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Animasyros 2021 International Animation Festival: A magical journey into the world of animation


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22-26 September 2021

The Phygital Edition Syros & #animasyroslive

See the detailed schedule of Animasyros 2021 here.

Watch Animasyros through live platform of!

There are a few days left for Animasyros 2021 International Animation Festival, which will be presented from 22 to 26 September 2021, for the second year, in phygital format. Screenings, educational workshops, Market, open discussions and many more events will take place for the 14th year in natural spaces on the island of Syros and through a special digital platform, available through the website www.animasyros.gr, while the work of the Market, which returns for For the 7th year, they will be broadcast live via the Animasyros YouTube Channel.
Overcoming all previous entries, this year's event, which is under the auspices of the "Greece 2021" Commission, brought together more than 4000 films of renowned and young creators. 180 films from every corner of the globe, seven competition programs, two big tributes, and traditionally the international panorama are ready to welcome the public in the top in Greece and one of the 20 biggest festivals of the genre in the world.
The screenings of Animasyros, apart from their live broadcast through the digital platform, will take place in emblematic places of Syros, such as the Apollo theater, the Pallas summer cinema, in open spaces such as Phenicia Square, the beach of the hotel Kamelo in Vari beach. and the courtyard of the Capuchin Fathers' Monastery in Ano Syros.

Corfu Tributes...an amazing island
The annual theme of Animasyros 2021, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, is dedicated to the concept of Freedom. The Freedom Tribute is organized in collaboration with the 44th International Drama Short Film Festival and takes us around the world, from China to our neighboring Turkey. Oscar-nominated short and feature films, screened at the world's largest anime festivals, such as the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, will be presented in their majority for the first time in Greece, drawing inspiration from key themes and approaching the concept of freedom in physical and social level: from imprisonment in concentration camps, political freedom in authoritarian regimes, police repression to social revolution, the struggle for LGBTQI + rights, gender equality, reproductive freedom, and even the freedom of animal and family independence.
The festival audience will have the opportunity to enjoy an animated journey from the Mongol War in the Middle Ages to the Algerian War in the 50s, films about the aftermath of the wars in Vietnam and Kosovo, about the unique acts of resistance in Iran and against during World War II, for the struggle for women's rights, for the recognition of divorce and liberation from the "bonds" of marriage, for reproductive freedom and the right to choose. Movies about the revolution in the relationship, the escape from an oppressive family, the freedom that one feels in one's naked body.
As part of the Freedom Tribute, three feature films will be screened, one of which is nominated for an Oscar: WOLFWALKERS tells the story of a girl who makes her revolution to save a herd of wolves. My Favorite War, which won the Contrechamp Award at the Annecy Film Festival 2020, will also be screened in the presence of director Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen.
Animasyros's second big Tribute, MedAnima, presents through almost 30 films from the entire creative range of Mediterranean animators, composing a cradle of artistic fermentation and development. Highlighting the diversity of Mediterranean animation, it screens films from Spain and Gibraltar to Lebanon, while in the context of the Market, it offers the opportunity for artists to present their works, to develop networking relations, among themselves and with representatives of its field. creative industry, and find suitable ground for co-producers. MedAnima includes works such as "How my grandmother became a chair" (Nicolas Fattouh, Germany, Lebanon, Qatar), "Have a Nice Dog!" (Jalal Maghout, a Syrian living in Berlin) and "Mosaic" (Imge bilzbilge & Sine bilzbilge, Turkish women living in Belgium), as well as animated documentaries such as Bastien Dubois' "Souvenir Souvenir", which has been trying for 10 years to make a movie with his grandfather's souvenirs from the war in Algeria.
As part of the tribute, we will see films in the presence of the official guests of the festival, such as Kim Noce (Book of Man: Chapter 1), Sophia El Khyari (Ayam & The Porous Body), Bruce Caetano (The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay), Stav Levi (Head), Fokion Xenou (Heatwave), Michael Kalopaidis (The Parrot Lady), Hélène Frire (The Last Hair) and Nicolas Fattouh (Have a Nice Dog!).

Program Themes
The environment is increasingly the concern of animators. The melting of ice on Stars on the Sea by South Korea, migration due to climate change in Migrants, pollution of the sea in Packing a Wave and reckless use of plastics in The Present Problem are just some of the issues highlighted by creators, aiming at further raising public awareness of environmental challenges.
This year's event is again a women's affair. Among the almost 100 films that have created femininity for Animasyros, a host of extremely interesting themes are projected: the tormented artist in Affairs of art by Joanna Quinn, the dysfunctional family at Trona Pinnacles, a family biography by Regina Pessoa, a skate princess in the children's film Princess and the Bandit, an eccentric sibling story in the Sisters, the girls' love of football in Girls talk about football, the female mutilation in Amayi, the tender Scalp Deep from Uganda, the allegorical film about date rape in All at sea, the right to maternity leave in Career Limiting, polygamy in Polyamory, reproductive freedom in Icon, diversity in You are not a Kiwi etc.
The music could not be missing from the themes of the festival this year either, which includes animated music videos by famous artists such as St Vincent and Paul McCartney, a musical animation for gender discomfort in Tryin 'to be a girl, at as part of Animapride, the new animation by the award-winning Martina Scarpelli, as well as music by artists from Chile, South Korea and Portugal.
Competition sections
22 films make up the International Competition Section of the festival, including films by renowned directors from South Korea to Colombia. Films by directors such as Joanna Quinn, who will honor this year's event with her presence, and Regina Pessoa, with international awards, social messages on immigration and ecology, experimental, poetic and groundbreaking films, on the dysfunctional core of the family , and films centered on freedom.
The Student Competition Section consists of 24 films from the new generation of animators that offer original techniques and themes from some of the largest animation schools in the world such as Bezalel, Gobelins, FAMU etc. Ghost stories from France, works on female genital mutilation from India, about a man with compulsive habits from Portugal, a different story of superheroes from Russia, about the love of girls for football from Italy, while in the context of the Greek participation, a story about what we do when we are alone in an elevator.
TV episodes, commercials, video clips are the core of the competition section of TV & Custom Made Movies, which through 22 films will highlight the work of professional animators. The films include commercials for Visa, messages about corruption from the German state, etc.
The children's program K.ID.S is becoming competitive this year, with themes that include modern fairy tales, stories about princesses, movies about the environment, but also special themes, such as the procrastination that characterizes many children. The best film, out of the 15 that participate, will be chosen by students from Syros.
The Greek Competition Section consists of 14 films. Greek animators, renowned and rising, present at Animasyros some of the best anime that the Greek scene has to offer this year.
Animapride is also competing this year. Through 12 films, from Brazil and Peru to Iran, important aspects of the LGBTQI movement will be highlighted ・ From the stigma of HIV and trans rights to how a father redefines the concept of masculinity.
Finally, within the #thisIsEU - European Values ​​section, six films of the same name will be screened, on the environment, immigration, gender equality, corruption and diversity.

The Jury of the International & Greek-speaking Competition Section of this year's festival consists of Giannis Sakaridis, Artistic Director of the International Drama Short Film Festival and the directors Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen from Latvia and Bruno Caetano from Porto.
The Jury of the Student Department and the Television Custom Films consists of Dimitris Politakis, journalist and writer, the Italian director and academic Kim Noce and the director and animator Sofia El Khyari, from Morocco.
Three 15-year-old girls, Vasia, Marianna and Terpsichore, with a fresh look and artistic vein, are this year the Jury in the K.ID.S.
The AnimaPride committee consists of the international activist and co-organizer of Athens Pride, Andrea Gilbert, the director and screenwriter of short films, Konstantinos Maragos and the journalist of ANTIVIRUS magazine Vassilis Thanopoulos.
Non-Tender Section
The international Panorama consists of 26 films from Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc. Original techniques, with themes ranging from documentaries and fiction to video art.
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The Market returns for the 7th year, launching a new strategic partnership with the world-renowned Animation Studio Folimage, a staunch supporter of auteur films, renowned for its rich catalog. The collaboration with the Animation Studio Folimage, as well as the presentations, the round tables, the seminars, the networking meetings organized by the Market this year, will offer the opportunity to the international public that is professionally engaged in the art of animation, or just loves it. , to expand its network, to promote its work, to meet with renowned professionals in the field, to discover the international community and to get in touch with the successes of the future.
For this purpose, Agora in collaboration with Studio Folimage organizes, within the festival, a 4-day preparation workshop (Pitch Coaching Workshop) in Syros, offering the opportunity to the participants of the selected projects in the pitch to prepare effectively, to present, at the Pitching Forum in Syros, their ongoing work to the public and to an international committee of animation professionals.
The main speaker of this year's Market is the distinguished artist Joanna Quinn (UK), who together with Catherine Blanc-Maurizi (FR), Hélène Friren (FR), Nancy Denney Phelps (BE) and Marineta McCretan (GR) , will form the committee of the Pitching Forum.
The five projects selected for the Pitching Forum Agora Animasyros are the feature film "Nine Lives Left" by director and writer Zacharias Mavroidis, the TV series of 52 short episodes x 11 '"My Granny is a Spy", by the French author Alban Rodriguez and British writer John Gatehouse, and the animated shorts "The Little Blue House at the Beach", by Lebanese director Nicolas Fattouh, "The Death of the Lustful Paolo and Francesca", by director and writer Nicoletta Houhouli and director and animator Eftychias Maria Kondyli, and "Fishbowl" by director and writer Daphne Xourafi.
The winner of the Pitching Forum Agora Animasyros will be announced at the closing ceremony of the Festival on September 26, and will be hosted for a month, in early 2022, at Studio Folimage, Valence, France, to create his film with the the studio facilities. The pitch coaching workshop will be led by Folimage Production Manager Catherine Blanc-Maurizi, along with Folimage director Hélène Friren.
In addition, as every year, there will be talks and discussions on current issues concerning the Animation Market. Through three Greek cases, the production of anime in Covid in Greece will be investigated. Participating in the discussion are the director Charalambos Margaritis, the historian Maria Sampatakaki, creators of the film "Places of Hellenism: Ermoupolis", the director of the film "Between", Efi Pappas, and Daphne Xourafi, director of the film "Mine".
Actress and director Akindynos Gikas will talk about Compilation and Animation, while director Joanna Quinn and journalist and animation historian Nancy Denney Phelps will talk about how Joanna got started with her animation work, about Beryl's birth, her voice, and other interesting topics.
Annecy MIFA Program Manager Geraldine Baché presents the role and contribution of the Annecy Program "Animation du Monde" to the awakening of co-producers in the Mediterranean region and shares examples and future projects.
Daphne Bechtsi and Tassos Melemenidis introduce the Agora audience to the magical world of CINOBO, the first Greek streaming platform that specializes in independent and arthouse cinema.
Vasiliki Diagouma (EKOME), Athena Kalkopoulou (Hellenic Cinema Center), George Tsemperopoulos (Hellenic Film Academy) and Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos (ASIFA HELLAS) will talk about the Greek support mechanisms for young creators.
Composer Kristian Sensini explains the process of writing music for films, the challenges and peculiarities of composition especially for animated films in relation to live-action films, and describes his collaboration with the distinguished director Signe Baumane.
The events of the Agora take place of course at the Cultural Center of Ermoupolis and are rebroadcast through the Animasyros YouTube channel.
Educational programs
Elena Pavlaki Modern's workshop "Free Besieged" is aimed at people with disabilities and deals with concepts such as equality, recognition, accessibility, and social inclusion, drawing inspiration from the great poem by Dionysios Solomos. "Moving Watercolors" with Margarita Simopoulou teach the art of animation to seniors, celebrating 200 years of the Greek revolution and bringing famous paintings to life. The children's workshop "And yet, it moves!", With Giannis Xagoraris, introduces to our little friends the art of sketching, teaching them to have… humor in every way, while teenagers can get to know the basic principles of 2D animation through the workshop "Living in the Past", by Paul Muresan. Finally, the adult workshop "Moving Freedom" will "bring to life", through the anime, a collage of symbols of freedom, inspired by the work of Greek artist Georgia Fabris, with instructor Tal Kantor.

Detailed Information about the laboratories: https://animasyros.gr/el/archives/94912 Statements to participate in [email protected] until September 18.

Parallel Events
Wednesday 22.09 to Saturday 25.09
Poseidonia- Tsiropina Villa | 18: 00-21: 00
Exhibition: "Forms of Freedom"

On the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Animation Postgraduate Program of the Department of Graphic and Visual Communication of the School of Applied Arts and Culture of the University of West Attica presents the Exhibition of 3D Modeling Studies. entitled "Forms of Freedom". The student creations are presented as augmented content of 20 smart posters, displayed in natural space and which is activated through special signage on the posters that lead to the application of augmented reality.

Saturday 25.09
Ermoupolis Cultural Center 16: 30-18: 00
Open Discussion: What has Europe done for me?

On the 40th anniversary of Greece's accession to the European Union, the head of the European Parliament in Greece, Costas Tsoutsoplidis talks with Fokionas Xenos, animator and director as well as young representatives of the animated community, provoking their views and creativity. "What has Europe done for me?" The action aims to give a boost to the Greek anime community to create a very short animated film (30 ́ ́) about the present and the future of Europe, through an animation Challenge.

Saturday 25.09 Cultural Center of Ermoupolis 12:30 CIFEJ Lifetime Award 2021

The CIFEJ Lifetime Award 2021 will be awarded this year to one of the most respected and remarkable filmmakers and festival organizers, the creator of the award-winning film "The Flea" (1990), Dimitris Spyrou.

Sunday 26.09 Ermoupolis Apollo Theater | 12: 00

Make a Game !: EKOME Student Board and Digital Game Creation Competition

In the school year 2020-21, EKOME organized the 1st Student Competition for the Creation of Table and Digital Game. Students and teachers from Greece and Cyprus found in this competition the opportunity to see their lessons with different eyes, as an occasion for play. In addition, they got the impetus to make the games they would like to play themselves, developing their own ideas, writing their own scripts with pleasure, making boards, accessories and mechanisms full of originality. This year the competition returns and invites even more student groups to register and play (their own) game!

For festival event

The official presentation of Animasyros 2021 will take place as a pre-festival event at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus on September 20, just before the start of the festival in Syros. Selected films from the competition sections of the event will be screened. Due to the limited capacity booking a place by sending an email to [email protected] she is necessary.

Useful Information

Online booking through the Eventbrite.com website is essential for screenings at the Apollo Theater.

The digital projection platform, as well as the livestream for the events of the Market are available on the main page of www.animasyros.gr.

Website: www.animasyros.gr Social Media: Animasyros @ facebook, twitter, instagram, vimeo, youtube hashtag: #Animasyros 2021

Animasyros covid free

According to the current sanitary regulations for the entrance to the indoor areas of screenings and other actions of Animasyros 2021, the spectators enter after a mandatory demonstration at the entrance: [a] vaccination certificate or [b] disease certificate issued after thirty (30) days from the first positive test and its validity lasts up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after it. The above obligations also apply to persons over 12 years of age. Minors from 5-11 years old can enter with a self-test statement. No physical presence of the parent or guardian is required. Demonstration of the above documents is not required to enter the outdoor screening areas. The use of a mask is mandatory in all areas. These conditions may be revised by the Hellenic State until the start of Animasyros 2021.

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