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The public space of Athens during the pandemic in a publication of the Onassis Foundation


The best medicine is love

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The first dormitory for homeless children in Athens

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The Municipality of Athens changes the cultural map of the city for everyone

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Vassilis - Phoivos Axiotis: One way for the municipality of Athens is the renovation of Plato Academy

For the renovation and promotion of the archaeological site of the Plato Academy and the construction of the Archaeological Museum of Athens, 9.84 spoke in Athens ...

ALL DAY ALL NIGHT- A publication of the Onassis Foundation in the context of its research Onassis Air

"They say the city never sleeps, but so do we. The endless rhythms of Athens and its continuous activity make everything possible. All day all night. 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. "

Excerpt from the book "ALL DAY ALL NIGHT", Laure Jaffuel

The "ALL DAY ALL NIGHTIs a publication of the Onassis Foundation in collaboration with SWEET created and edited by Laure Jaffuel, as part of research that began during his Critical Practices program Onassis AiR, the spring of 2020. The book explores the issue of public space in Athens at a time that coincided with the difficult times of the global pandemic and the ban on traffic, which makes it even more urgent to ask questions such as what constitutes public space and how can we live together in the city.

An allegory, a meta-narrative, a setting, a public event

"ALL DAY ALL NIGHT" is like an allegory, a post-narrative, a setting, a public event that we have heard about somewhere. Deliberately adopting a social, poetic and fictional language to explore a critical political issue, the book proposes an ontological approach to public space and social commons in the city of Athens.

The publication is perceived as a collective platform that seeks to initiate discussions around open questions that are constantly evolving. After all, dealing with the issue of public space could not be a monologue, "it should create the feeling of a spectacular party."[1]

Bilingual edition

The bilingual edition includes original texts and drawings created through assignments, excerpts from interviews conducted by Laure Jaffuel during her research with people in Athens who are actively involved in the subject, as well as a series of posters promoting fantastic events.

More specifically, the book includes texts and poems by Tristan Bera (artist, writer and director), Dimitra Ioannou (author, poet and founder of the independent magazine "A Glimpse Of"), Takis Katsabanis (author), Barnaby Tydeman ( poet, photographer and artist), as well as a prologue written by Olga Hatzidaki and Maria-Thalia Karra (curators and founders of Locus Athens).

The illustrated posters were designed by Marie Jacotey (visual artist), Natacha Mankowski (visual artist) and Isabelle Mauduit (publishing designer and illustrator). By editing, selecting and outsourcing works, content is a form of co-writing, giving voice to everyone.                                               

For the production of this edition Jaffuel uses the same design methodology that normally follows to create objects, focusing on actions and not on function, creating a book as a space, imagining the situations it will create and the encounters it will cause. Like an Athenian street, this version functions as a multi-level space and a hybrid form; an endless poem about the city, a walk down the street, a hypothetical party in a neighborhood, a conversation with a stranger.

The edition is available in selected bookstores in Greece and abroad.

More information: https://www.onassis.org/el/initiatives/publications/all-day-all-night

Online availability:




Conceived and edited by: Laure Jaffuel
Publisher: Onassis Foundation
Design: DOLCE Publications
Texts: Tristan Bera, Takis Katsampanis, locus athens, Laure Jaffuel
Poems: Dimitra Ioannou, Barnaby Tydeman
Photos: Laure Jaffuel
Illustration (Posters): Marie Jacotey, Natacha Mankowski, Isabelle Mauduit

Promo video: Ronnie Utensils

Laure Jaffuel

Born and raised on the Mediterranean coast of southern France, Laure Jaffuel is a French designer based in Athens. Her interest focuses on the context in which her work is presented and more specifically on the design and construction of situations that function as environments for the objects she creates. In dialogue with other artists, designers, DJs, architects, etc. it produces spaces, events, situations, sound works, objects, parties and scenographies that highlight the creative energy of the collective through the convergence of different practices.

In its practice it gives special importance to the handmade and local production and to the craftsmen and uses the small workshops, the knowledge and the materials that are in its immediate environment. He has previously worked with various organizations, including the Pompidou Center, Communitism, Mille Formes Art Center, De School Club, St-Étienne Design Biennale, Andrea Crews and the Sandberg Institute, among others. In the period 2019-20 he participated in the Critical Practices program of Onassis AiR.


Onassis AiR | Onassis Foundation

Onassis AiR is an initiative of the Onassis Foundation, the result of the collaboration of two pillars of the Foundation, the Onassis Culture & του Onassis Education. With the mission of giving access to the goods of health, education and culture to as many people as possible, the Onassis Foundation supports education throughout time, with 7.000 scholarships for doctoral and postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad, in various research fields, investing in every man who thinks with curiosity. At the same time, more than 1.000 artists who are releasing their forces already have the support of the Onassis Foundation receiving a scholarship.

Also, more than 60 productions of Stegi travel abroad, presenting Greece all over the world, in its best version. An anxious Foundation, which supports the needs of artists at the next level, launched 2 years ago and continues the Onassis AiR (Artists-in-Residence) program.


[1] Excerpt from the article "TAZ" (beautifultrouble.org) by John Jordan, founder of the "Reclaim the Street" movement

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