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Saturday, June 19, 2021

The appointments that were closed from today until July reached about 4,5 million


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Approximately 4,5 million confirmed appointments were made between today, Saturday and July, while the data show the first citizens aged 50-54 who either underwent the first dose of vaccination against Covid-1 or proceeded to a scheduled appointment recording 19 vaccinations or an appointment.

The age group that follows is 45-49 years old with 300.476 vaccinations or scheduled appointments. As for the citizens who have already been vaccinated or have made an appointment, they have exceeded 4 million, as the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, characteristically stated in his post on social media.

In particular, according to the data until Friday night, there have been 2.391.526 vaccinations of the 1st dose and 1.143.686 vaccinations of the 2nd dose, while the total number of confirmed appointments is high, as from Saturday, May 8 to July , reaches about 4,5 million (4.442.229).

Specifically, according to the data, until the evening of Thursday, May 6, the separate age groups that have been vaccinated with a dose or have a scheduled appointment are the following:

- the group of citizens aged 30-39 with 222.456 single dose vaccinations or scheduled appointments

- the age group of 40-44 with 154.666 single dose vaccinations or scheduled appointments

- the group of citizens aged 45-49 with 300.476 single dose vaccinations or scheduled appointments

- citizens aged 50-54 with 316.275 single dose vaccinations or scheduled appointments

- the 55-59 age group with 271.087 single dose vaccinations or scheduled appointments

Regarding the first ten in the total vaccinations according to the data per regional unit until Friday, May 7, most vaccinations have been done in the central sector of Athens, which reached 451.269 with the first dose reaching 1 vaccinations and the 294.565nd dose reaches 2.

Second on the list is Thessaloniki with 410.934 vaccinations in total, with the 1st dose reaching 279.048 and the total of the 2nd dose is 131.886 vaccinations.

Third comes the northern sector of Athens with 378.359 vaccinations to have been carried out with the first dose ranging to 1 vaccinations and the second dose to 244.621.

Next is the western sector of Athens with 161.679 vaccinations in total. In particular, first dose vaccinations were performed 1 and second dose 111.097.

Fifth in a row is the southern sector of Athens with 125.024 vaccinations with the first dose reaching 1 and the second dose 96.101 vaccinations.

Piraeus records a total of 120.384 vaccinations with the 1st dose reaching 79.588 vaccinations and the 2nd dose reaching 40.796.

It is followed by Eastern Attica with a total of 89.776 vaccinations and specifically with first dose vaccinations of 1 and of the second dose of 64.398 vaccinations.

Below is recorded Achaia with a total of 86.342 vaccinations. The first dose reaches 1 and the second dose 59.928 vaccinations.

A little below is Heraklion with a total of 85.601 vaccinations, the first dose of 1 and the second dose of 58.960 vaccinations.

Last in the top ten is Larissa with 71.981 vaccinations with the 1st dose reaching 51.308 and the 2nd dose 20.673 vaccinations.

Of particular interest, however, are the data of yesterday, Friday, May 7, when Thessaloniki for one day scored first with a total of 12.127 vaccinations, with the first dose reaching 1 and the second dose 5.312 vaccinations. On the contrary, the central sector of Athens took second place yesterday with a total of 2 vaccinations, of which the first dose reaches 6.815 vaccinations and the second dose 10.328 vaccinations.

Source: RES-EAP

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