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Tips to calm your unruly dog


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The dog energy trainer Renata Grypari, advises the readers of athina984.gr what to do if their favorite dog, whether it is a puppy or an adult, is unruly, pointing out that the primary goal is always to create a relationship of mutual trust and respect .

"Every dog's energy can be mild, moderate or excessive and is influenced by the breeder's breed, environment, lifestyle, age and psychology. explains Ms. Grypari. "So if we have a puppy, a small dog, with hyperactivity (excessive energy), the equation seems difficult. However, nothing is as difficult as it seems… "

What does "hyperactive dog" mean?

He is the dog that shows hyperexcitability when visitors arrive at the house and is used to jumping on them, on the walk he is unrestrainedly excited and does not give us any importance, he pulls a lot and when he returns home he has more energy (!), He moves constantly, behaves unruly and is constantly out of breath, is irritable in any external environment, is overstimulated in the game and can often bite on the excitement, barks all the time, is impatient and constantly leaps on us, constantly tries to draw attention, does a lot of damage, wants constant to play etc.

Of course, this does not mean that he has to show all the above behaviors. But if our dog manifests several of them, then yes, he is hyperactive. That is, it has excess energy.

How can we manage such a dog effectively?

The key lies in our behavior, that is, in the way we interact with it. The more impatient, enthusiastic and disobedient he is, the calmer, more organized and disciplined we must be. The aim is to transfer the dog to our own energy, and not to drag him into his own.

Gossip, loud voice, irritability, nervousness and fast pace on our part (running, fast movements, many gestures, etc.), is the best way to… drive a hyperactive dog crazy! So, in order to reduce our dog's arousal to more controlled levels, we need to increase the moments of calm both at home and in our psychology.

It is also unethical and ineffective to punish our dog. What we need to do is correct him at the right time in the right way, so that he begins to understand that hyperactivity is not rewarded, as he does not gain what he seeks.

The tips

1) Indifference: In cases where the dog demands our attention, the best solution is to ignore him. If, for example, we start petting a dog, which jumps on us, we are simply fueling his excitement, thus reinforcing the behavior we want to correct. By showing indifference to the dog - that is, not eye contact, caress, verbal communication - his behavior will change so quickly that you will be surprised! Once it calms down, we reward!

2) We charge the dog with a job: Assigning him to do a job and have a goal can be very effective. In this way, we direct his energy to something more creative. For example, we can hide various objects / delicacies and urge him to find them.

3) Exercise: We relax our dog with lots of walks and play. Let's consider that a hyperactive puppy is not a happy dog, if this overexertion is due to the fact that he does not have enough opportunities to release his energy with the right activities.

4) Correction: Whenever the dog is overstimulated, we correct him and if he does not respond, only then we remove him and isolate him from the herd for five minutes. When he calms down, we release him and reward him. Once it starts the same behavior again, we follow the same procedure, only increasing the isolation time.

5) Basic education: We train our dog to reduce his impatience and improve our communication with him.

6) We control our own energy: Our dog is our mirror. If we are not calm, how can we expect him to be? If we are upset, anxious, nervous, our body language and voice will betray it, which in turn will directly affect our dog's energy. Also, voices and aggression towards a dog with hyperactivity, lead to further arousal and thus aggravate the problem. What we need to project as guardians is calm and confidence, making slow movements and speaking in a low and reassuring tone, in order to gain the trust of our dog.

7) Aromatherapy or flower remedies: Smell is a very important sensation for the dog. There are many on the market essences, which combat various phobias and behavioral problems. Lavender, chamomile, bergamot, lemon, geranium, rose and basil are some of them. The same is true of Bach herbal flower remedies. These work on a psychological level and bring about an inner balance. These are flower essences, each of which aims to correct a specific behavior. Mixing up to 6 flower pots helps our dog to manage any psychological issues he has. For the safe use of either oils or flower pots, consult a specialist.

Kalliopi Aslanidou

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