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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

News bulletin at 23:00


The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...

Municipality of Athens: In Agios Artemios the 7th "pocket" park of Athens

In Agios Artemios, in a densely populated neighborhood of Athens, also known as Gouva, the 7th in a row pocket park of the city was "born". With the...

What will the University be like after the renovation - The project in 20 questions and answers

At the end of 2021, the works for the final renovation of the University begin and are expected to be completed in 12 to 15 months. The budget ...

A new "green" neighborhood in Petralona - The network of "pocket" parks in Athens is growing

By strengthening the network of "pocket" parks, the Municipality of Athens continues to create "green" meeting points for the residents of Athens, in the context of this ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for October

INNOVATHENS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi, continues the exciting educational program of workshops and free seminars, specially designed ...

The Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga and the professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Vana Papaevangelou expressed their concern about the stagnation of the vaccination program in the age group over 55, on the contrary, they praised the students for speaking "first".

"The risk of disease is up to 10 times lower in vaccinated citizens," Ms Gaga said. Ms. Papaevangelou spoke of a recession at the moment, but pointed out that the coming weeks will show a different picture, as tests will increase.

The possibility of administering a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine in case of an outbreak of the pandemic was left open by the assistant professor of Epidemiology, Gikas Majorkinis. "The issue of the third installment in the general population is still being considered," he said.

2.322 new cases, of which 505 in Attica and 300 in Thessaloniki, EODY announced. The number of intubated patients remained high, reaching 359, while 42 ended up.

Restrictive measures in force in Kavala, Imathia, Pieria and Pella, due to the high cases, the measures are extended in Evritania and Argolida.


The Athens Prosecutor's Office requested a preliminary criminal investigation for the publication of the names of children in a kindergarten in Athens on the occasion of their republishing by the ND MP, Konstantinos Bogdanos.

As part of the investigation, which will be carried out by the prosecutor Antonis Eleftherianos, the assistance of the cybercrime service will be requested, in order to determine who committed the leak. The information in question will be sent to the competent prosecutor who will investigate whether other persons involved in the management of the file in question are involved.


France is a "vital ally" of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said tonight, a day after the announcement of a tripartite alliance between the US, Britain and Australia, which provoked the wrath of Paris.

The United States wants European countries to play an important role in the Indo-Pacific region, the US diplomat said after meeting with Australia's foreign and defense ministers.

The new alliance, called AUKUS, clearly aims to counter China's growing ambitions in the region.

Embarrassed at the same time in Brussels. After the admission of the representative of the Commission, Peter Stano, that the EU was not informed about this initiative, regretted and the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell saying that "we want to be better informed what this agreement means.

The issue of the agreement will be discussed at the next EU Summit, said European Council President Charles Michel.


IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva is involved in a scandal with "set up" World Bank reports on China's economic situation.

According to a report by law firm WilmerHale, Ms. Georgieva, who in 2017 was the World Bank's chief executive, along with a senior adviser, pressured World Bank officials to "make concrete changes to China's data over a period of time." that the World Bank was seeking Beijing's support for a major capital increase.


Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is in Athens, while French President Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Ministers of Italy and Spain Mario Draghi and Pedro Sanchez are expected to take part in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference. Culture Stavros Niarchos Foundation. From this year, Slovenia and Croatia will participate.

Prohibition of gatherings in the wider area of ​​Syntagma Square and around the Stavros Niarchos Foundation from 6 tomorrow morning until midnight, due to the Summit.

A rally has been planned for tomorrow at 7 pm by various bodies and organizations against the conference in Syntagma Square.

Modifications of Metro routes to and from the Airport, due to the arrival of high-ranking politicians at the Airport, from tomorrow until September 18, 2021, STASY announced. Details on the website of our station at www.athina984.gr


"False promises for supposedly better days to come, aimed at concealing the measures to support big business," said KKE secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas from the podium of the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair.

He blamed the current and previous governments for public health policies, saying that "the sacrifice of public health on the altar of the profits of a handful of private groups goes hand in hand with the barbaric anti-popular restructuring of the health system as a whole." .


Generally clear, tomorrow the weather in Attica. The winds will initially be weak and from noon westerly 3 to 4 Beaufort. The temperature will range from 19 to 35 degrees Celsius. 24 points at this time in the Technopolis in Gazi.

Funny news for young and old by Nikolas Tzivelekis

It seems that the events indoors are progressing extremely well with the observance of the measures against the pandemic and the theatrical audience being ...

Στε: Illegal slaughter of animals without stunning for halal-kosher products

Justification for animal welfare organizations is marked by the decision by the Council of State which ruled that the slaughter of animals in the context of religious ...

News bulletin at 18:00

EODY announced a new high record of coronavirus cases today. 4.165 new infections in the last 24 hours in our country, 25 people lost their lives, ...

Increase of viral load in the wastewater of Crete and Patras, marginal increase in Attica

A large increase is recorded in the urban wastewater of Crete and Patras, during the week from 18 to 24 October, while increasing ...

Britain: Queen Elizabeth returns to office

Queen Elizabeth met today via teleconference with new ambassadors to Britain, in her first official duties since her doctors recommended that ...

The painter Eva Divari died

The painter Eva Divari passed away on Sunday, October 24. Her burial will take place with a civil funeral in an open space on ...

Coronavirus: 4.165 new cases - 380 intubated - 25 deaths

The number of coronavirus cases exceeded 4.000, while the number of intubated patients also increased. EODY announced 4.165 new infections (yesterday 3.937). Within a day they lost ...


Municipality of Athens: Free educational programs and workshops for children 6-12 years old

The weekends of November and December combine the creation with the fun in the Creative Learning Centers of the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of ...

Municipality of Athens: The burial of Fofi Gennimata is honored and at municipal expense

The burial of Fofi Gennimata will take place at the expense of the municipality in memory of her father. This was decided by the municipal council of the municipality of Athens which ...

Episodes outside ASOEE - Unknown people light fires and set up roadblocks

Tension was caused early on Tuesday afternoon on Patision Street at the height of the University of Economics (formerly ASOE), when a group of people set fire to bins ...

The exhibition of Christos Chrysopoulos "Autobiography" at the Cultural Center "Melina" of the Municipality of Athens

The solo exhibition of Christos Chrysopoulos, entitled "Autobiography", is presented by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) from October 12 to ...

The 8th "pocket" park in Patisia is ready

Athens acquires another upgraded green space, this time in Patissia. Expanding the network of "pocket" parks in the neighborhoods of the capital, the Municipality ...