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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The INNOVATHENS training program for May 


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"Project Athena": Innovation and technology at the service of the Municipality of Athens, for a clean and accessible city

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A multicultural path in Rozan Park in Exarchia

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INNOVATHENS, the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, presents for the month of May a rich educational program designed according to market trends in collaboration with specialized trainers and companies recognized in their field.

The program make up favorite but also new workshops and free seminars focusing on areas of modern entrepreneurship, such as digital marketing, start-up taxation, e-commerce, NLP or else the global trend in business but also the much-discussed influencing, through a brand new premium workshop.

And the May, all programs will be done online, via ZOOM or live streaming, for a limited number of participants.

More detail:

Candidates digital marketers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in digital marketing through practical workshops for each level, with the guru of the genre as a speaker. Gerasimos Jamarelo. More specifically, the 6-day Digital Marketing Course (10-13.05 & 17-18.05) invites participants to learn everything about search engines (SEO), social media advertising and content creation (storytelling), through a comprehensive 24-hour program. For young people in the field, the 3-day Digital Marketing fast track course (17-19.05) will present in 12 hours how to build a unified digital communication strategy through websites, the main social media, Google Ad words, etc., while for professionals who manage websites, e-shops and blogs, the 4-day Professional Digital Marketing is coming (24-27.05) which will teach in practice everything a modern professional needs.

Four more workshops complete the digital marketing section. Specifically, in Facebook - Instagram Marketing workshop (10.05), Participants will learn how to create advertising campaigns and manage professional profiles effectively on the two specific media, while through WordPress Websites & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (12.05) they will know how to build a website… from scratch! The new, exciting premium workshop Influencer Marketing 2021 (19.05) πaspiring influencers to easily and simply discover all the tips that will make them influence Instagram, while the premium and advanced workshop E-Mail Marketing (20.05) will show that e-mail is not just our inbox…


In collaboration with accounting Accounting company, returns to INNOVATHENS digital networks Taxation seminar (12.05), which has deservedly won the trust of young entrepreneurs. Do you have a business idea that you want to implement but are afraid of the tax framework? Are you a young entrepreneur with questions about the smooth running of your business? THE Ioannis Gouzos, tax advisor business and company founder, will give all answers responsibly.

NLP (Good Mental Habits)

In the fast pace of modern life, we often wonder how we could react better to situations that require quick solutions and decisions. The Train Your Brain seminar (21.05) in collaboration with 365 Evolution Lab and rapporteur Irini Kasdagli, professional certified NLP and life coach, will show how with simple, daily practices and strategies we can "train" our brain to acquire good mental habits that will help us achieve excellence in our professional and personal lives.

Free Seminars

The free training program continues in May, this time with three new free workshops, with Dimitris Andreadakis as rapporteur. So, the LinkedIn seminar (13.05) will teach participants how to build a successful professional profile in the most established means of job search. The seminar Successful e-shop (18.05) will teach you how to achieve the best possible customer experience in their online store, standing out from the competition and achieving the coveted loyalty, while the E-commerce seminar: The beginning (25.05) will help any young entrepreneur to make crucial decisions in the first steps of their e-business: from finding and selecting suppliers to promoting the business to potential customers.


  • Digital Marketing Course: 10-13.05.2021 and 17-18.05.2021 (24 hours), 17: 30-21: 00 | module € 60 / the whole program € 140
  • Facebook - Instagram Marketing: 10.05.2021, hours 11: 00-13: 30 | € 40
  • WordPress Websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 12.05.2021, 11: 00-13: 30 | € 40
  • Digital Marketing fast track course: 17-19.05.2021, 11: 00-15: 00 | € 80
  • Influencer Marketing 2021 (PREMIUM) 19.05.2021, 17: 30-21: 00 | € 40
  • E-mail Marketing (PREMIUM) 20.05.2021, 17: 30-21: 00 | € 40
    Professional Digital Marketing: 24-27.05.2021, 17: 30-21: 00 | € 12
  • Train Your Brain: 21.05.2021, 17: 30-20: 30 | € 40
  • Taxation seminar: 12.05.2021, 17: 30-20: 30 | € 60

More information about all the workshops can be found on the official website of INNOVATHENS.

Kalliopi Aslanidou

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