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Sunday, October 17, 2021

The fire in Stamata and Rodopoli is in decline - 4 apprehensions of suspects


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The fire that broke out today in Stamata, Rodopoli and Dionysos is in decline. Authorities proceeded with four apprehensions of suspects. Extremely strong fire brigades remain on alert. Houses, warehouses and cars have already been damaged.

"At the moment, the fire seems to be in a recession with many more outbreaks," said Nikos Hardalias, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection. Mr. Hardalias started the briefing by saying that the fire broke out near the Statamas Cemetery and the winds that were blowing were 6 with a tendency of 7 beauforts. The fire was moving in settlements and houses. The situation was difficult and painful, he continued, noting that 310 firefighters, 110 vehicles, 12 helicopters, 9 planes including the Berier-200 and many volunteers and voluntary organizations are taking part in the firefighting.

Finally, he noted that the operation is coordinated by the head of the fire brigade, St. Kolokouris while 4 suspects have already been brought in for arson.

M. Chrysochoidis: Very soon there will be conclusions about the causes of the fire

Immediate mobilization and targeting was the intervention of all operational and political forces to extinguish the fire in the area of ​​Dionysos-Stamata, according to the Minister of Defense Michalis Chrysochoidis. As he said "we were all here Ή It was a difficult fire that was transported from area to area by air with the result that it spread very quickly and new fronts were created". Mr. Chrysochoidis also said that Fire Department investigates the cause of the fire and will soon come to conclusions.

"We are all here and we will protect with absolute dedication the environment, forests and settlements and of course human lives", the minister pointed out and appealed to the citizens to be especially careful in the coming days as there is a high risk of fires.

Earlier, precautionarily The settlement "Galini" and the summer camps of Rodopolis and Kargakos were evacuated. The Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias put in a state of maximum readiness EKAB and health structures in Northeastern Attica.

"Strong fire brigades are doing what is possible," Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, spokesman for the Fire Brigade, told the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

New message of 112 to the residents for readiness

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection sent an urgent warning to those in the areas of Stamata, Rodopolis, Ekali, Drosia and Dionysos, Attica, to close chimneys, windows, doors so that the heat does not penetrate inside the house.

"If you are in the area of ​​Stamata, Rodopolis, Ekali, Drosia and Dionysos, Attica, close chimneys, windows, doors so that the heat does not penetrate inside the house. Stay alert and follow the instructions of the authorities. "Forest fire in your area", the GGP warning states.

Earlier, another message was sent by 112 from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection regarding the large fire that is ongoing in Stamata. "If you are in the wider area of ​​Stamata and Rodopolis, Attica, stay on standby and follow the instructions of the Authorities", states the urgent warning from 112 for the fire in Stamata.


Earlier, due to the fire in Stamata, EL.AS. proceeded to the cessation of traffic on Makariou Street, from Drosias - Stamata Avenue and on Agiou Ioannou Street, from Constantinople.

68 firefighters rushed to the scene and are operating with 22 vehicles, 3 groups of pedestrians, while 4 aircraft and 5 helicopters are assisting from the air.

Fire in Byron too

The fire that broke out at noon in low vegetation, on the Arabi hill at the foot of Mount Hymettus, is under complete control.

Dimitris Perros, Viktoras Antonopoulos, Nina Komninou


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