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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Traffic regulations in Attica due to the fire


Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

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The INNOVATHENS program for September

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Program for the prevention of child abuse in the kindergartens of the Municipality of Athens

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Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

With the announcement of the Traffic Police, the traffic of the vehicles was stopped, due to the re-ignitions in Varybobi.

At the following points:

1. L. Kymis from Hydrangea Street downstream to Varybobi.
2. Varybobi - Eritrea junction in the current to Varybobi.
3. Tatoiou from Parnithos street (tavern To Hani) downstream to Varybobi.
4. Tatoiou from L. Kymis in the stream to Varybobi.
5. Kryoneri Avenue from its junction with the opening road to the stream to the cemetery.
6. Hippocrates from its contribution to Aristogeitonos Street.
7. E.O. Malakasa Oropos staircase from its junction with Cavafy Street.
8. Parnithos from its contribution with Agias Triados Street.
9. Drosopigi from the height of the Athens-Lamia SE in the stream to Drosopigi.
10. Tatoiou from its junction with Erythreas Street in the current to Varybobi.

Traffic regulations in Attica due to the fire - Suspension of tolls on Attiki Odos for the fire-affected areas

Nea Odos informed, with its announcement, that due to a fire in the wider area of ​​Varybombi and following a traffic order, a total cessation of traffic is taking place in the section of the ATE highway from the Kalyftakis Junction Junction to the Oinos Junction Junction.

He also states that drivers heading to Lamia will be required to leave at Kalyftakis Airport, while those moving to Athens will be required to leave for Oinofyta Airport.

At the side toll station of Inofyta, as he notes, a suspension of toll collection has been implemented.

Nea Odos assures that it has taken all the necessary measures and asks drivers to comply with the relevant signs and traffic instructions.

TRAINOSE: The routes in the section Athens-Chalkida-Athens are abolished until recently

Due to the traffic stop at the Athens-Oinoi railway section, routes 52 and 884, tomorrow, August 6, will be operated by buses from Athens to Oinoi and from Oinoi by train, as announced by TRAINOSE.

Also, the itineraries in the section Athens-Chalkida-Athens are abolished until recently, according to the same announcement.


Dimitris Perros, APE-BPE

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