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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Organized beaches opened - From Monday cultural venues and schools


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The organized beaches are reopened from today, while the percentage of area per customer is reduced, which corresponds to stores over 500 sq.m., to 50 sq.m. per person, in the context of the partial and gradual lifting of restrictive measures due to the pandemic of Covid-19 infection.

At the same time, from Monday, May 10, the Kindergartens, the Primary Schools and the Gymnasiums are reopening. The members of the educational community (students, teachers and other staff) are invited to come to the school with a negative test certificate. The selftests are available free of charge and take place before the start of classes on Monday and Thursday, thus complementing the existing health protocol, which includes the mandatory use of a mask and different breaks for groups of students. Also, from Monday, May 10, the living departments of tuition centers and foreign language centers related to the conduct of examinations, such as the Panhellenic and the examinations of foreign language qualifications, are reopened. On May 10, the administrative courts will reopen, as well as some proceedings in civil and criminal courts. Also, on May 14 the museums open, based on the existing health protocol, while on May 17 the conservatories reopen with a ratio of 1: 1.

Also, on May 17, the kindergartens and nurseries will reopen so that, as Mr. Hardalias said during yesterday's briefing, there will be no mass opening of educational structures, balancing the epidemiological data and the lack of mandatory use of the mask at specific ages. of children. In addition, from May 17, the internships and laboratory exercises in IEK and colleges will resume, while the reopening of the second chance schools and the Preparatory Program for the Certification of Post-Secondary Graduates - EPAL Apprenticeship Class is allowed. In addition, on May 21, the summer cinemas and outdoor cinema screenings start with a fullness of 75%, while the live shows and auditions in outdoor areas resume on May 28. As Mr. Hardalias clarified, this only concerns those who are seated, not standing with a fixed occupancy rate of 50% with a specific classification.


Regarding the activities related to amateur sports, the committee of infectious diseases lit "green" for the resumption of amateur sports, accepting the plan submitted by the Ministry of Sports. The unanimous recommendation of the committee provided for the following:

- From 10/5/2021 to start training those categories and sports in groups or individually that have events from May to September 2021, including the age categories (children-teenagers-young people) that have points for the universities championships.

- From 10/5/2021 to use swimming pools and sports citizens, with the same testing conditions as athletes, while fully vaccinated citizens do not need to take tests. A basic condition is not to exceed the maximum number of capacity of the swimming pools, according to the health protocols and the rules of distances, while the athletic citizens can use the swimming pools in hours when professional athletes do not exercise in them. The program is defined under the responsibility of the management of each swimming pool.

- From 15/05/2021 to start the games in the sports that belong to the low and low-medium level of danger.

- From 17/5 to start the sports academies with individual trainings in small, stable groups of up to 10 people for 3 weeks.

- From 01/06/2021 to start the games in the sports that belong to the medium level of danger.

- From 01/06/2021 to start training for low-risk individual sports in groups of 6 (instead of groups of 2 that are so far).

- From 07/06/2021 to start the games in the sports that belong to the high level of danger.

- The start of the horse races at the Markopoulou Hippodrome, as the races will be held without spectators and only with the absolutely necessary coefficients.

- For the private gyms they will study the health protocol that has been submitted to the GGA for observations, in order to investigate the conditions of their resumption, e.g. at first pilot only with vaccinated citizens.

All the above using self-test in the trainings, which will be done once a week, in the presence of the doctor or the person in charge of COVID-19 of the team who confirms their conduct.

For high risk sports, the use of self test should be done twice a week if they train indoors.

For the races, the test is mandatory for the participants with a 24-hour rapid test or a 48-hour PCR test from accredited laboratories. The matches will be held without spectators and based on the updated health competition protocols submitted by the federations.


- In spiritual sports (chess, bridge) the use of a mask is mandatory.

- It is recommended to use open sports facilities where possible.

- The GGA will include in the new clarifying instructions a special mention for the application of the EODY instructions for the use of air conditioning / ventilation in indoor sports facilities.

- The GGA issues clarifying instructions for the application of the general principles described in the respective JMCs

- To consider the possibility of the final phases of the various championships to take place in the form of a "bubble".

Epidemiological picture of the country - How the Charter of health safety and protection is formed

The municipality of Visaltia of the Regional Unit of Serres as well as the municipality of Messolonghi of the Regional Unit of Etoloakarnania are included in the level of "very high risk" deep red from this morning. At the same time, the Kastania Settlement of the Municipal Unit of Vyssa of the Municipality of Orestiada of the Regional Unit of Evros enters a universal lockdown - corresponding to Kalymnos - due to the increased epidemiological burden. At the same time, Kalymnos is in universal lockdown until Monday, May 17 at 6 in the morning, while due to the particularly aggravated epidemiological situation of the municipality of Kalymnos, the Commission recommended the suspension of all levels of education in this municipality for reasons of public health protection and restriction of the disease and therefore the schools will remain closed in Kalymnos from Monday.

However, as of Monday, due to the improvement of their epidemiological picture, the Commission unanimously decided to go down to the level, ie to go out of the "deep red" and join the "red", the following areas:

The Peripheral Unit of Halkidiki, the municipality of Didymoteicho of the Peripheral Unit of Evros, the municipalities of Pella, Edessa and Almopia of the Peripheral Unit of Pella, the municipality of Sintiki of the Peripheral Unit of Serres, the municipality of Orestidos of Peripheral Unit of Kastoria , the municipalities of Aigialeia, Western Achaia and Kalavrita of the Peripheral Unit of Achaia, the municipality of Ilida of the Peripheral Unit of Ilia, the municipalities of Megalopolis, North Kynouria, South Kynouria and Gortynia of the Peripheral Unit of Ardoia, of the Regional Unit of Corinth, the municipalities of Mylopotamos and Amari of the Regional Unit of Rethymnon where the active cases have been reduced by 50%, the municipalities of Chania and Kissamos of the Regional Unit of Chania Περι.

Regarding the epidemiological picture of the country, as Mr. Hardalias mentioned yesterday, in 61 Regional Units, including Attica and Thessaloniki, the epidemiological burden decreases, in 3 the epidemiological burden remains constant, while there is an increase in the epidemiological burden in Just 10 Regional Units.

Finally, it is noted that at the level of very high risk remain:

the Region of Attica (excluding the Municipalities of Agistri, Hydra, Kythera and Spetses of the Regional Unit of Islands),

the Regional Units of Boeotia and Evritania

the Regional Units of Thessaloniki and Kilkis

the Regional Unit of Kozani

the Regional Units of Thassos and Kavala

the Regional Unit of Lesvos

the Municipality of Phaistos of the Regional Unit of Heraklion

the Municipalities of Serres and Amfipolis of the Regional Unit of Serres

the Municipality of Kastoria

the Municipality of Xanthi

the Municipalities of Maronia-Sapes and Iasmos of the Regional Unit of Rodopi and

the Municipality of Volos of the Regional Unit of Magnesia.

Source: RES-EAP

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