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Thursday, August 5, 2021

From today, the playgrounds, the amusement parks and the wellness services are reopened


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From today, the playgrounds, the amusement parks and the wellness services are reopening, in the context of the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures and the resumption of activities.

Specifically, from today, in the retail sector, the proportion of customers is reduced from 1 person per 25 sq.m. to 1 person per 16 sq.m. in order to avoid queues outside the store, especially where there is more than one store and the queues are tangled, with the obligatory use of a mask inside the stores. The playgrounds are reopened outdoors, with the obligatory use of a protection mask for all employees and adult customers in all places. The amusement parks reopen with the following conditions:

- Distances of at least 4 meters between the machines, so that there are large traffic corridors.

Mandatory use of a protective mask for employees and customers.

- Availability of antiseptic at the entrance of each toy.

- After the end of each game cycle, disinfect all the players' contact points with the game.

- Free distribution of masks to all players.

- Distance of at least 2 meters between the coin-operated individual games.

- Lines for keeping at least 1,5 meters distance where there is a queue.

- Constant reminder of the observance of the protection / hygiene measures by the microphone installations of the company.

- Avoid overcrowding in games with increased demand, at the responsibility of the entrepreneur.

In addition, the wellness services are reopened as these are activities in support of tourism and it is necessary to open in parallel with the other wellness services that are already in normal operation, with the services of baths, therapeutic baths and thermal springs and massage services. Also, the trade fairs operate with the protocol of operation of the people. The restriction of the minimum distance of 1 meter between the sales counters is excluded, when they are part of a continuous construction in which the vendors' counters are separated from each other by slight partitions.

Regarding issues concerning the Ministry of Tourism, as announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, during the briefing on the course of the pandemic of Covid-19 infection in the country, the following was decided:

Regarding the general rules of entry into the country to be allowed entry with a negative rapid test from the green countries.

Accompanied minors under 12 years of age to enter the country without the need for a test before leaving the countries in the green category. For countries in the orange and red categories, accompanied minors must enter the country without the need for a test under 6 years of age.

From the other third countries to enter the country, according to the marking of each country in green, orange and red. For the greens to apply the existing rules, and for the orange countries to allow the entry of people who are cumulatively vaccinated with the vaccines recognized by our country and have performed PCR test 72 hours before their departure. Citizens from countries that are on the red list and for which the 7-day quarantine provision continues to apply are excluded from this provision.

Unvaccinated workers in the tourism sector (hotels, travel agencies, tour guides, car rental services, catering, etc.) should be tested with a self-diagnostic test twice a week, at the expense of the State for the first test and at the expense of the business owner for the latter.

Also, as announced, the vaccinated will have the opportunity to work out in gyms without masks, with a demonstration of a vaccination certificate.

In addition, it was decided that from July 1, the closed cinemas (cinemas of 12 months of operation) will reopen at 50% of their capacity, with a demonstration of a vaccination certificate or a negative self-test and the universal compulsory use of a mask, with a parallel e-ticket and with a recommendation for the installation of HEPA filters, while during rehearsals / shootings, performances and concerts, string musicians can, following the example of the orchestras of other European countries, be able to have a distance of 1 meter between them, wearing their mask and using their own bench.

Source: RES-EAP

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