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Friday, March 5, 2021

K. Mitsotakis: Measured and careful every opening we attempt


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"Any opening we are attempting will be extremely careful and measured", stressed the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking in a teleconference organized by the Organizational Secretariat of ND to cut the traditional royal pie in a different way, adapted to the pandemic data.

Mr. Mitsotakis underlined that "especially on the front of the pandemic we know that we still have to face difficult challenges, while he maintained that" at any time we will evaluate the epidemiological data and if we need to make an adjustment to our strategy, we will not hesitate to do it ”.

"Objectively, the country has done better than most countries during this period. "But we know, we saw in November and December, that danger lurks at all times," he added.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the government stood "close to society and the most vulnerable with a very generous package of support for the productive fabric of society, the weakest, the unemployed, those who receive the guaranteed minimum income" and assured that this support will continue "for as long as it takes until the health crisis is over".

Support, but with criteria

He pointed out, however, that criteria will be set to support those in dire need, citing as an example the repayable advance mechanism, which effectively supported companies that saw their turnover decrease.

"As you know, the fifth cycle of the repayable advance has now opened. But even there we will use the money we have at our disposal for this cycle of about 1,5 billion to support those companies that are really in need, that have a substantial reduction in their turnover. "Companies that managed to do well during this crisis and had an increase in turnover obviously do not need the same support as those that either had a significant decrease in turnover or could not operate at all."

Satisfaction with how to manage the crisis

On the occasion of the completion of 18 months of ND government, he stressed that "we have every reason to be satisfied with the way we have managed things, noting that" never in the history of the change of government was the Government called to face such great challenges at the same time ".

"I believe that we have done our best with hard work, with professionalism we have done very well and I believe that the Government and the party are credited to the majority of society and to those who did not support us or do not support us a degree of satisfaction and mainly trust in the capabilities of the state, the Government, the state as a whole to meet the demands of the citizens, especially in times of crisis ", he underlined.

Frequent and better communication through technology

The Secretary of the Political Committee George Stergiou, addressing the executives of N.D. from all over Greece, he noted, among other things: "The coronavirus may keep us away, but with technology our communication has become more frequent and of better quality. Our party organization has not pressed the brake for a moment. It could not be different when the tone is set by the President of our party and Prime Minister of the country Kyriakos Mitsotakis. His presence today gives us even greater motivation to intensify our political and voluntary action. "I am sure that after we shield our health from the coronavirus, 2021 will be for our country the beginning of a new era of prosperity for all Greeks."

The Secretary of Organizational and host of the event Stelios Kontadakis in his greeting said "We cut the digital New Year's Pie of the Organizational Secretariat in the presence of the Prime Minister and President of New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis having adapted to special conditions. "We are close by, keeping our party organizations alive and active."

Present at the digital event of the Organizational Secretariat were the Secretary of the Political Committee George Stergiou, the General Director of the party Giannis Bratakos, the spokesman Tassos Gaitanis, the Director of the Press Office Nikos Romanos, the spokesperson for Sokou, the president of ONED Pavlos Marinakis, the heads of the Party Secretariats, the presidents of DEEP and Municipal Local Organizations of the whole country, as well as the Heads of the Organizational Secretariat from all over Greece. The "electronic" coin, which corresponded to a laptop, fell to the Municipal Local Organization of Kastelorizo.

Apostolos Chondropoulos

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