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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Consumer Behavior, Neuromarketing and Team building at Innovathens


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Three modern and constructive training seminars are organized by INNOVATHENS Powered by Samsung at its location in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, for a certain number of participants, which will be available and via live streaming. Participation is free. 

Tuesday 22 September 2020

the seminar will take place "Consumer's behavior" which aims to bring stakeholders in touch with the industry and its relationship with marketing strategy.

Tuesday 29 September 2020

participants will learn what it is Neuromarketing and how they can use it to grow their business.

Tuesday 6 October 2020

the… team leaders of the future will be introduced to the secrets of "Building a working group".

The seminars will be suggested by Gerasimos Tzamarelos, holds a PhD in marketing management and a degree in communication and consumer psychology. He has three post-doctoral degrees in consumer behavior, digital branding and personalization fields in digital campaigns, while in his academic career he has thousands of hours of lectures in Greece, Europe and America.

Detailed seminars:

Consumer Behavior
22.09.2020 | 17.00-18.30

The purpose of the seminar is for the participants to understand the subject and methods of the specific scientific field and to know the classic and modern theoretical-empirical approaches in the study of consumer behavior and their importance for the development of effective marketing strategies.

Subject of the Presentation

  • Introduction to consumer behavior
  • Internal processes: information processing, perception, learning, memory, motivation, self-image, personality, lifestyle, attitudes, emotions
  • External influences of consumer behavior: demographic and social contexts, values, culture, reference groups, opinion guides
  • Purchasing decision-making processes: purchasing decision-making stages, types of purchasing decisions, consumer involvement and purchasing decision-making process
  • Consumer market segmentation theory and methods.

29.09.2020 | 17.00-18.30

Neuromarketing gives us a new unique perspective on how the human brain works and how it reacts when shopping. Marketing through the different perspective of Neuromarketing shows us how it works to develop products or services. In addition, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques available, including the time, resources and costs involved.
Finally, there will be a practical application in the Digital E-shop sales channels and the time the consumer stays in the "shopping cart" (Real Consumer Analytics Buying Decisions).

Subject of the Presentation

  • What is neuromarketing - The human brain
  • Emotion and decision to buy products / services
  • Neuro-Ethics
  • Neuromarketing in relation to price and product
  • Neuromarketing & branding
  • Neuromarketing & consumer behavior

Aimed at marketers, product managers, marketing consultants, students who want to expand their knowledge and study marketing, business administration and / or consumer behavior, those who want to learn how consumers behave and how they buy.

Working Group Building
06.10.2020 | 17.00-18.30

Subject of the Presentation

  • What it is and how a team is built
  • Team leader job description / What I need to lead the team:
  • Team management, leadership, project management
  • Communication skills, selling skills, organization skills, flexible thinking
  • Crisis management, decision making skills
  • Working as a team leader I can:
    Communicate effectively and work in teams,
    to manage myself and have creative thinking,
    to manage "crises" and to think strategically,
    to be able to have coaching skills and give motivation and inspiration to the team.

Aimed at and aiming to get acquainted with what a team is:
Freelancers & individuals who need techniques for creating and developing their workgroups,
to students who want to expand their knowledge and effectively lead working groups,
everyone believes in teamwork,
to all who want to know the characteristics of the "leader".


Participation is free. Pre-registration required. An e-mail will be sent to confirm your participation. Strict order of priority is observed. The use of a mask is mandatory when you enter the Technopolis as well as throughout the seminar.

Kalliopi Aslanidou

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