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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Online comics and environmental education workshops for children


The best medicine is love

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The INNOVATHENS training program for May 

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The first dormitory for homeless children in Athens

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The Municipality of Athens changes the cultural map of the city for everyone

In the implementation of a three-year plan for culture, which aims primarily at the support of artists and workers in the field of culture, who have ...

Vassilis - Phoivos Axiotis: One way for the municipality of Athens is the renovation of Plato Academy

For the renovation and promotion of the archaeological site of the Plato Academy and the construction of the Archaeological Museum of Athens, 9.84 spoke in Athens ...

Two online workshops for children are organized by the street magazine "rafts" and the "Earth Organization" as part of the educational activities of Sport For Athens. Comic workshop with Soloup for children 9 - 12 years old from the raft and environmental education workshop "Small Farmers in the City" from the "Earth Organization" for children from 7 - 11 years old.

Comic book workshop with Soloup

The street magazine "rafts" invites children to participate in a comics workshop on sports, on Friday 16 April and Friday 7 May (17:30 - 19:30).

The purpose of the workshop is for the participating children to be introduced to the creative world of comics and to complete their own comics. The workshop is aimed at children 9 - 12 years old who have never dealt with comics, but also to those who want to get a new comic.

Design / implementation: Antonis Nikolopoulos (Soloup) - cartoonist, cartoonist

Each workshop will have different participants with free participation and will take place through the platform zoom.

Statements to participate in 2130231220 or [email protected] 

"Small Farmers in the City"

"Earth Organization" invites children aged 7 - 11 years to participate in an environmental education workshop on organic agriculture, as part of the educational activities of Sport For Athens, on Wednesday, April 14 (18:30 - 19:30).The workshop will take place through the platform Cisco webex. Participation is free.

Children will have the opportunity to take an online but equally wonderful walk in the organic vegetable garden in the "Center of the Earth". They will find out what plants the gardener is cultivating at this time and what are the daily chores on a farm. Children will observe the parts of plants and get to know their functions, as well as understand concepts such as organic farming and seasonality.

Finally, they will plant seeds in biodegradable pots! To the participants The materials for the home seed planting will be distributed.

Design / implementation: Nicoletta Karystinou, coordinator of the educational programs of the "Earth Organization".

For applications, fill in the form that you will find here. or contact [email protected] or 210-2388275 (contact hours 10: 00-14: 00). Places are limited. Deadline for registration: April 12.

Sport for Athens

To Sport for Athens, is a product of a partnership of three different groups of Athens, in the framework of the co-Athens and the European pilot program of integration of the Municipality of Athens Curing the Limbo, who share a common vision for promoting positive social change. The Earth Organization, the "raft" magazine and the Syrian & Greek Youth Forum joined forces to implement a program that utilizes sport as a means of reinforcing social values ​​such as inclusion and acceptance of diversity.

ΟThe actions are part of co-Athens implemented by the European pilot program of the Municipality of Athens "Curing the Limbo" through Development and Tourism Promotion Company of the Municipality of Athens (EATA). The program is co-financed by the ERDF under the UIA program.

Kalliopi Aslanidou

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News bulletin at 13:00

Finally, from tomorrow morning, the restrictive measures in the country, with many having already booked accommodation to spend outside the walls at the weekend ....

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