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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The actions of the Truce Road 2021 were successfully carried out with international participation


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Adapted to the new normality imposed by the conditions of the pandemic, the 6th Road of Truce was successfully held on Sunday and with several international participants, from Ancient Ilida (host city of the Olympic Games) to Ancient Olympia (holy place, with games) the inhabitants of the fire-affected villages to prove that hospitality is a way of life.

Two more roads
Along with the Truce Road, two more roads were built honoring the pioneers of the Truce, which was a prerequisite for the ancient Olympic Games. The Road of Ifitos, honoring the king of Elis Ifitos from the village of Elis to the old museum at the Archaeological site (distance 2 km) which was run by children of Elementary and High School. And the Road of Cleosthenes, from Ancient Pisa to Ancient Olympia (5km race) honoring the king of Ancient Pisa Cleosthenes (the third who signed the Truce was the king of Sparta Lycurgus).
The participation of the runners (Greeks and from ten other countries) showed that the message of the Truce is strong and must be strengthened even more, under the current difficult and special conditions.

The starting point for the "Truce Road 2021" was given on Sunday, September 19, 2021, at 6.15 in the morning by Ancient Ilida, and the finish took place in Ancient Olympia, at approximately 4.30 in the afternoon.
~ 200 runners ran. Of particular importance for the meaning and value of the Truce was the delegation of military runners-up from Palestine as well as CISM members from Hungary, Lithuania and Brazil. Runners from Germany and the Netherlands also took part in the Road.

The event wanting to honor a man whose effort escaped the usual human forces and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, he appointed Spyros Chrysikopoulos as the head of the Truce Road, who swam in a 350 km swimming pool in seven days (100 more than the previous record holder) and followed Detective Jefferson Martinez Mozardin Cuto (from Brazil), as an envoy of the Secretariat of the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

The route of 50 km
The route of 50 km starts from Ancient Ilida, passes through 13 villages of semi-mountainous Ilia (Dafni, Keramidia, Dafniotissa, Peristeri, Heimadio, Sopi, Karatoula, Magoula, Latzoi, Iraklia, Pournola, Pournari, Pournari, Olympiari .
Residents and associations of the areas through which the runners passed welcomed them, as every year but with strict observance of the health protocols, offering them local delicacies.

Everyone who finished was awarded

The Road of Truce has no racing character and all those who successfully completed the entire route of 50 km were awarded with unique numbered medals as the organizers believe that the completion of this difficult route reflects the difficulty to reach through the truce to coveted peace, something that our ancestors achieved, since the observance of the Truce was a decisive condition for participation in the Olympic Games of antiquity.

As it is known, before the Olympic Games of antiquity, the Truce was declared. The athletes who entered the Kingdom of Elis deposited their weapons at the border and for a month in Elis they did joint high schools and had a common diet. After the first judgment of the judges, the athletes, the Greek judges, the priests, etc., in procession went from Ancient Ilida to Ancient Olympia for the performance of the games.

The organizing committee warmly thanks the residents and the associations of the villages along the way who in these difficult conditions for everyone proved that the hospitality is in the heart of the residents. All the presidents of the communities but also the Mayor of Pyrgos Mr. Takis Antonakopoulos with his collaborator George Karastergios, the Deputy Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Haris Spiliopoulos were there to welcome the runners.


On Saturday afternoon, shortly before the opening ceremony of the Truce Road, the Road of Ifitos 2021 took place from the village of Ancient Elis to the Archaeological site of Elis (old archeological collection) for children of the last grades of primary school (ED and ST) and high school in an effort to connect the modern (expressed by the village of Elis and the children) with the ancient which is the archaeological site of Elis.

The road is dedicated to the protagonist of the Truce, king of Ancient Elis Ifitos.

Anthi Aggelatou (who also won last year) and Spyros Zogopoulos were the first to win the race.
Apostolos De Marinis is one of the high school students.



On Sunday morning, a Truce Road was held for the first time, dedicated to the King of ancient Pissa, Cleosthenes, the "Cleosthenes Road 2021", 5km with a racing character and with the participation of adults and minors. The start was given by the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, with the Director of ASAED, Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos (who holds the Panhellenic record of marathon and 10.000 meters).

The Road of Cleosthenes was organized by the Confederation of Olympia and the ASAED. Runners from Greece and the three international delegations (Palestine, Lithuania and Hungary) participated. The runners started from the church of Agia Kyriaki in Ancient Pisa, passed through the tombs of the Hellenic Court, in front of the International Olympic Academy and the ancient Stadium of Olympia and ended at the old town hall of Ancient Olympia.

Konstantaras Georgios: 16.50.55, Manavis Georgios: 19.46.78, Lampiris Alexandros: 20.35.78
Vlachou Maria: 24.44.49, Tsoukala Konstantina: 26.33.46 and Giannikopoulou Fotini 26.43.99.
Honorary - and out of competition - ran the Director of ASAED, Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos, the leader of the team of the Palestinian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Amal Khalil and the Olympian Florentia Sfakianou.



On Saturday, September 18, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Truce Road 2021 was held in Ancient Ilida.
The event started with the national anthem of Greece and the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

Afterwards, the President of the Confederation of Olympia, Mrs. Sofia Hintziou Kontogianni, and the member of the Board of CISM and Director of the Supreme Military Sports Council (ASAED), Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos, addressed a greeting.
Ms. Kontogianni referred to the need to establish the Truce as an Olympic value in the modern Olympic Games and stressed: We are here to walk the path of the Truce, in an effort to remind that in the modern world we live, we owe all who believe in Olympism values ​​that govern it, to promote the basic Olympic value, the value of the truce that leads to the coveted peace.

Each of you on the Road to Truce is an informal Messenger of the True in modern times.
Mr. Andriopoulos stressed that this year the Truce Road has been included in the "Sports and Peace" program of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) and the event was attended by athletes from CISM countries Hungary, Palestine, Lithuania, Greece the representative of the General Secretariat of CISM.
The messages of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis and the Governor of Attica Mr. G. Patoulis were read. The Deputy Regional Minister of Rural Development, Mr. Theodoros Vassilopoulos, as a representative of the Regional Governor of Western Greece, and the Deputy Mayor for Rural Development, Tourism Development and Employment Enhancement, Mr. Thanassis Georgopoulos, as a representative, addressed a greeting.

During the ceremony, Ms. Zoe Paraskevopoulou, from Lechena, was also awarded a Silver Olympian in the mixed team at the Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore. Group mixed is an innovation with mixed gender and country. Zoe had the Slovenian RAJH GREGOR by her side.
Finally, a plaque of honor was given to Spyros Chrysikopoulos and the representative of the General Secretariat of CISM, Jefferson Martinez Mozartin Kouto, who led the course of the Truce Road 2021.

The leaders of the Hungarian Armed Forces were Colonel Gavlik Peter, the Lithuanian Captain Modestas Lapienis, the Palestinian Brigadier General Amal Khalil, the Greek Lieutenant Colonel Sotiros Anrofazmis their delegations.
The event closed with a concert by the band Banda Morena and with local treats from the Association of Ancient Elis, Ancient Elis and the Cultural Association of Kalivia Elis "Elis".

The event was supported by a number of institutional supporters.
Organized by the Confederation of Olympia and co-organized with the Region of Western Greece, the Municipalities of Ilida, Pyrgos and Ancient Olympia, the Supreme Sports Council of the Armed Forces (ASAED), a cooperating support agency the International Center of Olympic Emergency Of Culture & Sports - GGA, Interior, Rural Development and Food and Tourism, Attica Region, the World Military Sports Council (CISM), the Hellenic Olympic Committee (EOE), the International Olympic Academy (IOA), EOTI, Panelis Sports Press (PSAT), the Association of Participants in the Olympic Games, the Association of Greek Olympians, with the participation of #BEACTIVE, voluntary support of the Greek Scout Corps and EOPYD, communication sponsors ERT 3, Athens ERT 9,84, RunningNews.gr, Ovi, apopseis.gr, GreekTeachers etc.


Thank you very much to the organizers for the support of our Official Supporters: EOT, AVANCE rent a car, AMKE AEGEAS, deluxe, Krinos, Fargeco, Ethniki Asfalistiki and the supporters - suppliers: bioilis, EL.VI.GAL. KALOMOIRIS, Farmers' Union of Ilia IKE, Peak Agricultural Cooperative, the countless volunteers from all the villages of Dromou e Echechirias, the Corps of Volunteer Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards of the Regional Department of E.E.S. Amaliada, the doctors Irini Christodoulou and Panagiotis Bourlidis and the volunteer doctors who accompanied them, the tireless and always by our side Mr. Spyros Tzoulekis and the public. Tower Consultant Mr. Vassilis Sotiropoulos.

All the actions of the Truce Road were carried out with the approval of the health protocol by the GGA of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The events were attended by the Deputy Regional Minister of Rural Development Mr. Theodoros Vassilopoulos, the Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. G. Georgiopoulos, the Mayor of Pyrgos Mr. Takis Antonakopoulos, the Deputy Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Haros Spilimos the former. MP and Minister Mr. George Kontogiannis, the Dean of the University of Peloponnese Mr. Takis Alexopoulos, the associate of the Mayor of Pyrgos Mr. George Karastergios, deputy mayors, municipal councilors and presidents of municipal departments and organizations.
More information about our actions on our website: https://routeoftruce.com/


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