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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The art program in the exhibition spaces of the Municipality of Athens


Municipality of Athens: In Agios Artemios the 7th "pocket" park of Athens

In Agios Artemios, in a densely populated neighborhood of Athens, also known as Gouva, the 7th in a row pocket park of the city was "born". With the...

What will the University be like after the renovation - The project in 20 questions and answers

At the end of 2021, the works for the final renovation of the University begin and are expected to be completed in 12 to 15 months. The budget ...

A new "green" neighborhood in Petralona - The network of "pocket" parks in Athens is growing

By strengthening the network of "pocket" parks, the Municipality of Athens continues to create "green" meeting points for the residents of Athens, in the context of this ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for October

INNOVATHENS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi, continues the exciting educational program of workshops and free seminars, specially designed ...

Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

Two important new exhibitions are hosted by Culture, Sports & Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) at its premises in September, of Rallou Panagiotou entitled "Pocket microclimate" at the Arts Center of the Municipality of Athens and Dionysis Sotoviki entitled "The house of Rodakis" at the Museum of Folk Art & Tradition "Angeliki Chatzimichali", while extended to Gallery of the Municipality of Athens The exhibitions «See OPPOSITE. A settlement in Keros 4.500 years ago " and "Omnia caritatis" by Vangelis Gokas.

A brief tour of the program reveals the range of topics and the variety of approaches.

H Entry to the exhibition space and the Museums of OPANDA, according to the current health protocols, is allowed to those who have:

·         vaccinated

·         get sick (up to 6 months from diagnosis) and

·         have realized negative PCR within 72 hours or rapid test antigen within 48 hours, in case they have not been vaccinated.

The use of a medical mask is mandatory during the stay of the public in the exhibition space.

Rallou Panagiotou "Pocket microclimate" at the Arts Center of the Municipality of Athens from September 21 to November 7, 2021 on Arts Center of the Municipality of Athens.

 In her sculpture, Rallou Panagiotou codifies textures of everyday life, parts of objects, fleeting events and personal experiences, which are regenerated and transported as if they are being re-played in the exhibition space.

"Rodakis's house" at the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition "Angeliki Chatzimichali" of the Municipality of Athens from September 23 to November 21, 2021 on Museum of Folk Art and Tradition "Angeliki Chatzimichali" of the Municipality of Athens.

 His report Dionysis Sotoviki at the Hatzimichalis Museum presents the visual look of a representative of modern architecture on the work of a renowned representative of folk architecture.

The exhibition is extended until December 12  «See OPPOSITE. A settlement in Kero 4.500 years ago" with the great archeological findings from Keros at the Gallery of the Municipality of Athens

After the great success of the exhibition "see OPPOSITE. Έa settlement in Keros 4.500 years ago» with the great archeological findings from Keros and Daskalio, important places of the Early Cycladic period (3.200-2.100 BC) in Gallery of the Municipality of Athens in Metaxourgeio, is extended until Sunday 12 December.

                                                                                                                      The exhibition is extended until October 3 by Vangelis Gokas "omnia caritatis" at the Gallery of the Municipality of Athens

The exhibition omnia caritatis is a selective flashback to the painting by Vangelis Gokas and includes paintings from the last decade, focusing mainly on his recent work, a number of large-scale designs are sticking to me

The Olympic Flame of the Winter Games on the Acropolis

From the hands of the gold medalist of Tokyo in rowing Stefanos Duskou, the altar on the Acropolis was lit with the symbol of Olympism sending ...

South Africa has rejected the Russian Sputnik vaccine

South Africa, which was struggling to secure enough vaccines for Covid-19 to cover its 59 million inhabitants, turned down ...

Commission launches new debate on EU fiscal rules

The European Commission wants to simplify fiscal rules for EU countries after taking record loans during the pandemic ...

The United States will not take part in the talks on Afghanistan in Moscow

The United States announced today that it will not participate in the talks on Afghanistan scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday in Moscow, in which it will ...

News bulletin at 23:00

The children transmit and are a "reservoir" for the facilitation of new mutations, stressed the President of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou, during today's information ...

Germany: Discussions on distribution of ministries premature, say SPD, Greens and FDP

About three weeks after the federal elections, negotiations can begin on the formation of the first "traffic light" government at the federal level. After the...

US: Government seeks to repeal Texas abortion law

The government of US President Joe Biden formally asked today the US Supreme Court to block the new law of his State ...


Costas Bakogiannis announced proposals for a solution to the traffic problem in Athens

The 15 proposals of the Municipality of Athens for dealing with the traffic problem of the capital will be presented at the next meeting of the Municipal Council. The announcement was made ...

Wishes to Dora Bakoyannis from the municipal opposition

Nassos Iliopoulos, Popi Giannopoulou, Nikos Sofianos and ... expressed their warm wishes for the speedy recovery of his mother to the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis.

"Your Pet Day" on Sunday 24/10 in Technopolis

An all-day celebration starring our four-legged friends, is held by the Municipality of Athens in collaboration with YOURPET, the first Greek application for adoptions ...

Athens - Thessaloniki National Road: Traffic regulations due to works

Traffic regulations will be in force on the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road from Tuesday and for a total of three days, at the frontal tolls of Afidnes with the aim of carrying out research ...

The opposition criticized the municipal authority for the floods

Criticism in the municipal authority for the recent floods in neighborhoods of Athens caused by "Balos", was exercised by the opposition parties at the meeting of ...