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Saturday, 6 March, 2021

"A day without" in online streaming from the Art Theater


Another "Pocket Park" of 750 sq.m. is ready. in Pagrati

It is the third "Pocket Park" that is completed in Athens and now establishes a new tactic in the use of public space. In an abandoned place ...

Ten years without Miltiadis Evert

The companions and all those who had met him several times in a social and journalistic context, speak of an honest, dynamic and open-hearted man. Others remember ...

Innovathens: Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection 

Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and Innovation On the occasion of the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data, the non ...

The second "pocket park" in Athens is ready

The second "pocket park" is handed over by the Municipality of Athens to the inhabitants of the city and specifically of Kolonos. A small oasis of greenery in the heart of the neighborhood, ...

Strefi hill is once again a place of walk and recreation

Another emblematic area of ​​Athens, it comes out of lethargy and abandonment. The hill of Strefi that has been connected to the promenade, the ...

A theatrical performance of the Karolos Koun Art Theater about the kits, in collaboration with KETHEA. Aimed at High School and Lyceum students, from 12 years old. 

Online streaming for three shows: 30 / 01-06 / 02-13 / 02, buy tickets here

Another form of addiction

The new teenage performance "A Day Without It" is being staged at the Karolos Koun Art Theater in the Basement, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Ministry of Culture. Of Education with the approval of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) of the Ministry. Education and Religions.

This is a new play written by Eva Oikonomou-Vamvaka- a regular collaborator of the Karolos Koun Art Theater that deals with the current issue of addiction.

Interviews given by adolescents, parents and therapists participating in KETHEA programs aimed at tackling Internet addiction - a addiction that quietly but intensely takes up more and more space in us. And on this occasion, the project places at its center, the mechanisms of dependence in general and examines how they can affect each and every one of us.

Recent research has shown that in children aged 5-12 years 78% use the Internet, while the percentage rises to 90% in the ages of 10-12 years and reaches 95% in the ages over 12 years. Children addicted to the internet live in isolation, close to themselves, do not cultivate real friendships, show phobias. Real life is in the background.

The disease of our time is called Fomo (Fear of Missing Out) that is, the feeling of insecurity that is created when watching social networks we find or rather assume that others are better than us: they are more beautiful, richer, smarter and definitely happier.

It is this insecurity that exacerbates our need to create in turn the illusion of a "wonderful life", the life we ​​would like to have, or rather the life that will win the most likes. And so we let real life overtake us, as we direct the snapshots of our online life.


Alex is a 16 year old boy. He lives with his mom who works hard. Very much. Peter, his father, is a successful photographer with an obsession: gambling. He will go so far as to sell what is most valuable to him in order to meet his pressing "obligations".

And so Alex grows up alone. He seeks, like all of us, love, acceptance, companionship. Only he is probably looking for her in the wrong place. For months he believes he is in love with Lou, an up-and-coming blogger trying to overcome her own insecurities and live the life she deserves. And in order to win it, he will ask for help from Alexandros94 - a young man who can win on any track. And so he will continue to ignore, Domniki, the girl from B3 who has been following him for months, trying to tell him something…

But what happens when Lou insists on meeting Alexander94?
What sound does the glass make when it breaks? And what are the consequences of the actions of the online world in the real world?

Peter, Lou, Alex and Domniki, each with their own obsessions and dependencies, with their own weaknesses and insecurities are looking to find the strength to live a day without all that weighs on their souls. And we follow them on this unique journey of liberation.

Text / Direction: Eva Oikonomou- Vamvaka

Scene and lighting design: Vassilis Apostolatos

Costume design: Matina Megla

Original music:   LOO (Someone who isn't e me)

Motion Curator: Chrysiis Liatziviri

Assistant director: Sofia Arvaniti - Florou

The following are played: Vangelis Ambatzis, Dimitris Magginas, Marilena Moschou, Natalia Peleka

The show features: Lili Dalanika, Gioulika Skafida, Dimitris Tsigrimanis,

Performance video: Lily Dalanika

Performance photos: Myrto Apostolidis

The film was filmed and edited by Diamantis Karanastasis.

News bulletin at 00:00

Experts are concerned about the vertical increase in cases in just one week. According to Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Vana Papaevangelou on February 26, we had 12.000 ...

Screening in New York cinemas again, a year later

There were a few hundred enthusiasts waiting patiently in the cold this morning to enter the dark rooms of New York, after the leave ...

Merkel: Only through dialogue and on the basis of international law can the differences in whether be resolved. Mediterranean

"Only through dialogue and on the basis of international law" can the disputed issues in the eastern Mediterranean be resolved, Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed ...

News bulletin at 23:00

Experts are concerned about the vertical increase in the number of cases in just one week. According to Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Vana Papaevangelou on February 26, we had 12.000 ...

Olympiacos returned to victories

Olympiakos prevailed with a score of 94-79 of the Red Star at SEF for the 28th game of the Euroleague and returned to success after 7 ...

Tentoglou is at the top of Europe

Miltos Tentoglou became European Champion for the second time in a row in the long jump, winning the gold medal with a performance of 8.35m in the European Championship ...

News bulletin at 22:00

Again over two thousand and today the cases. Record in intubation as well. According to EODY in the last 24 hours there were 2.215, of ...


Award of Athens from the CDP Europe Awards for its actions aimed at the green recovery

The Municipality of Athens continues to give a dynamic presence in major social "forums" of Europe, presenting its proposals that ensure a sustainable future ...

International Women's Day in Athens 9.84

International Women's Day, March 8, marks the daily struggles of women around the world and the ongoing effort to promote their rights. Simultaneously,...

The merchants of Varvakeio proceeded to a symbolic closing

The traders of Varvakeio market proceeded to a symbolic closing of their stores on Friday, asking to be excluded from the latest "unfair" as they characterize restrictively ...

Gathering of students in the Propylaea

Students gather in the Propylaea, demanding that the law of the Ministry of Education on higher education not be implemented. Victor Antonopoulos

Voluntary blood donation in the Municipality of Moschato - Tavros on March 10 and 17

Another voluntary blood donation is organized by the Municipality of Moschato Tavros on Wednesday, March 10 at KAPI Moschatou (Ioannis Chalkidis 21) and on Wednesday, March 17, ...