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Friday, September 17, 2021

All Greece a Culture - Program from July 26 to August 1


Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

The INNOVATHENS program for September

With a specially designed according to the needs of the market and the trends of modern business, INNOVATHENS inaugurates the educational season, the node ...

Program for the prevention of child abuse in the kindergartens of the Municipality of Athens

With the aim of preventing and dealing with child abuse begins in September 2021, the implementation of a special program of Terre des hommes Hellas in ...

"Art on the road, let's visit the museums": The new campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and Interbus

The arts are an integral part of the cultural identity of Athens and part of the daily life of its inhabitants. The Municipal Authority follows a new strategy that ...

Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

A rich cultural program with 140 events of theater, music, dance, visual arts, children's and musical theater includes the events of the Ministry of Culture throughout Greece from July 26 to August 1.

There is a beach under the asphalt

26 & 27 July // Archaeological Site of Ancient Olynthos, Halkidiki // time 20:30

A "zur fix" in a makeshift pocket park. Four women with the lights and sounds of the city a little far away. The two are rehearsing music. The other two talk to each other.
Four women who, after a prolonged confinement, need to find a new walk. A meeting that starts with 2 hats for a party and ends with a sharing: experiences, movement, watering, play, violence, song, chocolates, hugs.
An evening dedicated to everyday life that starts again, to the "normal" that it never is, to the city that does not love girls, to what it is like to be a woman in a society made of men. A confession about the lives they lived, from the girls who flirt, to what they want but do not… yet.

Text - Direction: Konstantina Voulgari
Scenes: Maria Kalamara
Costumes: Gina Iliopoulou
Movement - Choreography: Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
Lighting: Ioannis Vollellis
Sound recording: Zisis Tona
Actors: Ioanna Kolliopoulou, Denia Stasinopoulou
Music - Song: Miss Tricolor, Katerina Papachristou
AMKE: Friends of Andros Festival

Φαέθων λυόμενος / Phaethon Safeand Secure

July 27 & 28 // Ancient Pella // time 19:15

A high-speed course of violent adulthood. A sinking into the darkness of the mythical "I".
On the occasion of the fragmentarily surviving tragedy "Phaethon", the director Konstantinos Markellos presents a post-dramatic representational project where the torn work of Euripides, a fragment of a wider intertextual mosaic of speech and music, is only the first syllable for impossible and the potential cost of exceeding.
The extensions of the Myth of Phaethon and the unrelated plot of the homonymous Euripides work meet in an intermediate field of dialogue, where the characters and motives of the drama are replaced by the dispersion of meaning and self-referentiality. The myth of Phaethon is finally "reconstituted" with the help of real life, and life confesses the Myth expecting a new - and feasible - kind of Purification.

Texts: George Blanas, Konstantinos Markellos and the troupe
Dramaturgy, direction: Konstantinos Markellos
Original music, Vocal teaching: Henri Kergomar
Choreography, Movement: Eva Georgitsopoulou
Sets, objects, costumes: George Vafias
Actors: Eleni Vlachou, Mikes Glykas, Konstantinos Markellos, Errikos Miliaris, George Savvidis
AMKE: The Famous Little Circus

Life in Ruins

28 & 29 July // B Ancient Theater Larissa // time 21:00

The artistic vision is the dialogue of four Arts: Music, Literature, Poetry, Visual Arts. The multi-layered vehicle, full of emotions, their thread, is the "transfer" of the spectators to some of the Peaks of History.
The actor Gerasimos Skiadaresis, the mezzo-soprano Margarita Syggeniotou, the pianist Titos Gouvelis and the artist Sofia Florou Arvanitis narrate some of the most crucial moments of human civilization (eg World War II, Great War) in Pandros. - a reminder of the greatness but also of the mortality of the human race.

Narrator: Gerasimos Skiadaresis
Song: Margarita Syggeniotou
Piano: Titos Gouvelis
Scenography / Visual Arts: Sofia Florou Arvanitis
Drama editing: Margarita Syggeniotou, Angela Tsiftsi
Lighting design: Costas Bethanis
Sound design: Panagiotis Chountas
Directed by: Marilena Katranidou
AMKE: Affekt

On The Need For Breathing, After Pandemic Futures

28 & 29 July // Galerian Complex of Thessaloniki // time 20:30
July 15 - September 5 (duration of art installations)

The artistic action "On the Need for Breathing, After Pandemic Futures" presents two different performances on July 28 and 29. The first is entitled "The Ruins within me και" and is about the artistic performance of Angelos Skourtis, while the second is called "Asymptote", is a dance performance and is presented in original music by Konstantinos Bakoyannis. At the same time, these two performances are framed by three artistic installations: "The Threshold" by Mary Rousioti, "The Vows" by Nadia Skordopoulou and "Iasi Columns" by Viveta Christouli, which will be exhibited at the Galerian Complex of Thessaloniki from 15 September 5.
All actions draw stimuli from the ancient Asclepieia and their dynamics as active symbols of historical memory associated with healing. On the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic, the action attempts to update our contact with our cultural past, to plan our post-pandemic future.
Starting with ancient medical texts (Galinos) and ideological and philosophical conceptions of the ancient Greeks about health, the action "Necessity of Breathing - After Pandemic Futures" is a commentary and aesthetic rupture in the "city of inclusion" that has arisen .

28/7 & 29/7/2021 (events)
"The Ruins inside me…" (artistic performance): Angelos Skourtis
"Asymptote" (dance performance): Areti Athanasopoulou, Alexandra Georgovasili, Zoe Mastrotheodorou (dancers)
Konstantinos Bakogiannis (sound composition)

15 / 7-5 / 9/2021 (duration of art installations)
"The Threshold" (art installation): Mary Rousioti
"Vows" (art installation): Nadia Skordopoulou
"Iasi Columns" (art installation): VivetaChristouli
AMKE: POWWOW Art and Culture Area

Pandora's box

July 30 & 31 // Osman Shah Mosque - Trikala: Courtyard // time 21:15

On the occasion of the thematic axis "Mythology", going through the art of theater and photography, a documentary interpretation is attempted, combining the myth of Hesiod with the timeless sufferings of humanity. Pandora's box deals with the spread of suffering in the world due to wrong choices, either out of ignorance or expediency, and serves as an occasion for introspection and redefinition of values. The modern "calamities" that affect the lives of everyone and especially teenagers become the occasion for new thinking that will give hope to humanity.
Two women share and compete for their space in a dystopian environment and move between myth, history and their own reality on the occasion of images-photos that bring out unpleasant situations and audio-documents that go through the story and are heard through a transistor. , which functions as a modern Pandora Box.
Based on the narrative theater, a performance is created that connects the ancient monument and the myth with modern depictions.

Text: Vicky Thalassinou
Directed by: Ioanna Roussou
Assistant director: Dora Thomopoulou
Dramatologist: Leonidas Papadopoulos
Sets - Costumes: Rania Antipa
Photo video: Mirela Sdoukou
Cast: Vicky Thalassinou, Dora Thomopoulou
Lights - Sound: Nikos Bakovasilis
AMKE: LaStrada

Kefalonian stories

30 & 31 July // Castle of Agios Georgios Kefalonia // time 21:15

The play takes its title from the book of the same name by Spyros A. Skiadaresis. The mysteries and thoughts of Andreas Laskaratos meet with his own stories.
Skiadaresis, with respect to the Kefalonian intellectual peculiarity, is inspired by life and tradition. All his Stories have a true core. In idiomatic language, it describes customs, places and people of Kefalonia of the late 19th century and early 20th. Respectively, Laskaratos, a disobedient spirit and a penetrating mind, sometimes imitates and sometimes denounces the social morals of his compatriots, armed with his fresh humor, satire and spiritual acumen.
With the music of the show performed live on stage by the composer and the actors, the works of the two authors come to life in the Castle of Agios Georgios, conversing with the Ionian tradition and today.

Compositions-Direction: Giannis Anastasakis
Stage design-Costumes: Loukia Minetou
Music: Costas Charitatos
Lighting design: Giannis Zervas
Actors: Nikoleta Vlavianou, Maria Tsima, Amalia Arseni, Kyriakos Markatos

Pythia - The Dance of Prophecy

July 31 & August 1 // Roman Agora - Delphi Archaeological Site // time 21:15

The figure of Pythia retains its enigmatic and secret character throughout the centuries. In the minds of the people it has been registered as a symbol of the ecstatic fortune teller and devoted priestess of Apollo. The actors of the play "Pythia - The Dance of Prophecy" are inspired by the prophetic mania, oracles and ritual of Pythia and create a show that explores the characteristics of its nested state, through the codes of dance, theater and music.
Pythia has in the past been a source of inspiration for painters and poets. The Castalia spring, the laurel, the tripod on which it sat, the gas from the ground gap, etc. offer a unique imagery. However, it is one of the rare times that the figure of Pythia comes to life in a dance theater performance.

What oracles would he give today?

Direction-Drama: Dimitris Tsiamis
Choreography: Eleni Chatzigeorgiou & Sara Toscano
Music composition: Vassilios Economidis
Set Design-Costume Design: Niki Psychogiou
Lighting design: Evina Vasilakopoulou
Assistant directors: Tina Memou, Eva Tzanakaki
Performers: Eleni Chatzigeorgiou, Sara Toscano, Dimitris Tsiamis, Vassilios Economidis
AMKE: Per-Theater-Formance

Worldwide shipping and order information

The events are offered free of charge by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. A reservation is required for a position on the special platform of the Ministry of Culture. The reservation is mandatory. The only price is the ticket to enter any place where there is.

Detailed information, program and reservations on the website: https://digitalculture.gov.gr/

We note that spectators should follow the instructions and recommendations of the Committee of Experts COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health for safe attendance at archaeological sites and museums, in accordance with applicable K.Y.A ..

The use of a non-medical mask is essential throughout the event.

For safety reasons and to avoid delays and overcrowding, it is recommended to arrive early, 1 - 1,5 hours before the start of the event.
Once started, entry will not be allowed.

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