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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Ministry of Culture: Relief and support measures for those affected by the fires


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The Greek Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Development and Investment, in cooperation with the co-responsible Ministries of Interior, Infrastructure and Transport and Rural Development and Food, and the Local Government, are activating a series of measures to support households and businesses in the area. from the fires, after the declaration of the areas in a state of emergency and their designation by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


1. Suspension of tax liabilities. In areas declared a state of emergency, in order to deal with emergencies and manage the consequences of the fire, the payment of all outstanding, confirmed and overdue tax liabilities, both for businesses and individuals, will be suspended. affected for six (6) months. In particular, with the issuance of a relevant Ministerial Decision, the relevant details are provided for the extension of the deadlines for payment of the certified debts of natural and legal persons and entities of the areas - within a strict perimeter - which are affected by the fire.

2. Compensation for the basic needs of households and for household goods. The households affected by the fire will be paid, in cooperation with the municipalities, amounts of money depending on the registration of damages through the Ministry of Interior, from extraordinary funding from the Ministry of Finance. Specifically, the Ministry of Interior is responsible for the payment of compensation, which is (a) financial assistance, amounting to 600 euros, to each household whose main residence has been affected, to cover its basic needs, (b) outside this amount , damaged families with many children are supported with an additional 600 euros, (c) additional financial assistance of 600 euros is received by the affected families for each member who is a disabled person, (d) financial assistance of up to 6.000 euros per household, for the repair or replacement of household goods of the main affected house, and (e) financial assistance of 4.500 euros to people who were disabled from injuries in the natural disaster. These financial aids to natural disasters are unsecured.

3. Providing housing assistance to natural and legal persons for the restoration of buildings and building installations within the demarcated area. By Joint Ministerial Decision of the involved Ministries, the affected areas are demarcated and housing assistance is granted for the repair / reconstruction of the buildings, through the GDAEFK of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The housing assistance, which consists of 80% free state aid and 20% interest-free loan with the guarantee of the Greek State, is granted to the owners of the affected buildings for the purpose of their restoration (repair or reconstruction, depending on the damage they present). The financing of this measure comes from the Public Investment Program.

4. Business subsidy affected by the fire. According to the existing institutional framework [n. 4797/2021 (Government Gazette ΑΔ 66 / 23-04-2021)], the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the compensation of companies that have been affected by natural disasters, in cooperation with the Region, which sets up relevant committees that proceed to assess the losses in every business. In particular, the subsidy of part of the estimated damage includes the damage to buildings, mechanical equipment, raw materials, goods and damaged vehicles of the company, while in the same context are included the agricultural holdings. Thus, by promoting, in a framework of cooperation with the Region, the process of assessment of losses to enterprises and agricultural holdings, an advance on the assessed loss can be granted immediately and - after the completion of the assessment process - the final grant percentage can be granted. on the estimated damage.

5. Exemption from ENFIA. Buildings after the corresponding plot of land, which are located in areas that will be declared a state of emergency due to the fire and have been proven to be completely destroyed or functionally damaged that make them uninhabitable, may be exempted from ENFIA of the year in which the catastrophe occurred, provided that at that time the ownership or real right to the property belongs to the taxpayer of that year. In this context, the Ministry of Finance works closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to facilitate and expedite the relevant process.

6. Suspension of enforcement operations. Following a relevant provision in Law 4797/2021, a Ministerial Decision may be issued to suspend the execution of any act of enforcement on the movable or immovable property of those affected by the fire. In particular, for natural and legal persons, as well as the legal entities that are entitled to the specific measure, the execution of any enforcement act on their movable or immovable property is suspended for six (6) months, excluding the maintenance requirements. Suspension includes, in particular, the conduct of auctions, seizures, expulsions and personal detentions. During the period of the semester, the deadlines for the exercise of legal remedies and aids related to pending enforcement proceedings are suspended.

7. Regulation and suspension of insurance contributions. In cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and following the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision on delimitation to be issued, with a decision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs it may be possible to include in the process of regulation and suspension of insurance contributions the affected companies areas to be designated as affected by the fire. In particular, (a) capitalization of insurance contributions overdue until the end of the month preceding the natural disaster (after the additional fees, interest, surcharges and other charges) is provided, (b) suspension of payment of current insurance contributions for six (6) months, starting from the 1st of the month in which the natural disaster occurred (without calculation during this period of additional fees or other surcharges), and (c) installment of the due after 6 months in 12-24 monthly installments.

8. Rental / cohabitation subsidy. By joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Development and Investment and Transport and Infrastructure, a rent / housing subsidy may be granted following the demarcation of the affected areas to cover the costs of temporary housing of the permanent residents whose homes have been affected by the fire.

9. Accommodation of fire victims in hotel units. For the citizens affected by the fires, with funding - initially 300.000 euros - from the Ministry of Finance, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection immediately leases rooms in hotel units, in order to accommodate the victims.

10. Support of farmers by EL.GA. ELGA, following the extraordinary funding from the Ministry of Finance, will support the farmers, whose production was affected by the fires, while, in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, financial tools will be developed for to cover other cases of affected farmers and producers of the primary sector, which are not included in the framework of compensations of the regulation of ELGA.

The Ministry of Finance, in the context of State Aid, cooperates with all involved Ministries and agencies to promote measures to support companies affected by the fire and activates measures, within the scope of its responsibilities, to support individuals and legal entities affected by the fire. , so that the support reaches the beneficiaries at a fast pace.

Rehabilitation and Support Financing

Areas Affected by Natural Disasters:

At 1,1 billion euros the cost from January 2020 until today

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Development and Investment, through the co-responsible Ministries of Interior, Infrastructure and Transport and Rural Development and Food, have funded and included projects worth more than 1,1 billion euros to rehabilitate and support areas affected by natural disasters. disasters from January 2020 until today.


  • The Ministry of Finance has made special grants from the regular budget for compensation of victims of natural disasters through the relevant Ministries (Interior, Infrastructure and Transport and Rural Development and Food) totaling 352,1 million euros from January 2020, 4 to January 2021. August 209,6, of which € 2020 million were disbursed in 142,5 and € 2021 million in XNUMX.
  • Under the Public Investment Program (PDP) of the Ministry of Development and Investment to Regions and Ministries, new rehabilitation and support projects have been included in areas affected by natural disasters totaling 787,2 million euros from January 2020 to the first half of 2021 , of which EUR 398,9 million in 2020 and EUR 388,3 million in the first half of 2021. The resources already disbursed for natural disasters by the EDP from January 2020 to the first half of 2021 amount to 269,5 , EUR 156,7 million, of which EUR 2020 million in 112,8 and EUR 2021 million in the first half of XNUMX.
  • In the context of the utilization of the resources of account 128/75 to cover the interest rate subsidy for the housing assistance, 3,2 million euros have been allocated by the Ministry of Finance.
  • In addition, the Ministry of Finance has provided emergency assistance to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSPA) from the regular reserve in 2021 with 45,5 million euros for preventive forest protection expenditures. Indicatively, it is mentioned that, following the bad weather "MEDIA", the Ministry of Finance strengthened the GGP with 14,6 million euros for expenses for forest clearing and removal of flammable materials. In addition, € 2,8 million was disbursed for the smooth operation of the 112 centers of the European Emergency Number Unit of the National Coordination Center for Operations and Crisis Management. An additional 3 million euros from the regular reserve were given to cover the costs of drilling fire brigades and the supply of open type - large volume water tanks and the supply of tracks, tires for the maintenance of the motorized fleet of the Fire Brigade. In addition, 17 million euros were disbursed from the reserve to cover the rental costs of eleven (11) additional volatile forest firefighting equipment and 8,1 million euros to cover the overtime costs of the Fire Brigade.

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