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Thursday, September 16, 2021

"Prometheus Bound" directed by Aris Biniaris for three performances in Epidaurus


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In Prometheus Bound, the shocking tragedy of Aeschylus, chose to include the Poreia Theater in his diverse repertoire, attempting his first descent to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus on 20, 21 and 22 August 2021.

In his second appearance in Epidaurus, the Aris Biniaris continues his research on the ancient tragedy, with a vehicle of Prometheus Bound. The actors draw information from the rhythm of the text and transform into theatrical action the sound and rhythm of poetic speech with body and voice. Through a pulsating and lively sound environment, the faces of an old, but always up-to-date story are highlighted. "A story that can be heard as a dark commentary on the present or as a bright hope for the future", as he says. In the role of Prometheus, a timeless symbol of resistance to power, o John Stankoglou.

In the tragedy, Aeschylus deals with the resistance of Prometheus, chained to the Caucasus, to succumb to the will of the "ruthless" Zeus. This is a relentless struggle against the power of power εξου

The performance of Poreia Theater is presented translated by Giorgos Blanas and directed by Aris Biniaris, with a strong cast of protagonists and Giannis Stankoglou in the central role.


Translation: George Blonas
Directed by: Aris Biniaris
Music Composition: Fotis Siotas
Scenes: Magdalene Augerinou
Costumes: Royal Wire
Lighting design: Alekos Anastasiou
Editing - Choreography: Evi Oikonomou
Drama director: Elena Triantaphyllopoulou
Metric original analysis: Kati Diamantakou
Scientific collaborator: Katerina Diakoumopoulou
Assistant director: Dora Xagorari
Assistant set designer: Xenia Papatriantafyllou
Assistant costume designer: Alexandros Garnavos
Assistant illuminator: Nafsika Christodoulakou
Photos: Patroklos Skafidas


Prometheus: Giannis Stankoglou
State: Aris Biniaris
Violence: Konstantinos Georgalis
Hephaestus: David Maltese
Ocean: Alekos Syssovitis
Io: Iro Bezos
Hermes: Ioannis Papazisis

DANCE Alphabetically

Adriana Andreovic
Dimitra Beta
Fiona Georgiadis
Katerina Dimati
Grigoria Methenitis
Nancy Boukli
Xagorari Gifts
Leoni Xerovasila
Alexia Sapranidou

Musician on stage:
Nikos Papaioannou Cello, effects

* Book your tickets on time before they run out, as the performances have opened with reduced occupancy due to anti-pandemic measures.

"Prometheus Bound" will premiere on July 4 in Chania, headquarters of DIPETHE Crete, at the theater of the Eastern Trench. It will be presented at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus on August 20, 21 & 22 as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. The detailed schedule of the tour will be announced soon.

Production: Poreia Theater, Co-production: DIPETHE Crete

All protocols in force against the spread of COVID-19 will be strictly observed in all performances.

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