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Thursday, August 5, 2021

See the line up for the renewed Gazarte terrace


Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

The green renovation of the "lower" Syntagma square

Syntagma Square is the urban geometric place on the borders of the ancient city and in the center of modern Athens. It leads us through Ermou ...

The different summer of the children in Athens - All the programs of the Municipality of Athens

Summer, child and city. A difficult combination? In the Municipality of Athens, not so much! Creative, participatory, educational, artistic and very enjoyable are the programs that ...

With a pavilion inspired by the meeting of Oedipus with the Sphinx, the Prefecture of Boeotia displays the Archaeological Museum of Thebes on its pedestrian street ...

The Prefecture of Boeotia promotes the Archaeological Museum of Thebes in the center of Athens! The Region of Central Greece - Regional Unit of Viotia, in collaboration with the Ephorate ...

The INNOVATHENS training program for July

INNOVATHENS, the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, presents for the month of July a specially designed program of workshops, adapted to the trends ...

Η United We Fly, returns to live action and presents the new series of concerts Upstairs Sessions on its cool and renewed terrace Gazarte from June 27!

After the two Taste the Music in the Anglican Church of St. Pavlou but also REMISSION, United We Fly has prepared a line up - proposal, with favorite and familiar artists but also with names - surprise. A series of concerts with domestic artists in headline shows and double bills, the vast majority of which present the albums that were released or recorded in the prolonged quarantine we experienced. In the renewed space of Gazarte, in the heart of the city, under the starry sky of Athens, we are waiting for you in the mood and with the clothes of those who were deprived for so many months!

The first names of the line up follow

27/6, Upstairs Session: The Big Nose Attack - George Gaudy

Big Nose Attack meets George Gaudy and his band on the Gazarte rooftop for the first United We Fly Upstairs Session.

The Big Nose Attack, frequenters on the Gazarte rooftop, return hungry to the "crime scene", where they successfully presented in the fall of 2019 their 4th and most recent studio album, "Deader Than Disco". Always based on the blues, funk and soul sounds that grew up - and for their sake they caught the instruments - in the also anachronistic Brahmi of Attica where they live. Definitely the fresh element is the most exuberant orchestration that the duet dares for the first time.

The same night, George Gaudy, a composer, lyricist, performer and orchestrator based in London and one of the most beloved of the Greek public, will take the stage. His characteristic voice that adapts to the needs of each song allows him to create pieces that attract the audience's attention through his particular interpretations and orchestrations. At Gazarte we will hear a setlist with everything we missed from his live performances.

4/7, Upstairs Session: Vangelis Germanos

“I tune my guitar and open sails!
With the tray full of songs, at the Gazarte stage for a unique, magical night! ”

Vangelis Germanos, in the context of Upstairs Sessions, takes us - finally - to the bars and goes up to the stage on the roof of Gazarte for a solo show, with all the songs that we have loved from his first emblematic releases until today!

11/7, Upstairs Session: Log Out - Transparent Man
Logout and Transparent Man, in an unforgettable double bill, present at Upstairs Sessions their recent recordings.

Logout is a songwriter and producer who combines traditional references with lo-fi indie, electronic and experimental elements. In his live performances he combines natural instruments with live-looping, sampling and digital video art while in addition to songwriting he has also participated performing music in theatrical performances of Abovo and Elias Karellas. He has released 4 personal albums, experimenting each time with the musical expression and the combination with Greek or English lyrics.
In his appearance at Upstairs Sessions he will present for the first time live his album "HERE / THERE" with the participation of Nalyssa Green in the song.

Transparent Man is the solo project of Stavros Papadopoulos, a musician based in Thessaloniki. It is a deeply personal project characterized by the combination of atmospheric and electronic soundscapes, guitar melodies and inventive rhythms. He is constantly in search of those sounds that will help him create a musical grid to dress and embrace any form of emotion. Memories, experiences of pain, loneliness, joy and companionship, produce a set of musical contrasts that are reflected in his work.

19/7, Upstairs Session: Michalis Siganidis
Michalis Siganidis with the Lambraki Band climb on the roof of Gazarte in one of their rare appearances for the Upstairs Sessions of United We Fly.

Having defined as DAMI (dramatized ambient music & images) the creation of musical synapses between recorded audio and visual material (document) and live action music (fiction), complemented by improvisation - a necessary condition for the development of this musical thought - that transforms each time "the same song always", in new material, Michalis Siganidis with the Lambraki Band will present for the first time the material of the upcoming album of "ETIKAETIKAITIKAITI".

With him on the double bass, the guitar, the voice, and the tapes but also his companions, Panos Manouilidis (voice, electronic bass), Harry Lambraki (keyboards, voice, new), Fausto Sierakowski (alto saxophone) , Vassilis Mantzoukis (drums, voice) and Giannis Anastasakis (electronic guitar, special effects, loops), will also present pieces from his entire discography (1988-2021) and improvisations. Theano Metaxa (voice) and Katerina Doxastaki (voice) will also participate in the concert.

See the line up that will be constantly updated:

27/6, Upstairs Session: The Big Nose Attack - George Gaudy
Ticket price: 10 €

4/7, Upstairs Session: Vangelis Germanos
Ticket price: 12 €

11/7, Upstairs Session: Log Out - Transparent Man
Ticket price: 10 €

19/7, Upstairs Session: Michalis Siganidis
Ticket price: 12 €

Alexis Tsipras is going to northern Evia

The president of SYRIZA-PS Alexis Tsipras is going to northern Evia and will tour the areas affected by the fire Source: ΑΠΕ

Low air quality in Greece and Eastern Mediterranean due to the many microparticles from the fires

The air quality over our country and the Eastern Mediterranean in general is still low today due to the many fires in the area. A...

The village of Kechries in Evia is being evacuated due to the fire

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Tax returns: 7 out of 10 taxpayers won with tax returns

The process of submitting tax returns is evolving with a significant delay this year, despite the fact that almost 70% of taxpayers have seen ...

Controlled transit of permanent residents in Varybobi

The passage of the vehicles of the permanent residents in the area of ​​Varybombi will be controlled. The points where the inspections will take place are: 1. Kymi Avenue from street ...

Kynigakis: "We are alone in our darkness, we have no allies"

Alkis Kynigakis spoke after his impressive performance in Tokyo and the 5th place in the 10km. offshore and stressed that it is very ...

La Liga matches with 40% capacity and mandatory mask

At 40% of the capacity of the stadiums, the presence of fans in the matches of the new La Liga, which starts at 13 ...


Municipality of Athens: Air-conditioned rooms for the protection of citizens from high temperatures

Due to the high temperatures, the Municipality of Athens has from Tuesday, July 27, and until the end of the phenomenon three (3) air-conditioned rooms for ...

National Observatory: Recommended for circulation only with enhanced protection mask

The situation in many areas of Athens today is bad today, in terms of harmful PM2.5 particles, ie the thin inhaled particles with a diameter ...

David Cronenberg's new film is being shot in Athens

STARTING THE SHOOTING OF THE MOVIE "CRIMES OF THE FUTURE" BY DAVID CRONENBERG The Canadian company Serendipity Point Films and the Argonauts SA announce the start of the shooting of the long-awaited Crimes of the Future ...

The next day in Varybobi

Gray and black. These are the colors that prevail in the once green area of ​​Varybobi. Ashes, apocalypses, burned trees and burned houses compose the ...

Preventive transfer of items from Tatoi due to the fire

For protection reasons, some items were transported last night from Tatoi, where the Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni was late, ...