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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The "curtain" of Panhellenic opened with Modern Greek Language and Literature - The changes that apply from this year


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With "Modern Greek Language and Literature" the "curtain" of the Panhellenic Examinations opened today for over 100.000 candidates of all categories claiming the 77.415 places in the Universities of the country, with the students of the General Lyceums (GEL) being examined in Modern Greek Language and Literature while the candidates of the day and evening Vocational High Schools (EPAL) start on Tuesday with Modern Greek.

The Ministry of Education assured that everything is ready to "go up" the curtain of the Panhellenic Examinations with the new state-of-the-art and seamless system of transmission of subjects called SAM, while this year's exams will be conducted with changes compared to last year, because of the pandemic. The submission of two computer programs, the Minimum Admission Base (EBE), the increase in the number of students admitted to some schools, the decrease in others, the information of the candidates by SMS, are some of the changes, while the Weight Rates of 2019 for calculation of the candidates' scoring performance.

The start time of the exam was set at 8:30 a.m. and candidates must arrive in the halls by 8.00 am. The examination duration of each course is three hours, except for the specialty course -Architectural Design- for which the examination duration is four hours. Candidates, teachers, administrative and other staff will come to the examination centers, after having performed a self-diagnostic test (self test) and with the presentation of a relevant certificate from the platform https://self-testing.gov.gr or a handwritten statement. It is noted that if a candidate falls ill in the Panhellenic Examinations, he will be given the opportunity to be examined in September.

Sanitary measures

During the examinations, the use of a protective mask by candidates, teachers, administrators and other staff inside the examination centers and outside them will be mandatory, and measures to prevent and protect against coronavirus (adequate natural ventilation of the rooms) will continue to apply. , avoidance of coloration, observance of distances and personal rules of hygiene-use of antiseptic, as well as thorough cleaning of the rooms).

The use of wind and percussion instruments is allowed in the course "Music Performance and Interpretation", however, a distance of three meters must be observed between the examiners and examiners behind the screen, and the musical instruments must be cleaned after the examination of each candidate. with disinfectant liquid. For the TEFAA practical tests, both the examination instruments and the auxiliary equipment are disinfected before each use, while a distance is kept between the candidates in the preparation or warm-up areas. For reasons of public health protection, the relatives of the candidates are advised not to crowd outside the examination center.

What is allowed and what is forbidden

Upon entering the examination room, candidates are not allowed to bring books, notebooks, notes, proofreading, mobile phones, computers and any other electronic means of transmitting or receiving information or communication. They are allowed to have only indelible ink pens (black or blue), pencil, erasers, geometric instruments and a bottle of water or soft drink. Pencil is generally not allowed in the answers, unless specified in the subject instructions.

Candidates are admitted to the exams with the basic proof of the Examination Card and it is not necessary to have another proof (identity card or passport). It is forbidden to enter the examination center (building complex and courtyard) of anyone other than the examinees, members and other staff of the relevant committees, support staff and supervisors. Exemption from this prohibition is allowed only in the case of emergency technical or medical assistance at the invitation of the committee. It is also forbidden to disclose the issues to anyone and in any way.

The basic changes

The ministry proceeded to the establishment of rates of Minimum Base Admission (EBE) of schools, departments or admission directions, as well as rates of Minimum Base of Admission (EBE) of special courses and practical tests for the admission of candidates in Higher Education. The rates were set by the respective University Institution for each of its Departments / Schools, based on which the Minimum Admission Base (EBE) was obtained. For the admission of candidates to universities, it is required to achieve in the national examinations a grade of performance equal to or greater than the Minimum Admission Base per School, Department or introductory direction.

An important innovation is the dual computer science as it is given for the first time this year, the possibility to submit a parallel computerized form for studying at a public IEK. Therefore, a candidate can submit at the same time a computer for admission to universities, based on his / her performance in the Panhellenic exams and a computer for enrollment in a public IEK based on his / her diploma and additional criteria, according to the operating regulations of IEK.

From this year, the candidates of the Panhellenic Examinations will be informed with a text message on their mobile phone about their grade and about their success department or school, while another important change is that in order to determine the total points of each candidate, the courses and the Factors of Gravity which are foreseen in the Orientation Group (PO) to which the candidate belongs for the specific Scientific Field, as it was valid in 2019.


The total number of students admitted to Higher Education, for the academic year 2021-2022, amounts to 77.415, reduced by 550 places compared to last year.

There is an increase in positions at the Democritus University of Thrace, the University of the Aegean and the University of Western Macedonia, as well as in Departments "with an expected increase in the absorption of their graduates from the labor market", such as. in the Departments of Early Childhood Education Sciences, in the Departments of Kindergarten Teachers, in the Departments of Informatics, in Veterinary Medicine, the ministry points out. The largest decrease is recorded at the University of Patras, from 7.020 last year to 6.283 positions, due to mergers of its departments.

Due to the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic, from the beginning of 2021 the Ministry of Education redefined the examined material with a reduction in all the nationally examined courses in the XNUMXrd Lyceum. In addition, detailed instructions were sent during the year regarding the central points of the course material of all classes.

Self test

During the week from Monday 14/6 to Saturday 19/6, three self-tests will be available from pharmacies (working hours, excluding overnight stays and overnight) for teachers, students and other staff of primary and secondary schools for the next three weeks from 21/6, 28/6 and 5/7.

It is reminded that the participation in the Panhellenic exams presupposes the previous self-diagnostic test and the demonstration of a relevant certificate from the platform https://self-testing.gov.gr or a handwritten statement.

Regarding the schools of Achaia, the self-tests will not be available from the pharmacies, but from the schools. The managers appointed by the School Units of Primary and Secondary Education will receive the self-tests for students, teachers and other staff of Kindergartens, Primary Schools and for the candidates of the Panhellenic Examinations from the pharmacy PHARMA GROUP ACHAIAS, ACHAIAS,. George Lagoura, Patras, during the following days and hours:

• those responsible for receiving self-tests for the candidates of the Panhellenic examinations and the staff of the examination centers (heads of examination centers): MONDAY 08: 00-17: 00
• those responsible for receiving self-tests for Primary Schools: TUESDAY 08: 00-21: 00
• those responsible for receiving self-test for Kindergartens: WEDNESDAY 08: 00-17: 00
and will deliver them to each beneficiary, within the school units.

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