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"Ash and shadow" at the Theater of Odos Kykladon - Lefteris Vogiatzis


Another "Pocket Park" of 750 sq.m. is ready. in Pagrati

It is the third "Pocket Park" that is completed in Athens and now establishes a new tactic in the use of public space. In an abandoned place ...

Ten years without Miltiadis Evert

The companions and all those who had met him several times in a social and journalistic context, speak of an honest, dynamic and open-hearted man. Others remember ...

Innovathens: Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection 

Online Discussion on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and Innovation On the occasion of the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data, the non ...

The second "pocket park" in Athens is ready

The second "pocket park" is handed over by the Municipality of Athens to the inhabitants of the city and specifically of Kolonos. A small oasis of greenery in the heart of the neighborhood, ...

Strefi hill is once again a place of walk and recreation

Another emblematic area of ​​Athens, it comes out of lethargy and abandonment. The hill of Strefi that has been connected to the promenade, the ...

With the play "Ash and Shadow" the theatrical season for the Theater of Odos Kykladon - Lefteris Vogiatzis opens on October 23, marking the passage to its new era.

The Theater on Cyclades - Lefteris Vogiatzis Street, one of the most important and influential theaters of the Athenian scene, enters its new era and opens its doors on Friday 23 October.

Building bridges with the great history of its founder and with the gaze simultaneously facing forward, the cultural organization 'Twilight' of George Lykiardopoulos takes over for the next 10 years the historic theater of Kypseli.

The season is about to open, on October 23, the play Ash and Shadow by Harold Pinter directed by George Skeva and in the excellent translation by Jenny Mastoraki starring him Dimitris Imellos and Maria Skoula.

The play was first staged by Lefteris Vogiatzis in 2000 with Reni Pittaki and himself on stage. The films that were part of the show of 2000 were signed by George Skevas. Today, in the foyer of the theater, viewers will have the opportunity to watch before the start of the video-installation show with footage unpublished from the first upload of the project, 20 years later.


A man and a woman.
Devlin and Rebecca. Both forties.
A couple, married or not,
in the last stage of a shattered relationship.
Two people.

A large room, the living room, in a house somewhere in England. The garden beyond. It is getting dark outside, while inside the lamps are shining brighter and brighter.

There is a world of icy, muddy cities, deserted docks, border guards, children who grab it by force from the arms of their manas. No one knows if we are in England or at the same time in Auschwitz, or anywhere else where the violence was, or really still is, part of the landscape.

Like most of Pinder's works, Ash and Shadow requires a comprehensive interpretation, while at the same time stubbornly resisting interpretations. It addresses more instinct and emotion than logic and thought.

For Pinder, after all, staff and politics have always been closely linked. In this work, however, they are more interconnected than ever.


ACTORS: Maria Skoula, Dimitris Imellos

TRANSLATION: Jenny Mastoraki
DIRECTED BY: George Skevas
LIGHTING: Katerina Maragoudaki
PRODUCTION ORGANIZATION: Marianthi Bairaktari, Panos Svolakis
PHOTOS: Panos Giannakopoulos
PRODUCER: George Lykiardopoulos
Days and hours of performances
Wednesday: 19.00
Thursday & Friday: 20.30
Saturday & Sunday: 18.30 & 20.30

Ticket Prices
Wednesday & Thursday: 15 € general admission and 12 € reduced / student
Friday - Saturday - Sunday: 17 € general admission and 14 € reduced / student

Duration of performance
60 minutes


The work-station of Russian drama 'Misfortune from the very mind' by Alexander Gribogedov will be presented in December 2020 at the Theater of Odos Kykladon, directed by Stathis Livathinos, with a selected 13-member troupe, mostly of young actors. This fundamental text was first uploaded by Lefteris Vogiatzis in 1986 and has never been presented in Greece since. The play marks the return of Stathis Livathinos to the free theater, as this is his first direction after his tenure as Artistic Director of the National Theater.


Having with us artists with whom Lefteris Vogiatzis collaborated, the purpose of the new era of theater is to draw inspiration from his work and spirit, but also to create at the same time a repertoire with new performances and new artistic proposals. At the same time, the seminars and workshops of the "new SCENE" return dynamically, in which the way in which he worked is detected and in which artists who worked with him will teach, such as Amalia Moutousi, Nikos Kouris, George Skevas and others. .

End The utilization of the valuable and rare audiovisual archive of Lefteris Vogiatzis is planned which has been donated to the National Library of Greece, as well as the maintenance in the renewed warehouse of the theater of the valuable costumes, sets and publications of the 'Society of the Friends of the Art of Theater'. A legacy of historical, educational and artistic value, which will be realized by the 'Society of Friends of the Art of Theater' in collaboration with 'Twilight'.

Maximou: Mr. Tsipras can not ask for violation of the rule of law for Koufontinas

Privileged treatment, however, and violation of the legal order can not be requested, and in fact by the leader of the Official Opposition, the Palace reports ...

Malesina is in strict quarantine

The municipal unit of Malesina of the municipality of Lokra is placed in an emergency regime with very strict restrictive measures such as the 24-hour traffic ban ...

News bulletin at 23:00

The health authorities of the country remain on full alert, as the pressure on the National Health System intensifies .. The hospitals are on their borders ...

Asteras "caught" Panathinaikos in the standings

With a victory of the light brigade, the curtain opened on the 24th game of Super League 1 as Apollon Smyrnis prevailed over OFI 2-1. THE...

Tension and deliveries outside the Lamia hospital for Koufontinas

Tensions and apprehensions occurred in Lamia, when a small group of anti-authoritarians tried to approach the Hospital of the city where the long-lived Dimitris Koufontinas is being treated. Strong police ...

POEDIN: "Heartbreakingly low" participation rate in the vaccination program

"Heartbreakingly low" percentage of participation in the vaccination program is recorded in the public welfare units, according to POEDIN. "The participation of the employees does not exceed 50%, ...

Biden announces measures against Saudi Arabia over Kasogi assassination

US President Joe Biden said today that his government will make a statement on Monday for Saudi Arabia, after ...


K. Bakoyannis: The laws must apply to everyone

"Democracy cannot succumb to the blackmail of serial killers. "Laws must apply to everyone," he said in an interview with ...

Search and rescue operation in Parnitha

A search and rescue operation is underway in the Goura gorge in Parnitha. The operation involves 9 firefighters with three vehicles and ...

Rally in favor of Koufontina - Amalia is closed

Organizations of the extra-parliamentary left, anarchist collectives, lawyers and youth parties are holding a rally in favor of the prisoner on hunger strike, Dimitris Koufontina. Amalias Avenue is closed. Victor Antonopoulos

An educational platform "refreshes" distance learning

The pandemic "tests", among other things, the educational process, with teachers "lifting the weight" of distance education, while looking for ways to expand the ...

Volunteer program for strays - More than 500 volunteers

A volunteering program for stray animals of the Municipality of Athens has been in operation for about two months. It is the first organized effort in the Municipality to ...

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