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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Samos: Inauguration of the new structure of asylum seekers by N. Mitarakis


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The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Noti Mitaraki, inaugurated today the modern, closed and controlled structure for the reception and accommodation of asylum seekers in Samos.

The structure is developed in an area of ​​154 acres, in the location of Zervos in the municipality of Eastern Samos and has a capacity of 3000 guests. It is surrounded by a double NATO-type security fence, in combination with the installation at the entrance of the necessary control systems. It also includes all the modern technical and functional infrastructures, in order to make a safe, controlled access installation, with upgraded living conditions of the guests but also work for the employees in it.

"Today's event marks not only the abolition of the KYT in Vathi, but a whole new period, which has as its main feature the continuous and drastic reduction - in practice - of the impact of Immigration in local communities," said the Minister of Immigration, inaugurating the new structure. and Asylum of Notis Mitarakis. "With great joy and satisfaction - the minister continued - I welcome you to the first modern, closed controlled structure, in Samos. We are doing what we have committed to in island societies. We have created a modern and safe structure for residents, employees and residents, away from the urban fabric. A structure that will offer back the lost dignity to people seeking international protection, but also the necessary conditions of detention and restraint for illegal immigrants who are to be returned - deported. And so it becomes, in front of the strict, but fair immigration policy that we implement from the first moment ".

"Today Samos, where in a few days we close the old structure in Vathi, handing over the area to the municipality and the residents and paving the way for its utilization, changes page. In a few months, Kos, Leros will follow and a little later, in 2022, Chios and Lesvos "concluded Mr. Mitarakis.

Also present at the inauguration was the Commission's Deputy Director-General for Immigration and Home Affairs, Beate Gminder, who said: "Recent events in Afghanistan remind us that a European approach to migration is needed now more than ever. "They emphasize the urgency of the progress made on the New Immigration and Asylum Pact proposed by the European Commission a year ago."

Recalling what the President of the European Commission recently said in her speech on the state of the Union, she went on to say that the pact "gives us everything we need to manage the different types of situations we face." It will provide the European Union with a common operational system for managing asylum and immigration. The new center on Samos that we are launching today is an excellent example of such a new, European approach, as it promises better, more controlled migration management. And we look forward with you to the opening of the centers in the other Aegean islands, in Kos and Leros, in Chios and in Lesvos ".

The new structure in Samos is a state-of-the-art facility, which, according to relevant announcements by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, ensures decent living conditions for the resident population, but also the proper implementation of the necessary reception and identification procedures. In addition, the installation of Closed Surveillance System (CCTV), which uses "smart" software in order to warn in time of any emergencies, is foreseen in its entirety.

The accommodation spaces are developed in 14.250 sq.m. and are divided into separate zones, while consisting of 240 houses of 25 sq.m., each with a capacity of four people per house, seven ground floor residential buildings of 500 sq.m., with a capacity of 120 people per building and two of 400 sq.m. ., each with a capacity of 120 people per building.

The placement of asylum seekers will be based on ethnic and social criteria (families, people with mobility disabilities, serious health problems, pregnant women). The budget of the project is about 43 million and has been financed 100% by the Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

Manos Logothetis, the general secretary present at the inauguration, said: "Personally, I feel joy and satisfaction for many reasons, institutional, political and personal. First, because a new modern structure begins to function, which meets the needs of the times. A European structure, not only because it was funded entirely by the European Commission, but also because it essentially meets European standards. Secondly, because we are launching a new model for Greek data. The structure of Samos will be a model and precursor, as new closed controlled structures will follow, in Kos and Leros, and then in Chios and Lesvos. The third reason is personal. I feel great emotion because, in addition to the ties that connect me to the island, I lived and worked here as a doctor and field coordinator of the Medical and Psychosocial Unit of EODY at KYT in Vathi, which closes in a few days. And in fact during the years of the great refugee crisis, from 2015 onwards. The new structure here in Samos is something we have been waiting for a long time as Samians, as Greeks, as Europeans ".

Also present at the inauguration was Panagiotis Gardelinos, general manager of the Sustainable Development Project MYTILINEOS (company that built the new structure), who said:

"We are proud that we managed to build a fully autonomous structure for our fellow human beings who were forced to leave their homelands. Within an extremely tight schedule, without any discounts on the quality of construction. It could not be done otherwise. The name of MYTILINEOS is now an international quality guarantee. With perfect know-how, long experience and responsibility, MYTILINEOS is today a leading international industrial and energy company with a dynamic presence on all five continents. It is active in the fields of electricity and natural gas, metallurgy, the development of renewable sources and energy storage and sustainable development projects ".

The New Closed Controlled Structure of Samos

The new structure for hosting third country nationals in Samos, has a usable area of ​​154 acres and is located at "Zervou" in the municipality of Eastern Samos. It has a capacity of 3000 guests, which is analyzed as follows:
1.560 people general population
240 unaccompanied minors
240 vulnerable groups, single parent families, women
960 in PROKEKA
For the communication around the perimeter, but also within the structure, an asphalt road has been constructed between the units.
The structure also provides all the necessary electromechanical installations for its safe and uninterrupted operation, such as:
Fire safety system with permanent water supply system, sprinklers, fire safety system
Power generating pairs to ensure the power supply of the structure
Drinking water treatment system
Energy saving with Hot Water (DHW) production system with VRV type heat pumps
Air conditioning, heating-cooling with VRV type heat pumps & split type
Internet access via WiFi indoors and outdoors
Management and monitoring of operation of electromechanical equipment through BMS (Building Management System) automation system
Use of LED luminaires in indoor and outdoor lighting
Biological treatment of tertiary level wastewater
Water saving by reusing the processed product of biological treatment (greywater) in cisterns and irrigation.

Within the new Closed Controlled Structure of Samos, office infrastructure has been implemented for about 400 jobs, which will cover the needs of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, the Greek Police and the other involved bodies.

In short, the business innovations of the organization of the structure, which allow the safe residence of the beneficiaries, but also of the employed staff, are:

* The organization of structure in "neighborhoods" / separate areas.
Distinct accommodation / neighborhoods for vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors / single parent families, but also general accommodation, new arrivals and quarantine area.

* In each "neighborhood" there are:
Restaurant areas with additional use as common areas and places for distribution of non-food goods
Sports facilities
Recreation areas - playgrounds
Shared washing machines
Shared kitchens
Canteens to meet needs
Multiple areas of administration and housing services such as doctor's offices, school rooms and office of psychosocial and legal services.
Green spaces cover 25% of the total areas of the structure, while all interiors are air conditioned (accommodation and administration)
Irrigation water recycling system resulting from tertiary wastewater treatment, either for use in toilets or for irrigation of the structure and surrounding reforestable areas
Adequate fire extinguishing system

The new KED in Samos is guarded by the Greek Police and by a private security company 24 hours a day with the presence of 50 uniformed personnel in each shift.

Source: RES-EAP

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