following a telephone conversation between the two presidents.



The weather is expected to improve tomorrow throughout the country and only in the morning in the south there will be temporary clouds with a chance of local rain in the southwestern Peloponnese.

Clear weather in Attica,

The temperature in the capital will range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

18 points at this time, in Technopolis, here in GAZI.

Υπ. Of Labor: The issue was resolved with the 444 widow's pensions of NAT

By the end of November, the 444 widows of sailors will receive their final pensions, after a long delay, announced the Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis. At the same time, it is estimated ...

Germany: Berbel Bass elected President of the Bundestag

With 576 votes in favor, 90 against and 58 abstentions, Berbel Bass was elected President of the Federal Parliament of Germany on Tuesday. The 53-year-old MP of ...

Writing workshops from November in Katapati

Theatrical writing workshops and workshops of literary - experiential writing from November in Katapacti The Katapacti of Sotiris Douvris, continuing from 2013 the pioneering ...

Episodes outside ASOEE - Patision is closed

New episodes occurred earlier outside ASOEE. A group of people set up roadblocks setting fires in bins, as a result of which the traffic was stopped in ...

Tomorrow the last goodbye to Fofi Gennimata - In a popular pilgrimage at 10:00 her body

The news of the death of Fofi Gennimata at the age of 56 shocked the whole of Greece yesterday and spread sadness to her family, friends, political friends ...

Investments and tourism in the focus of the meeting K. Mitsotaki- Hamad Bin Isa al Khalifa

The possibilities of strengthening the bilateral cooperation in the fields of investments and tourism were found in the focus of the meeting that the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had with ...

Scholarships through bequests: On 27/11 the competition

On November 27, the written competition for the promotion of scholarships for the academic year 2019-2020 from the revenues of bequests, which are under the direct management of the Ministry ...


Episodes outside ASOEE - Patision is closed

New episodes occurred earlier outside ASOEE. A group of people set up roadblocks setting fires in bins, as a result of which the traffic was stopped in ...

The exhibition of Christos Chrysopoulos "Autobiography" at the Cultural Center "Melina" of the Municipality of Athens

The solo exhibition of Christos Chrysopoulos, entitled "Autobiography", is presented by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) from October 12 to ...

The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

Exarchia: Chemicals and adductions after a course

Episodes occurred earlier on Tuesday afternoon, at the junction of Akadimias and Solonos streets, when about 150 people from the anti-authoritarian space attacked police ...

In Polygono the Sunday cleaning business

For many years, the cleaning policy applied in Athens did not have the expected results. Any cleaning intervention was fragmentary and limited to points ...