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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Coronavirus: 2.760 cases, 172 intubated, 17 deaths


Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

The INNOVATHENS program for September

With a specially designed according to the needs of the market and the trends of modern business, INNOVATHENS inaugurates the educational season, the node ...

Program for the prevention of child abuse in the kindergartens of the Municipality of Athens

With the aim of preventing and dealing with child abuse begins in September 2021, the implementation of a special program of Terre des hommes Hellas in ...

"Art on the road, let's visit the museums": The new campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and Interbus

The arts are an integral part of the cultural identity of Athens and part of the daily life of its inhabitants. The Municipal Authority follows a new strategy that ...

Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

The new laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease recorded in the last 24 hours are 2.760, of which 12 were identified after checks at the country's gates.

The total number of cases amounts to 493.304 (daily change + 0.6%), of which 51.2% are men. Based on the confirmed cases of the last 7 days, 138 are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 1.865 are related to an already known case.

The number of patients treated by intubation is 172 (64.0% men). Their median age is 65 years. 82.6% have an underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2.808 patients have been discharged from the ICU. The admissions of new Covid-19 patients in the hospitals of the territory are 151 (daily change -27.05%). The average seven-day admission is 172 patients. The median age of cases is 41 years (range 0.2 to 106 years), while the median age of death is 78 years (range 0.2 to 106 years).

The new deaths of patients with COVID-19 are 17, while since the beginning of the epidemic a total of 12.965 deaths have been recorded. 95.2% had underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older. Tested samples: From January 1, 2020 until today, in the laboratories that perform tests for the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and that systematically state the total of the samples tested, a total of 5.810.257 clinical samples have been tested while from Health Units and Ladders of EODY that carry out Rapid Ag tests have tested 6.994.090 samples. The seven-day average is 89.114 sample checks.

Self-tests: As of July 30, 2021, 30.289.211 statements of self-tests have been recorded electronically, while 807.943 people came for re-examination.

Bulk Sampling of EODY: On July 30, 2021, 142 sampling actions were carried out by the Mobile Health Teams (KOMY) of EODY, in which 33.583 Rapid Ag tests were performed and 524 positive (1,56%) were found.

Geographical distribution of casesν

104 cases in the Prefecture of Eastern Attica

132 cases in the North Sector of Athens

34 cases in the Prefecture of West Attica

127 cases in the Western Sector of Athens

238 cases in the Central Sector of Athens

145 cases in the Southern Sector of Athens

142 cases in P.E. Piraeus

26 cases in P.E. Νήσων

258 cases in P.E. Thessaloniki

12 cases in P.E. Etoloakarnania

2 cases in P.E. Androu

17 cases in P.E. Argolida

13 cases in P.E. Of Arcadia

6 cases in P.E. Arta

77 cases in P.E. Of Achaia

22 cases in P.E. Βοιωτίας

1 case in P.E. Grevena

15 cases in P.E. Drama

29 cases in P.E. Evros

45 cases in P.E. Of Evia

2 cases in P.E. Evritania

24 cases in P.E. Zakynthos

16 cases in P.E. Of Ilia

24 cases in the prefecture of Imathia

166 cases in Heraklion

5 cases in P.E. I'll

7 cases in P.E. Thesprotia

10 cases in P.E. Θήρας

1 case in P.E. Ikaria

19 cases in P.E. Ioannina

16 cases in P.E. Kavala

2 cases in P.E. Kalymnos

7 cases in P.E. Karditsa

3 cases in P.E. Kastoria

38 cases in P.E. Corfu

1 case in P.E. Of Kefallinia

10 cases in P.E. Kilkis

31 cases in Kozani Prefecture

44 cases in P.E. Corinth

15 cases in P.E. Kos

12 cases in P.E. Laconia

64 cases in the Prefecture of Larissa

19 cases in P.E. Lassithi

9 cases in P.E. Lesvos

10 cases in P.E. Lefkada

2 cases in P.E. Lemnos

14 cases in P.E. Magnesia

27 cases in P.E. Of Messinia

1 case in P.E. Μήλου

27 cases in P.E. Mykonos

14 cases in P.E. Naxos

12 cases in P.E. Xanthi

23 cases in P.E. Paros

17 cases in P.E. Pella

22 cases in P.E. Pieria

13 cases in P.E. Preveza

46 cases in P.E. Of Rethymno

5 cases in P.E. Rodopi

91 cases in the prefecture of Rhodes

4 cases in P.E. Samos

7 cases in P.E. Serres

3 cases in P.E. Sporades

5 cases in P.E. Syros

7 cases in P.E. Of Tinos

11 cases in P.E. Trikala

25 cases in P.E. Fthiotida

19 cases in P.E. Florina

2 cases in P.E. Φωκίδας

35 cases in P.E. Of Halkidiki

116 cases in P.E. Chania

13 cases in P.E. Chios

181 cases under investigation.


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20 dancers in Agia Irini Square for an action-tribute to Mikis Theodorakis

Flux Laboratory Athens on the occasion of World Peace Day organizes a dance action - a tribute to the leading composer Mikis Theodorakis. World Peace Day ...

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