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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Five cities in the region have upgraded museum infrastructure


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Chios, Trikala, Sparta, Thyrreio and Ermioni acquire new or upgraded archaeological museums after the positive opinion of their building program by the Council of Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni on the occasion of the positive opinion of the Council stated the following:

"Museums are not just places for exhibiting treasures, which come to light from the unique cultural stock of each region of our country. They are centers of education and creation of Culture, places of study and promotion of our History, but also self-knowledge for the locals and their visitors. They are, at the same time, pockets of social cohesion, but also determinants of development of their wider area, causing supra-local interest, with their distinctive physiognomy. I am happy that Chios, Trikala, Sparta, Thyrreio and Ermioni acquire new or upgraded archeological museums that will house valuable finds, which are constantly revealed by the archeological dig or are in the warehouses of the existing infrastructure, presenting a new, modern concept. , open and accessible not only to experts but also to society. The aim of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is to advance the museum program, both for the creation of new museums - where this is needed after a systematic evaluation and study of data - and for the upgrading of existing ones, so that with each new one added to the large chain of museums of our country to project the special cultural physiognomy of each place with the gaze always focused on the future of each region ".

Archaeological Museum of Chios

The building of the Archaeological Museum of Chios, the work of the architects Suzana Antonakaki, Dimitris Antonakakis and Eleni Desylla, emerged after the distinction of their study with the First Prize in the Panhellenic Architectural Competition in 1965. The building has been considered a model and the study has been published many times. at the time of its implementation until today in Greek and foreign books and magazines. The main features of the Museum at the time of its construction were the adaptation to the data of the soil and the environment, the possibility of independent entrances to the Museum, to the periodical exhibitions and to the laboratories through controlled open spaces - inner courtyards, the correlation of closed and open spaces in the halls. exhibitions of the Museum.

Over time, the building underwent various interventions that altered its character and original design, such as covering the courtyards with makeshift metal roofs and false ceilings, sealing the windows internally and creating an enclosed environment of recycled air, removing the multiplication room and multiplying the room. in a fragmented storage space. The goal of the Ministry of Culture and Sports today is to expand the building into exhibition and storage spaces with absolute respect for its original design, the energy upgrade of the building, the restoration of the courtyards, ensuring accessibility of the entire building by the disabled, the restoration of the space of periodic exhibitions and its performance in the entrance square and in the city for events.

The existing building is developed on three levels, at 2.520 sq.m. According to the building program prepared by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chios and the Directorate of Studies and Execution of Museums and Cultural Buildings of the Ministry of Culture, the area of ​​the extension, which will house new exhibition and storage spaces, a multi-purpose room, multi-purpose and technical additional 1.960 sq.m. The study of the expansion and restoration of the Museum is prepared by the first designer, the architect Dimitris Antonakakis. The goal is for all the studies to be completed within 2021, in order for the project to be included in a financing program in 2022.

Diachronic Museum of Trikala

The Diachronic Museum of Trikala is part of the program to transform the former Poulios camp into a museum core of the city, with the creation outside the specific Museum, the Interactive Museum of Technology and the promotion of Profitis Ilias Hill, after the signing -in December 2020- contract for 99 years between the Ministries of National Defense and Culture and Sports and the Municipality of Trikala.

The building that will house the Diachronic Museum is an existing building (former Support Brigade-TAXYP) and consists of an elongated wing with ground floor and an additional three levels of 1.000 sq.m. According to the building program, prepared by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Trikala and the competent Directorate of the Ministry of Culture in the building of TAXYP, but also in its immediate surroundings, area of ​​4.74 acres, it is planned to develop the history and archeology of the city since ancient times. to the newer centuries.

It is very important that in the case of Trikala the existing building stock is utilized. The city is not burdened with new construction, on the contrary, in the logic of the protection of cultural goods, the building stock is protected, which is associated with a specific activity and history, which is included in the exhibition program. The studies for the restoration of the building and its transformation into a timeless museum are included in the pool of maturation studies prepared by the competent services of the Ministry of Culture, in order for the repair and conversion of the building into a museum space to be implemented in the next financial period 2021-2027 .

Old Archaeological Museum of Sparta

The Archaeological Museum of Sparta is the first museum institution outside Athens. It was founded in 1875 in the neoclassical building built according to the plans of the architect G. Katsaros. In 1876 he accepted the archaeological collection of 288 ancient objects that had been collected since 1872 by the Curator of Antiquities Panagiotis Stamatakis, while over the years, the collection was enriched. After the extensions, which were completed in 1936, the Museum building has a total of seven rooms. Both the building and the garden that surrounds it have been designated as a historical monument.

The upgrade of the Museum is included in the Donation Agreement between the Greek State and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the underground expansion and total upgrade of the Archaeological Museum of Sparta, amounting to 4.550.000 euros. In its opinion, the Museum Council took into account the approved museological study, in September 2020, prepared by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Laconia, with the data of the preliminary study donated by the ISN, as well as the study of the building program prepared by Renzo's office Piano.

This Museum will complement and collaborate with the New Archaeological Museum of Sparta, which will be housed in the HYMOFIX building. The elaboration of the final restoration studies of the building is already in progress in the framework of the Programmatic Contract of Cultural Development between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Peloponnese Region, in order for the project itself to be included in the next NSRF 2021-2027.

Archaeological Museum of Thyrreio

The building of the existing Archaeological Museum of Thyrreio is located at the northern entrance of the community of Thyrreio, at a distance of about 12 km NE of Vonitsa. It is the only Museum in the region of Acarnania and is one of the three Museums of Etoloakarnania. It was built in the period 1961-63, in a concession by T.K. Thyrreio plot, with a total area of ​​approximately 1.914 sq.m.

The existing building essentially consists of 8 areas with a net area of ​​139,10 sq.m. and gross 200 sq.m. According to the proposal of the competent Ephorate of Antiquities of Etoloakarnania and Lefkada, it is planned to double the building with a gross area of ​​400 sq.m. as well as an underground extension of up to 200 sq.m., in order to expose the most important findings from the excavations of ancient Thyrreio, among which many inscriptions with the most important one being that of the treaty of Aetolians and Romans of 212 BC.

Archaeological Museum of Ermioni

The building operated as a Primary School from 1932 to 1999. Then it housed the City Hall of Ermioni from 1999 to 2010. Today it houses services of the Municipal Unit of Ermioni, including the KEP, the Port Fund of Ermionida and the Program "Help to Home". It is an elevated ground floor building near an early Christian basilica of the 4th century, which is planned to function as a center for the promotion and promotion of the long history of the city, but also the starting point of the urban cultural route and tour in the wider area of ​​Ermionida and Argolida.

With the new proposal for change of use in the Archaeological Museum, maintaining the existing layout inside the building, its operation is organized in three exhibition rooms, a multimedia room, an office space, a vestibule that will also function as a periodical exhibition space, sanitary spaces , storage and auxiliary spaces. The total net area amounts to 383,83 sq.m. according to the building program of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida.

Ermioni, with a long and uninterrupted historical presence, from antiquity until today, presents significant visible remains within its urban fabric. Thus, the aim of the creation of the museum is to highlight its important monuments and to display them through a didactic museum presentation that will include selected ancient objects, which have been found in excavations carried out in the area, as well as rich information using digital applications.


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