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More than 40 animal welfare associations support the pet bill


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More than 40 animal welfare associations in Greece, such as Save a Greek Stray, the Stray Animal Shelter - Takis Shelter, the Stray Animal Shelter, the Ilioupoli Zoophilic Association, but also Non-Governmental Organizations, such as Dogs' Voice and Animal Welfare Karpathos Animal Welfare Action of Karpathos, but also the Urban Fauna of the Municipality of Athens support the bill for pets that was put to consultation, while making relevant remarks regarding articles and paragraphs of the bill for changes that need to be made.

In a statement they co-sign, they state, among other things, that "no bill is certainly perfect from its infancy and can correct all the wrong texts as well as the intractable problems that arose and were consolidated by very serious shortcomings and mistakes of previous laws and led the country to the point which is today ". They add, however, that "it is a law that, respecting the 5 basic principles of animal freedom, clearly and realistically wants to provide a solution to the problem."

"Yes, it is a technocratic law. "Yes, it is a law with registers, a law that requires breeding, animal welfare, animal welfare education, adoption of pets, animal welfare actions to be done under a specific framework and rules in order to promote healthy and organized animal welfare", the unions and organizations and point out that "on this basis our attitude towards this bill can only be positive". "No one can condemn a bill that finally recognizes the struggle of animal welfare associations and in which we saw a multitude of positive points that can not be misinterpreted," they added.

"We are here to support and improve it. Let us not be critical before implementing it. We say yes to improving it. "Yes, in his vote", the joint announcement concludes.

According to what they mention in the announcement as the positive points of the bill, they estimate that they are:

1. For the first time a bill refers to the 5 animal freedoms.

2. Recognizes treatment animals and strengthens the institution.

3. Establishes a National Register of Pet Animals.

4. Recognizes the offer of animal welfare associations and secures the possibility of sponsorship, a practice that animal welfare associations and volunteers have been following for years.

5. Establishes a register of animal welfare associations.

6. The adoption platform is established so that all procedures are transparent.

7. A blood donation register is established.

8. It obliges the municipalities to include the management of the homeless in their business planning and to evaluate the results. In addition, they are required to have a management program throughout the year.

9. Prohibits the sale of pets from pets shops.

10. Enforces the payment of money for the delivery of animals by guardians to the municipalities so that they do not renounce their guardianship without any consequences even when it is not an abandonment.

11. Establishes mandatory welfare rules for living with our pets.

12. Imposes sanctions on hunters for "unscrupulous" animals as well as for abandonment of puppies.

13. Establishes specific rules for breeding.

14. Prohibits ads for reproduction.

15. Adds a mandatory text for responsible adoption to each ad.

16. Recognizes the adoptions abroad as well as the institution of the adoption fee intended for the expenses that have been made for the animals.

17. It explicitly forbids the torturous practice of pasteurization.

18. Introduces the subject of animal welfare in schools and establishes the mandatory animal welfare education in the school of EL.AS.

19. Changes the way municipal shelters operate and gives access to citizens and volunteers.

20. Releases pet access to seas and beaches.

21. Enables animal welfare associations to be subsidized for their work.

22. Creates a supervisory committee of the municipalities and imposes the appropriate sanctions when they do not function properly and effectively.

23. Establishes a register of offenders.

24. Creates a national line of complaints, helping to publicize incidents of abuse and consequently to address them.

25. Creates dog parks.

26 Removes the animal from its guardian when required, guided by its well-being

At the same time, they mention points of the bill "that can be misinterpreted and need improvement and we are sure that they will be clarified through a healthy dialogue before the bill is led to a vote".

Specifically, they state that the points that need improvement are:

Article 39, paragraph 3

While compulsory sterilization is introduced, this article leaves an "open window" for uncontrolled reproduction in specific groups in which it should be explicitly and categorically prohibited. We ask for more specific rules and conditions for ethical and legal breeding. Strays do not fall from the sky and the vast majority of them come from dominant pets.

So to stop the source, we have to turn off the tap for a few years, otherwise we will never end up with the millions of strays on the streets and the thousands trapped in cages.

In addition, it is imperative to start the measure of compulsory sterilization with the implementation of this law, without the delay of 2 years and without any margin for adjustment of the time of its implementation according to the decision of the respective minister.

Article 18

Leishmaniasis is characterized as animal-human disease but with the development of veterinary medicine it becomes curable for a very large percentage of animals. With proper treatment and management, animals do not transmit it. The special reference to Article 18 should be informative in terms of treatment and management and not intimidating by characterizing the disease as dangerous.

Article 2 - paragraphs 11 & 12

We demand that the restriction on the existence of a licensed shelter be lifted by animal welfare associations and organizations, so that they can continue to offer their work in cooperation with the authorities and the state. The mandatory condition of a licensed shelter prevents the vast majority of animal welfare associations and organizations from continuing their work and with the new data being able to be appointed temporary owners of the animals they treat. It essentially makes them illegal since the possibility of unions as legal entities to become contractors or temporary owners to provide their care, care and hospitality to the animals that need it is not clear.

The majority of organizations, with few exceptions, have no shelter and host animals in the homes of contractors and volunteers, while also cooperating with selected accommodation. It is therefore very important to optimize and redefine the two definitions 11 & 12 in Article 2, since the existing wording makes it impossible for animal welfare associations to contribute to the rescue and subsequent hosting of an animal by them.

Article 5

The accommodation of animals on terraces is a very serious abuse that animal welfare associations face every day. Animals abandoned, in adverse weather conditions, alienated, malnourished with severe socialization problems and always sick animals that live and die away from all sight.

The possibility of staying in them contradicts the rules of well-being laid down in other articles. We do exactly the same with pets that actually live on terraces. And we can not prove their permanent stay as the usual claim of the owner is that the stay is temporary. Because we all know that nothing is more permanent than temporary, we propose to ban pets from staying outdoors without the presence of an owner.

In addition, the words permanent bonding, as in the previous law, led to misinterpretations and difficulty in proving passive abuse. Therefore these words should not exist in the law. We propose a total ban on tying pets inside the property. In addition, the transport of an animal should only be allowed inside the vehicle and its transport inside any structure attached to the body should not be prohibited.

Article 9

We want a clear legal framework for the process of adopting animals abroad and moving them, so that it is not always subject to the interpretations, misinterpretations, personal views and dispositions of the respective civil servant. Hundreds of stray animals in Greece have won a second chance at life in European countries under the guidance and supervision of Greek animal welfare organizations in collaboration with recognized organizations abroad.

Article 7 - Paragraph 2 and paragraph 5 section (bb)

The municipality should be obliged to cooperate with animal welfare associations and not be at its discretion to do so. So we suggest replacing the word Might with the word Must. The euthanasia of an animal cannot be a decision of a single veterinarian as typically stated in this paragraph. Although in a next article on issues of euthanasia decision is referred to the 5-member and 3-member committee at this point of the bill does not seem to exist. We point out the omission and insist on completing the article in order to avoid misinterpretations.

The announcement is co-signed by:

Stray Treads of the Tower

Stray Pulse - Animal Welfare Association of Megara

Strays of Xanthi


Urban Fauna of the Municipality of Athens

Zoophilic Association of Ilioupoli

Zoophilic Association of Megara

Animal Lovers of Voula, Attica

Stray Animal Shelter KAZ

Animal Refuge - Animal Refuge

Ark of Mytilene

Kima Animal Welfare Association of Kymi-Aliveri

Cultural Animal Welfare Association of Komotini

Stray Shelter - Takis Shelter

Odyssey Association for the Protection of Animal Rights and the Environment

Hydra's Ark-Hydra's Ark

Animal Welfare Action of Nafpaktos

Nikeas Keratsini Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Intervention of Elliniko Argyroupolis

Animal welfare and cultural association I save

KYNonia Charity, Animal Welfare and Cultural Association - Souda Shelter Project

Thermaikos Animal Welfare Association "o Sirios"

Animal Welfare Association Second Chance - SCARS

Animal Welfare Karpathos - Animal Welfare Action of Karpathos

Animal Welfare Association of Kilkis

Animal Welfare Association of Larissa Anim.AL

Animal Welfare Association of Pyrgos

Sifnos Animal Welfare Association - SIFNOS FOR ANIMALS

Farsala Animal Welfare Association

Florina Animal Welfare Association "I Patousa"

Animal lovers of Peristeri

Animal friends of Aridea "the Hope"

Animal friends of Chalandri

A Little Shelter



Animal care Lefkas


Furever Friends AMKE

Santorini Animal Welfare Association - SAWA

Save a Greek Stray


Zante Strays


Source: RES-EAP

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