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Friday, September 17, 2021

Pensions, retroactive, benefits: Payments from today until July 30


Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

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The INNOVATHENS program for September

With a specially designed according to the needs of the market and the trends of modern business, INNOVATHENS inaugurates the educational season, the node ...

Program for the prevention of child abuse in the kindergartens of the Municipality of Athens

With the aim of preventing and dealing with child abuse begins in September 2021, the implementation of a special program of Terre des hommes Hellas in ...

"Art on the road, let's visit the museums": The new campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and Interbus

The arts are an integral part of the cultural identity of Athens and part of the daily life of its inhabitants. The Municipal Authority follows a new strategy that ...

Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

About 2,5 billion euros to 5,6 million beneficiaries will be paid from today 26 to 30 July, according to the planning of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, e-EFKA and OAED.


The following payments will be made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the period 26-30 July:

- Today, Monday, July 26, a payment of 248.163 euros will be made for 19 beneficiaries of Culture (theaters). Over the next week, payments to them will continue depending on the rate of clearance of grants.

-On Friday, July 30, the following payments will be made:

a) Approximately 19 million euros will be paid to 45.041 beneficiaries as special purpose compensation for June to employees with the right of mandatory re-employment in the tourism sector, following the submission of unilateral responsible declarations.

b) € 10,9 million will be paid to 20.683 beneficiary Artists, Tourist Guides and Guides

c) 1,3 million euros will be paid to 5.023 employees included in the Mechanism "SYN-ERGASIA" for payment of financial support for short-term work for the months January 2021-May 2021.

The following payments will be made from e-EFKA in the period 26-30 July:

Regular payments

- Today, Monday, July 26, 509,1 million euros will be paid to 1,073,926 beneficiaries for the main and auxiliary August pensions of pensioners from the former IKA-ETAM, Banks and OTE, whose AMKA expires in 1 , 3, 5, 7.

-On Tuesday, July 27, 509,4 million euros will be paid to 1,074,772 beneficiaries for the main and auxiliary pensions of August of the pensioners coming from the former IKA-ETAM, the Banks and OTE whose AMKA expires in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

-On Wednesday, July 28, 470 million euros will be paid to 855.034 beneficiaries for the main and auxiliary August pensions of retirees from the former institutions OAEE, OGA and EBRD).

-On Thursday, July 29, 553,2 million euros will be paid to 912,825 beneficiaries for main and auxiliary August pensions of state pensioners and former entities NAT, ETAT, ETAP-MME and PPC.

-During the whole week, 17 million euros will be paid to 610 beneficiaries following the issuance of one-off decisions.

-Finally, 15.500 euros will be paid to 35 beneficiaries for inheritance benefits of supplementary pension

Retroactive payments

-As it has already been announced by the administration of e-EFKA, on Tuesday 27 July they will be paid retroactively from the application of law 4760/2020 (private sector retirees who submitted a retirement application after 13 May 2016).

-On Thursday, July 29, they will be paid retroactively from the adjustment of replacement percentages of Law 4670/20 (public pensioners).

A new update from e-EFKA will follow for the details of the payments.

Extraordinary Payments

-On Thursday, July 29, 11,5 million euros will be paid to 28.500 beneficiaries for pension advances in August 2021, based on law 4778/2021

The following payments will be made by OAED:

-8 million euros to 21.000 beneficiaries for the payment of unemployment benefits and other benefits

-22 million euros to 8.500 beneficiaries under subsidized employment programs

-5,5 million euros to 8.000 mothers for a subsidized maternity leave.

-7 million euros for Public Benefit Programs (payment of contributions to institutions)

Finally, the following payments will be made by OPEC on Friday, July 30:

-175 million euros to 755.000 beneficiaries for family benefits

-72 million euros to 172.000 beneficiaries for disability benefits (disability and alimony)

-50,5 million euros to 230.244 beneficiaries for Minimum Guaranteed Income

-29,8 million euros to 243.246 beneficiaries for housing allowance

-12 million euros to 12.144 beneficiaries for childbirth

-11,2 million euros to 34.916 beneficiaries for uninsured elderly benefits

-23,5 million euros to 125.000 beneficiaries as a contribution of the State to loans of the "BRIDGE" Program (due to COVID-19)

-232.640 euros to 6.601 beneficiaries for expatriate-refugee allowance

-296.382 euros to 920 beneficiaries for housing assistance allowance

-90.000 euros to 200 beneficiaries for sponsorship allowance

-129.103 euros to 129 beneficiaries for funeral expenses of the uninsured

-170.000 euros to 2.800 beneficiaries as a contribution of the State to loans (protection of main residence)

Source: RES

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