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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Ministry of Culture: 1.015.000 euros for productions of classical and modern dance groups


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Grants totaling 1.015.000 euros are announced today by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, following an invitation from the Ministry of Culture, through the Register of Cultural Institutions, on January 7, 2021, for the implementation of classical and modern dance producers with annual programming 2021-2022 and biennial programming 2021 2023.

The total amount of 815.000 euros is available for the subsidy of classical and modern dance groups of one-year planning 2021-2022, while the amount of 200.000 euros is available for the subsidy of classical and modern dance groups of two-year planning 2021-2023.

Regarding the institution of grants for classical and contemporary dance, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has the following objectives:

- The strengthening of the Greek choreographic creation and the Greek dance community.

- Supporting the work of young creators.

- The encouragement of the collaborations of the Greek dance groups with bodies of Greece or abroad, for the research, production, presentation and promotion of their work.

- Job creation.

- Encouraging creative collaborations between artists and innovative collaborations as well as cross-sectoral groups.

- Audience development.

- The support of actions of social, cultural and educational character that build and expand the dance audience and offer the possibility of access to works of high artistic quality, education and substantial participation.

- The familiarization and participation of children and young people in culture.

- Promoting inclusiveness, accessibility and participation in culture, with an emphasis on vulnerable social groups.

- The fight against stereotypes and discrimination, the acceptance of diversity as well as the strengthening of social solidarity and cohesion.

- The strengthening of models of cultural management, planning, production and promotion / dissemination of sustainable cultural actions.

- The development of actions in the region, with the aim of supporting and utilizing local cultural institutions, contributing to economic revitalization and job creation.

- Support with other forms of economic activity, such as tourism, the production of initiatives that promote cooperation, etc.

The Advisory Committee consists of:

- Christiana Galanopoulou, Art historian, artistic director of the MIR Festival

- Trousa Efrosini Marina Christina, artistic director Arc for Dance Festival, Dance Cultural Center Unitiva

- George Voudiklari, theater and dance critic

- Alkalai Nina, dance theorist

- Tzartzani Ioanna, dance theorist

- Margarita Alexomanolaki, Head of the Department of Performing Arts & Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as a non-voting speaker, replaced by Anna Kalafataki, Head of the Theater and Dance Department,

studied in detail the proposals of producers eighty six (86) organizations that were submitted on time, at the Portal of Cultural Institutions of the Ministry of Culture for the year 2021. Of the 86 organizations, sixty nine (69) come from Attica and seventeen (17) groups come from the Region . For the two-year planning, sixteen (16) requests were submitted by thirteen (13) teams from Attica and three (3) teams from the Region. A total of seventy (70) organizations submitted grant applications for the one-year planning. Of these, fifty six (56) teams come from Attica and fourteen (14) teams come from the Region.

The committee unanimously recommended, based on the criteria set by the invitation, the grant to a total of thirty two (32) bodies.


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