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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tassos Nerantzis, former MP and deputy minister of ND, died


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Tassos Nerantzis, a New Democracy MP in B 'Piraeus for a number of years and a member of the Costas Karamanlis governments, passed away on Sunday morning, after 2004.

Tassos Nerantzis was born in Nikaia, Piraeus, studied law at the University of Athens and practiced law. He was the Greek junior table tennis champion in 1958, with HAN Nikaia.

He was a founding member of New Democracy and was elected for the first time as a member of parliament in the region of B 'Piraeus with the same party in the parliamentary elections of 1974. He was re-elected in November 1989, and in 1993. Since then he was continuously re-elected until the June 2012 elections.

He had served as Secretary-General and Vice-President of Parliament as well as a member of the committee for the revision of the Constitution and the committee of inquiry for Siemens. Until 2014 he was chairman of the Parliamentary Institutions and Transparency Committee.

In the government of Konstantinos Karamanlis, he served as Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications (March 10, 2004 - February 15, 2006) as well as Deputy Minister of Development (February 15, 2006 - September 19, 2007).

Condolences to the Speaker of Parliament 

His grief for the loss of the former MP of BD Piraeus of N.D. and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Tasos Nerantzis, said the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Konstantinos Tassoulas.

Mr. Tassoulas stated: "With deep sorrow we say goodbye to Tassos Nerantzis, a politician with a long and important career, a founding member of the ND, MP for a number of years, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Deputy Minister of Development. With devotion, diligence and consistency he represented in the Parliament his fellow citizens of the NW Region of Piraeus, who elected him in nine electoral contests. Tassos Nerantzis adorned the Greek Parliament, which served with a special ethos from different positions, as he was General Secretary, Vice President, Chairman of the Parliamentary Institutions and Transparency Committee and a member of the Committee for the revision of the Constitution. I express my deepest condolences to his family and friends. "

Mitsotakis: We sadly say goodbye to one of the founding members of the party

"The New Democracy family is sadly saying goodbye to one of the founding members of the party, Tassos Nerantzis. In his long political career and from all the party and government positions and public positions he served, Tassos Nerantzis showed morality, diligence, consistency. For the commitment to these authorities, the citizens of B 'Piraeus, chose him 9 times to represent them in Parliament. I express my warmest condolences to his family "said the Prime Minister and President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the loss of Tassos Nerantzis.

Antonis Samaras: A nice man passed away

The former Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, expresses his heartfelt condolences for the death of the former minister and MP of New Democracy, Anastasios Nerantzis, in a written statement.

The statement of Antonis Samaras states in detail the following:

"A friend, a competitor, a nice man passed away. Tasos will be missing in Parataxis and Piraeus, which he loved so much. And above all, to his family and relatives, to whom I express my heartfelt condolences ".

Warm condolences from the Minister. Foreign 

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias expresses his deepest condolences for the loss of Anastasios Nerantzis to his family.

A. Nerantzis consistently served in his principles in governments of ND, of which he was a founding member, as well as in its Parliamentary Group, as a Member of Parliament for B 'Piraeus for a number of years, Nikos Dendias points out via Twitter.

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