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Saturday, September 25, 2021

How will the MMM move until Easter Monday


Tennis, Athletics and Self Defense at OPANDA

The registrations for the Sports Learning Academies (tennis, athletics and self-defense) of OPANDA open on Friday 17/09/21, for children 6-15 years old, adults, and candidates ...

The INNOVATHENS program for September

With a specially designed according to the needs of the market and the trends of modern business, INNOVATHENS inaugurates the educational season, the node ...

Program for the prevention of child abuse in the kindergartens of the Municipality of Athens

With the aim of preventing and dealing with child abuse begins in September 2021, the implementation of a special program of Terre des hommes Hellas in ...

"Art on the road, let's visit the museums": The new campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and Interbus

The arts are an integral part of the cultural identity of Athens and part of the daily life of its inhabitants. The Municipal Authority follows a new strategy that ...

Vaccination program at home by the Municipality of Athens

The Municipality of Athens continues to contribute, by all means and in every way, to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus and return to normalcy ....

According to a new announcement by the OASA, buses and trolleybuses operate today, Good Friday and tomorrow, Holy Saturday.

Specifically, the OASA informs the passenger public that during the Easter holidays the MMM will operate as follows:

Bus and trolleybus routes

Today Good Friday: For all vehicles (buses and trolleybuses) there will be a Saturday schedule.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1: For all vehicles (buses and trolleybuses) there will be a Saturday schedule.

Easter Sunday, May 2: For all vehicles (buses and trolleybuses) there will be a Sunday-holiday schedule.

Easter Monday, May 3: For all vehicles (buses and trolleybuses) there will be a Sunday schedule.

Fixed orbit means

Today, Good Friday, April 30, will be a Saturday schedule.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1, the fixed orbit means will operate until 23:00 in the evening.

The last trains will depart as follows:



Piraeus - Kifissia 22:20

Kifissia - Piraeus 22:20

Monastiraki - Kifissia 22:36

Monastiraki-Piraeus 22:54

Omonia - Piraeus 22:52

Omonia-Kifissia 22:39

Attiki- Kifissia 22:44

Attiki- Piraeus 22:47

Neratziotissa-Kifissia 23:03

Neratziotissa-Piraeus 22:27

Faliro- Kifissia 22:23

Faliro-Piraeus 23:07

LINES 2 & 3


Anthoupolis - Greek 22:40

Elliniko-Anthoupoli 22:40

Nice- Airport 21:31

Nikaia-Doukissis Plakentias 22:41

Monastiraki-Doukissis Plakentias 23:01

Monastiraki-Nikaia 21:45

Doukissis Plakentias-Nikaia 22:39

Airport-Nice 22:02

Omonia- Anthoupolis 23:03

Omonia-Greek 22:50

Attiki-Anthoupoli 23:07

Attiki-Elliniko 22:45

Syntagma-Airport 21:47

Syntagma-Anthoupolis 23:00

Syntagma - Greek 23:00

Syntagma - Monastiraki 23:00

Syntagma - Agia Marina 23:00

Syntagma - Doukissis Plakentias 23:00



Asclepieion of Voula - Syntagma 21:24

Syntagma - Asclepieion of Voula 21:40

Syntagma- 2nd Agios Kosmas 22:30

Syntagma-SEF 21:52

Asclepieion of Voula-SEF 22:05

SEF- Constitution 21:25

SEF-Asclepieion of Voula 22:06

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

ISAP (Metro line 1): Itineraries per 10,3 ”

Metro Line 2: Itineraries every 10 ανά

Metro Line 3: Itineraries per 10´

Tram: Itineraries every 30 ′ (every 15 ′ in the section Muses-Syntagma)

News bulletin at 24:00

A message to Turkey that the only way to delimit maritime zones is a common framework of rules, namely International Law and ...

US reacts to Taliban plans for executions and mutilations

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Palestinian President to the UN: 1 year in Israel to withdraw from Palestinian territories

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Antetokunbo: "I would return to Sepolia to sell CDs to have my father"

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News bulletin at 23:00

A message to Turkey that the only way to delimit maritime zones is a common framework of rules, namely International Law and ...

Free coronavirus test from EODY on Saturday 25/9

On Saturday, September 32, EODY mobile teams will be located in 25 parts of the country and will carry out free tests for the coronavirus. Version...

Germany: Olaf Solz says he is confident of the SPD victory

Social Democrat (SPD) Chancellor Olaf Soltz is confident his party will win Sunday's federal election. "I am very sure ...


Concentration on the Constitution on climate change

Hundreds of young people and older people attended the climate mobilization that took place in Athens. At the same time, similar mobilizations took place in many other countries ...

Athens People's Rally: Suffering for thousands of beneficiaries of TEVA of the Municipality of Athens

The Laiki Syspeirosi municipal faction of the Municipality of Athens speaks about the inhuman suffering of the thousands of beneficiaries of TEVA of the Municipality of Athens. As the distribution conditions complain ...

Curtain for the Kolonos Festival on September 29

The musical-theatrical play "Once upon a time on the Bosphorus" by Akis Dimos, which enchanted and moved the audience, returns for another performance on Wednesday, September 29 ...

Bakoyannis at the Monocle conference: Athens is a modern, vibrant, dynamic metropolis

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Festive procession of distributors in the center of Athens

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