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Saturday, November 27, 2021

News bulletin at 16:00


Municipality of Athens: 14 new electronic services available to citizens

The total number of digital services of the Municipality of Athens now stands at 118 after the addition of 14 new ones, which are available as of today ...

Start School of Business in Serafio-Free digital education in 45 companies in Athens

A total of 45 small and medium enterprises operating within the borders of the Municipality of Athens have the opportunity to participate for free in the Start School of Business, ...

The face of the University changes with plane trees and marbles

The planters, the benches and the palm trees on Panepistimiou Street will be a thing of the past in a few days as the Municipal Council "turned on" the green light ...

In Pagrati the first public Japanese Garden in Greece

The Municipality of Athens created the first public Japanese Garden in Greece in the Nereid Park in Pagrati, just behind the building of the National Gallery ....

The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

A. Tsipras appeared from the Thessaloniki International Fair, ready to face the scenario of the early elections, challenging the Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis to act, as he said, "if he dares and if he has the courage" such a possibility.

"Here is Rhodes, here is the leap," he said during the press conference on this issue. He stressed that the crucial dilemma is whether the country will continue in this neo-liberal direction led by the Mitsotakis government - a government that has the face of Janos - as he characteristically said - or whether it will have a progressive government, with a specific goal and policies aimed at social cohesion. According to Mr. Tsipras's answers, the elections with the system of simple proportional representation will either give the lead to SYRIZA to form a government with a progressive sign, or due to the inability of the ND to find allies if it does not secure even this absolute majority. , then the bet will be judged on the exploratory orders.

A. Tsipras in the whole press conference referred to all the current issues, at the same time trying to deconstruct the recent commitments of K. Mitsotakis from the same step. He accused him of trying to deceive the middle class, youth, retirees and small and medium-sized businesses by making misleading promises, and stressed that the government had failed at all levels, such as vaccination.

France's relations with the United States and Australia are in crisis, following Canberra's agreement with Washington and London on the supply of nuclear-powered submarines, by which the contract for the purchase of conventional submarines from Paris was annulled. "Australia has been honest, open and honest with France and has expressed its concerns in Paris about the agreement to supply French submarines for about two years," Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said today.

In an interview with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, considered that "what happened" would affect the definition of NATO 's new strategic vision and spoke of a "serious crisis", a "serious breach of confidence" as he said.

The announcements of the National Vaccination Committee regarding the administration of the third dose of coronavirus vaccine are expected tomorrow. The Commission's decisions are expected to concern vaccination planning for people over the age of 60 and most likely those living in nursing homes.

Regarding the vaccination of children and pending the administration of vaccines by pediatricians, Professor of Pediatrics and President of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou stressed that it is important not to waste a single day. The risk, as the cases in children increase, the number of hospitalizations increases, even in Intensive Care Units, pointed out the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Freelance Pediatricians, Konstantinos Daloukas, speaking to ATHENS 9,84

A 6-year-old boy who was injured in the head during a go-kart race in the center of Patras was transported by tube to the hospital in Rio. According to local media, the accident happened when a racing kart hit the guardrails that were placed on Maizonos Street, causing the fall and injury of the child, who was watching the race from the railings.

The picture is better than the fire that broke out at noon in Fili, near the Municipal Stadium, and burns dry grass and garbage. There are 29 firefighters, with 7 vehicles, two infantry divisions and from the air 2 aircraft and a helicopter.

The fire that broke out earlier in Evia was brought under control and specifically in the area of ​​Kambia, away from a residential area.

"The issue of repayment of debts from Germany to Greece remains open and must one day find its justification," said President Katerina Sakellaropoulou from Viannos, Crete. where he attended the Holocaust commemoration events in September 1943 by the Nazi occupation troops, which executed 401 locals. Excited, Mrs. Sakellaropoulou referred to the women who gave the battle and kept - as she said - "alive the memory of the disaster, but also of the resistance to the Nazi atrocities".

Sunday of cleaning and today, with the area of ​​Pagrati being at the center of the cleaning and disinfection operation, by the competent teams of the Municipality of Athens. "The effort for a clean Athens never stops, all week and every Sunday, as today in Pagrati" writes on Facebook the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis.

In the sports news and in today's matches of the 2nd game of the Super League:

At this time Apollon Smyrni - Volos.

6 and fourth: Atromitos - Panaitolikos and


Asteras Tripolis - PAOK and

Lamia - Olympiacos.

And the weather

Local clouds in Attica, with the possibility of local rains or thunderstorms. Temperature from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.

"I am preparing to come as a pilgrim to your wonderful countries" is the Pope's message for his trip to Greece and Cyprus

With his videotaped message, Pope Francis referred in detail to his trip to Cyprus, on December 2 and 3, and to our country, ...

Molotov cocktail attack on the Acropolis Police Department

A group of people carried out an attack with Molotov cocktails at 21:50 at the Acropolis Police Department. The perpetrators fired three Molotov cocktails against the Department, resulting in ...

News bulletin at 22:00

Pandemic rates remain alarmingly high. EODY announced 5.870 new cases of coronavirus. Of these 1624 in Attica, 1019 in Thessaloniki. Nine more ...

PAS Giannina-AEK 1-2: With a goal by Sakhof in the 90 '

Great victory for AEK with a goal by Evgen Sakhof in the 90 ', who proved to be a golden change for Argyris Giannikis and gave the ...

Super League: Asteras 6-2 triumph over Atromitos, Apollon-Lamia 0-0

AEK defeated PAS Giannina in the final and thus was three points behind Olympiakos. Detailed results and score of ...

Netherlands: Omicron cases may occur on flight with 61 people from South Africa

Some of the 61 cases of Covid-19 that were identified among the passengers who arrived by air in the Netherlands from South Africa this week ...

White House: President Biden briefed on Omicron version

US President Joe Biden is being briefed on developments regarding the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus, the White House said on ...


Molotov cocktail attack on the Acropolis Police Department

A group of people carried out an attack with Molotov cocktails at 21:50 at the Acropolis Police Department. The perpetrators fired three Molotov cocktails against the Department, resulting in ...

The Christmas Factory: The largest Christmas village opened its doors in Technopolis

The happiest and safest Christmas park in the city opened its doors in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens. The Christmas Factory, the largest, safest and ...

University redevelopment projects start tomorrow - What pedestrians, drivers and passengers of MMM should know

In the early hours of Sunday, the renovation works of Panepistimiou Street, in the section between Amerikis and Sina Streets, begin. The project will be executed in parts and ...

"Athenian Book Routes": The author Alexis Stamatis introduces us to "his" Exarchia

The pioneering program "Athenian Book Routes" continues in December with new tours in the neighborhoods. The "Athenian Book Routes", the special cultural action, which the ...

"The Greek summer" by Charles Howard at the Cultural Center "Melina" of the Municipality of Athens

The solo exhibition of Charles Howard, entitled "The Greek summer", is presented by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) from December 4, 2021 ...