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Monday, September 20, 2021

2020 Olympic Games: With Serbia or Montenegro the national polo


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One match before the end of the group stage, the eight teams that will continue in the men's polo in the quarterfinals came out. All that remains is to see the crossroads, with the National Men's Polo Team on the way to the quartet competing with either the golden Olympian Serbia or Montenegro!

Following the completion of the 4th round, the eight teams that will participate in the knockout quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament have been finalized: Greece, Italy, Hungary, USA, Spain, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Greece is playing the USA in the last match and whatever happens will be first or second in Group A. We remind you that in the last match they play Italy-Hungary in the other big derby. Even if Greece loses to the USA and Hungary wins Italy, the "Hungarians" will be first and in the draw between Greece and Italy, the "blue and white" will be above the neighbors because in the premiere they beat Hungary! The USA and to win the National do not reach the ranking.

The essence is that the National Team of Greece will be first or second in Group A. Thus, it will face the third or fourth of the other group, which will be Serbia or Montenegro, which will face each other in the final of the group stage. In Group B, Croatia only wants a victory to steal the first place from Spain.

Essentially on Tuesday (2/8) we will have four… finals that will judge the cross matches. Greece - USA, Italy - Hungary in Group A and Spain - Croatia, Serbia - Montenegro in Group B.

Just note that Serbia - Montenegro is after Greece - USA.

Detailed results and scores:


Last match (2/8): Hungary - Italy, GREECE - USA, Japan - South Africa

The standings (4 matches)

1. Greece 7

2. Italy 7

3. Hungary 6

4. USA 4

5. Japan 0

6. South Africa 0

Last match (2/8): Spain - Croatia, Montenegro - Serbia, Australia - Kazakhstan

The score
(4 matches)

1. Spain 8

2. Croatia 6

3. Montenegro 4

4. Serbia 4

5. Australia 2

6. Kazakhstan 0

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