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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Torun 2021: Tentoglou ready for the "golden" jump


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Miltos Tentoglou is competing in the final long jump at the European Indoor Championships and despite his injury problem he is aiming for a medal. Six more entries in the program of the day.

The main course of the European Indoor Championships held in Torun, Poland starts on Friday.

The participation that stands out from the Greek side is that of Miltos Tentoglou in the final length. A few days before he turns 23, the great jumper is one of the favorites for a medal and despite his knee injury he wants to win gold.

Tentoglu advanced to the final with the second performance (8,04), after his best was his main opponent, on the way to gold, Tobias Modler (Sweden), who started with 7,93 m and in the second jump made 8,18, XNUMX m. And improved his record this year.

The final length will start at 21:20

Six Greek participations on Friday

From there, six athletes start their effort on Friday at the European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland.

Dimitris Tsiamis and Nikos Andrikopoulos will start in the triple in a qualifier where 14 athletes will participate and eight of them will qualify for the final either with the best performance or with the limit of 16,80 meters. Tsiamis has achieved 16,42 m this year and has shown that he can go further, while Andrikopoulos 16,39 m. Performance that he will seek to improve.

Irini Vassiliou is in good condition and will qualify for the semifinals of the 400 meters. The experienced athlete will compete in the seventh row and with 52.96 has the fourth performance of the five athletes who will run in her turn. The first two from each series and the four best times from the total of the series will qualify for the semifinals.

Anastasia Marinakou will have her first participation in the European Indoor Championship, who will run in the third row of the qualifying measures and her main goal is to improve this year's 4.19.84. In the final of 1.500 m. Will qualify the first two athletes from each series and the three best times. Konstantina Giannopoulou will also make her debut in the event, sitting on the starting line of the 6th and last qualifying series of 800 meters. Our champion has an individual record from this year 2.04.84 and to advance to the next round she will have to finish in the first three places of her series.

Ioanna Zakka will represent our country in height and aims to improve her individual record indoors, which is 1,85 meters. The qualifying limit in the final height is 1,94 meters.

ERT will broadcast the matches live, through the ERT3 frequency and ERT Sports channels on ERT's free digital platform, ERTFLIX.

Preparation (5 / 3)


11.00 60 m. 5th floor

11.11 Triple (A) pr. Tsiamis, Andrikopoulos

11.13 400 m. (A) pr.

11.52 Height 5th

12.18 Shot put (A) pr.

12.22 400 m. (C) pr. Kingdom

13.18 Length (C) pr.

13.22 1.500 m. (C) pr. Marinakou

14.00 800 m. (C) pr. Giannopoulou

14.05 5-point shooting


20.00 Length of 5th race

20.06 Shot put (C) Final

20.10 400 m. (A) Date

20.13 Height (C) pr. Zakka

20.33 400 m. (C) Date

20.55 800 m. (A) pr.

21.20 Length (A) Final - Tentoglou

21.35 Shot put (A) Final

21.45 800m 5th

22.00 3.000 m. (C) Final

22.35 1.500 m. (A) Final

Apostolos Vaxevanellis

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