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Streaming live sessions from Half Note Jazz Club every week


Another "Pocket Park" of 750 sq.m. is ready. in Pagrati

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The second "pocket park" in Athens is ready

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Strefi hill is once again a place of walk and recreation

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Almost a year has passed since the suspension of the Half Note Jazz Club, as well as all the concert and cultural venues in the country. A time in which the suffocating state of the pandemic deprived us of the possibility of contact and interaction between the public and the musicians. The venues, however, exist and are supported by the musicians and of course by the public. Unfortunately at this juncture, musicians - more than ever - need the support of the audience and of course a place, a stage to play.

The Half Note Jazz Club, in its 40-year presence in the live life of Athens, presented to its loyal audience many rising and innumerable top names of the international and domestic scene.

From Saturday, February 20, however, Half Note returns with a series of live streaming performances by top bands of our scene, who find a stage again to express themselves and the great music can reach the audience again.

There may not be the interaction we have experienced all these years with the live audience in relation to jazz, but the soul and heart of the world can, even from a distance, be filled with beautiful emotions, get the musical messages and the great music creation, to find a scene to unfold.

In this way, the unique opportunity is given from every part of Greece (and not only) to find someone at the Half Note Jazz Club and watch an excellent live performance of outstanding Greek artists.

The program starts with the Dimitris Kalantzis Quartet in the project "Mano's" and is followed by: George Kontrafouris Trio, Petros Klabanis Trio, Human Touch, Andreas Polyzogopoulos Quartet, Socrates Sinopoulos Quartet, Spiral Trio, Dimitris Tsakas Touvert Quartet / A.

The syllabus follows

Saturday 20 - Friday 26 February
A Jazz tribute to Manos Xatzidakis

A jazz look at the music of Manos Hadjidakis, one of the exceptional masters of the quartet. A unique meeting of the world jazz language with the classical Greek sounds, which internationalizes the music of the great Greek composer, Manos Hadjidakis.

"Mano's" production is a musical work that concerns a jazz look at music by Manos Hadjidakis. The aesthetic result of the production, which has already been characterized as excellent, is due to the happy meeting of the actors mentioned above, who are all prominent personalities of artists in their field, both personally and overall. The originality of this work is self-evident, since nothing similar at this level of quality has been presented so far.

However, apart from the originality, the success of the production is related to the fact that the way in which the music of Manos Hadjidakis was adapted, leaves intact its aesthetic quality, mood and essence in general, something that is evident from the immediate acceptance but also the exceptional positive view of key partners of Manos.

Dimitris Kalantzis
Musicians play:
Dimitris Kalantzis piano, orchestrations Andreas Polyzogopoulos trumpet Alexandros-Drakos Ktistakis drums George Georgiadis bass

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 27 February - Friday 5 March
The Passing and more

Jazz pianist and organist George Kontrafouris presents his latest album "The Passing" through which he explores the piano as a means of reviewing his musical memories, in the form of a jazz trio. Compositions of his own, but also of other Greek musicians who have played an important role in the evolution of George Kontrafouris, such as his teacher Markos Alexiou and others. With him will be two prominent young musicians, based in New York, Kimon Karoutzos on bass and Jason Wastor on drums.

George Kontrafouris is an important jazz pianist, organist and teacher. Active jazz musician with numerous collaborations with musicians from all over the world and from different types of music, such as: Ralph Peterson Jr., Lou Donaldson, Bob Brozman, David Liebman, Benny Golson, Sheila Jordan, Houston Pearson, etc. . His artistic production includes jazz music, blues, Greek music, poetry as well as improvisations.

Kimon Karoutzos is a student of the legendary Ron Carter and Jason is a student of jazz master Kenny Washington.

Musicians play:
George Kontrafouris piano Kimon Karoutzos bass Jason Wastor drums

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 6 - Friday 12 March

The bassist, composer and producer Petros Klabanis, invites two young and promising Greek musicians, Jason Wastor (drums) and Rafael Meletea (piano), to present us pieces of his, as well as covers. This new trio by Klabanis suggests its own version of how the piano trio can be heard today.
The piano trio is, if not the most popular, one of the most popular jazz bands. From the trio of Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson of McCoy Tyner, to the trio of Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett or even more recently of Brad Mehldau, the sound of this band is intertwined with the history of jazz. Is there room for improvement?

Petros Klabanis is known for his experiments with larger bands. In 2019, however, he released his first trio album entitled 'Irrationalities' by the German label Enja which received rave reviews worldwide!

Musicians play:
Petros Klabanis bass Jason Wastor drums | Raphael Meletea piano

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 13 - Friday 19 March

Human Touch, after 20 years of life, are now one of the most famous and recognized bands in our country. David Lynch, Stavros Lantsias and Giotis Kiourtsoglou, having acquired their own distinct identity in the field of music, move in a wide range of rhythms and sounds. Their music, through the variety of instruments that everyone plays, which is direct and communicative, entices the listener by filling him with images and emotions.

Human Touch have played in all major festivals in the country and have an enthusiastic audience in Europe where they play more and more often. They are considered a group with personality and unique style. Each of their appearances has a special character due to the more freedom they feel among themselves to travel through the spontaneity of the moment… and they know how to share it.
Human Touch is indeed a "human touch".

David Lynch - tenor & soprano saxophone, voice, flute, piccolo flute, flute, percussion | Giotis Kiourtsoglou - electric bass, (awkward & intense), voice, cajon | Stavros Lantsias - keyboards, drums, classical guitar, future

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 20 - Friday 26 March
The jazz trumpet at its best!

The great trumpeter Andreas Polyzogopoulos, one of the most important chapters in the extremely interesting modern Greek, and not only, jazz scene, comes to Half Note with his new quartet and presents us his old and new compositions as well as his recent album. Influenced by the most characteristic ambassadors of European jazz sound, Frezu, Rava, Molvær etc. Andreas Polyzogopoulos is characterized by the endless search for the new, without the fear of risk, as his discography testifies. The acoustic and successful album dedicated to Pink Floyd, is followed by the ambient and electric album "One Inch of Love".

Musicians play:
Andreas Polyzogopoulos trumpet
Costas Konstantinou double bass
Markos Caressed piano
Panagiotis Costopoulos drums

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 27 March - Friday 2 April

The primordial sound of the lyre meets jazz and modern music
New compositions for lyre & piano trio inspired by Greek musical traditions are presented by the quartet of Socrates Sinopoulos in live streaming by Half Note. The combination of the original sound of the lyre with the piano trio, the obvious influences from the Greek traditional, Byzantine and classical music but also the variety of improvisations based on both jazz and modern music, compose the special acoustic character of the quartet.

The quartet started in 2011, initially working with covers of pieces from the musical traditions of the Greek area, and soon focused its work on original compositions by Socrates Sinopoulos. This material was released in 2015 with producer Manfred Eicher from ECM Records under the title "Eight Winds" (ECM 2407) and received excellent reviews internationally. This was followed by the second album entitled "Metamodal" (ECM 2631) which was released in March 2019.

Musicians play:
Socrates Sinopoulos lyre Giannis Kyrimkiridis piano Dimitris Tsekouras bass Dimitris Emmanuel drums
Sound recording by Giannis Skandamis

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 3 - Friday 9 April

The Spiral Trio, one of the most important groups of Greek jazz, presents original compositions of the members of the trio, but also jazz standards which, however, also function as a starting point from which the music will be driven, by improvisation, in separate and unpredictable musical spaces.

The listeners of the concert are invited to watch this adventure, to tune in to the constant play of the three musicians and finally to experience a deep inner experience with many influences from the greats of the genre, while there are no clear references to the jazz playing tradition. .

A modern piano trio that already has 7 years of presence in important stages and festivals in Greece and Europe and a record release (Spiral Trio, ANKh 2017).

The main feature of their musical approach is the constant interplay, the constant and improvisational interaction, that is, which in combination with the high level of their musical and improvisational skills bring to the musical result strong elements of surprise, constant adventure, freshness, variety in the creation of musical images and imagination in narration.

Musicians play:
Spyros Manesis piano Arionas Gyftakis double bass Anastasis Gouliaris drums

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 17 - Friday 23 April
Back of Beyond

The quartet presents Dimitris Tsakas's new album entitled "Back of Beyond". The original musical compositions and the sound of the group are influenced by the variety of sounds and experiences of the musicians that make it up. Latin, funk and electronic music, but always the focus is on jazz!
Dimitris Tsakas together with Kostis Christodoulou on piano, Yoel Soto on bass and Costas Liolios on drums created the group in 2014 and already have the album "A man dreams", which was released in 2015 by Minos EMI - Universal

Each of the musicians has his own personal career in the field of music and his personal special style, an element that makes this band special since the resulting electric -sometimes- sound gives another cinematic and descriptive character to the final musical result.

Musicians play:
Kostis Christodoulou piano, keys | Yoel Soto bass, vocals | Costas Liolios drums | Dimitris Tsakas saxophone

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

Saturday 24 - Friday 30 April
From tradition to modern form

World Jazz vocalist and performer Angeliki Toumpanaki, together with the multi-collection "Crossovers", opens her heart wide and invites us to the songs that concern her, move her and generously expresses her passion for improvisation.
Five masters, connoisseurs of traditional and jazz music create an explosive mix with purposes from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Anatolia, with personal compositions and pieces of the Greek and international music scene.
"Crossovers are a meeting of friends, an open musical embrace. Authentic, colorful and spontaneous ".

Angeliki Toumpanaki, since 2005 collects sounds, researches, dreams… and creates music collectives. Together with distinguished collaborators-musicians, they intersect sounds, emotions, experiences, with vehicle the free expression, the interaction and the source joy for the music.

The company "Crossovers" has traveled in Greece and abroad winning applause and new friends and through the world music language collaborated with selected foreign artists.

Crossover_ crossroads and the beginning of a journey through time, places and the strong pulse of the soul and the musical union.

Musicians play:
Angeliki Toumpanaki: voice, loops, Fx | Thanos Stavridis: accordion | Grigoris Danis: guitar | Apostolos Kaltsas: bass, loops | Elias Doumanis: drums, pads,

Ticket price: 10 € Buy tickets: Viva.gr

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