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Municipality of Athens: Free pediatric, ophthalmological, dental and cardiological examinations in children


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The beginning of the school year has arrived and the Municipality of Athens offers the opportunity to parents to plan for their children a completely free series of medical examinations for a school year full of health, in three Multipurpose Centers - Municipal Clinics.

Municipal Clinics have been significantly strengthened in the last two years with additional medical staff, infrastructure and a new operating model at a time when the health needs of Athenians have increased due to the pandemic. In this context, an effort is made to cover all the needs of primary care for adults, adolescents and children by recruiting basic medical specialties and constantly informing the citizens about the services provided by the Municipal Clinics under the supervision of Deputy Mayor of Health and Municipal Clinics Manolis Ka.

The services provided for children up to 16 years old are:

Δια Pediatric examination

● Ophthalmological examination (from 8 years and over)

. Dental examination

For adolescents over 14 years, there is also the possibility of a cardiological examination. For children up to 14 years old, a referral from a pediatrician should precede.

Indicatively some of the services of each specialty:

Pediatrician: Clinical examination, preventive pre-symptomatic control of infants and children, vaccination according to Ltd., individual student health card, medical certificate of participation in sports activities, electronic prescription, regular pediatric monitoring and counseling.

Dentist: Fillings, treatment of gingivitis, fluoridation of teeth, preventive restorations in children (covering holes and slits), electronic prescribing, learning oral hygiene.

Ophthalmologist: Clinical examination, visual acuity test, prescription of glasses, electronic prescription.

Cardiologist: Clinical examination, electrocardiogram, preventive pre-symptomatic examination, medical certificate of participation in sports activities, electronic prescription.

All specialties are available at the following Municipal Clinics, where you can book your appointment by phone:

1st Multipurpose Center - Municipal Clinic - Kalfopouleio Health Center

Address: 78 Solonos, Athens

Phone: 210 3626587

2nd Multipurpose Center - Municipal Clinic of Neos Kosmos

Address: Fanosthenous and Frederick Smith

Phone: 210 9239865

6th Multipurpose Center - Municipal Clinic of Kypseli

Address: Chania 4b

Phone: 210 8836200

All protection measures against Covid 19 will be strictly adhered to

● Thermometry at the entrance

. Mandatory use of a mask

. Keeping the distances

. Mandatory attendance by appointment

The operation of the Multipurpose Centers is part of the Act "Combined health and counseling services for vulnerable groups of residents of Athens - One-stop shops (Multipurpose)", implemented by the Directorate of Municipal Clinics and Public Health and co-financed by the Operational Program »2014-2020.

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